‘Halo: Reach’ Map Pack Adds Three New Maps, Releases Next Month

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Halo Reach Map Pack Releases November 30

So you’ve mined Halo: Reach for all the fun you could possibly have. You’ve capped your Halo: Reach rank, you’ve created several fun maps in ForgeWorld, and you’ve even discovered the secret racing mini-game, and now you are wondering what’s next. Well, Bungie’s got you covered with a new map pack set for release before the end of next month.

Releasing on November 30, the Noble Map Pack will bring three new maps to the Reach populace, just in time for you to test out many of the new playlists that will be added with the next update. Some of them are built for larger scale matches while others work with a smaller group. Here’s our rundown:

Anchor 9:

Halo Reach Map Pack - Anchor 9

Anchor 9 is a low orbit dry-dock that supports 2-8 players and will be accessible for Free-for-all, Team Slayer, and Team Objective matches.


Halo Reach Map Pack - Tempest

Tempest is an asymmetrical set of bases that supports 8-16 players and will be available in Free-for-all, Team Slayer, Team Objective, and Big Team Battle. On top of that, Tempest is a great map to use as a template for creating new maps in ForgeWorld.


Halo Reach Map Pack - Breakpoint

Breakpoint is situated atop an icy mountain and supports 8-16 players in Invasion or Big Team Battle.

My personal favorite is Anchor 9, with its wide open space vista that provides the potential for watching my enemies fall to their deaths, but I think that each map is a welcome addition to the extensive options available in Reach. Knowing that Bungie is trying to keep the experience fresh by constantly changing up playlists and adding new maps and modes should be enough incentive for gamers to stay loyal, even once Black Ops releases.

On top of this map pack, Bungie has announced the Forgetacular Contest that will allow gamers to earn a Limited Edition Halo: Reach Xbox 360 Console if they create Bungie’s favorite map. Head on over to the site to check out the details.

Halo: Reach might be seen as a shallow pool to some, but to the millions of players jumping on daily, there is plenty to enjoy. If Bungie continues to keep map packs and updates coming at regular intervals, I can see Reach staying popular until the next Halo release, much like Halo 3 and ODST did.

Which of the three new maps is your personal favorite? What type of map would you like to see Bungie roll out in the next map pack?

Halo: Reach is out now for the Xbox 360. The Noble Map Pack will be available November 30, 2010, for 800 MS Points.

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  • http://Www.gamerant.com Jeff Schille

    So, how much better would this Map Pack do if it came out before Call of Duty: Black Ops?

    • http://www.gamerant.com Jon Lavallee

      The maps look pretty good… though I’ll have to agree with Jeff re: Black Ops. Seems like a miss for the DLC since a lot of gamers play both titles, and will most likely play the most recently released.

      • jwalka

        you have it all wrong, people either play CoD or halo, simply because the game plays differently (and the buttons are totally different thus making it hard for someone to be able to play both consistently).

        i doubt i’ll be getting this or any other halo DLC, not worth the money for 3 extra maps which will only keep me occupied for a couple of minutes… that leads me to my next point wtf are DLC priced so high, take the CoD maps for instance or the fable 2 ad ons, they cost so much yet hardly do anything to keep gameplay ‘fresh’.

        i really wish one day all this capitalist BS would stop and people would start thinking about one another as people rather then money bags :(