‘Halo: Reach’ Level Cap to be Removed In November

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Halo reach Level Cap Lifted In November

The wait is over, Halo fans. Well– actually– the wait will soon be over. While Bungie has already released the details of their vast and (some might say) unattainable ranking system, those who have been spending hours upon hours with Halo: Reach know that the levelling has been capped at a paltry “Lieutenant Colonel Grade 3.”

Luckily, Bungie has revealed when the cap could be lifted, and how we to make the day arrive sooner.

In a recent update posted on the Bungie forums, the team filled fans in on recent changes made to matchmaking, gave spoiler-weary players one last warning before rolling out campaign matchmaking, and again challenged the community at large to test the limits of their own creativity with Bungie’s ForgeWorld contest. The recent resetting of credits for Reach cheaters was also addressed – warning those looking to manipulate gameplay, in order to boost their credits, that the Bungie-operated banhammer is far more forgiving than the automated system that will soon be implemented.

The cap placed on achievable ranks has become an issue among fans, filling internet discussion boards with gamers complaining that they have reached the maximum, and have no reason left to play the game. But Bungie notes that while people may be complaining, their credit stats show that those players affected are still in the minority.

Still, the wait for the removal cap will soon be over – once the collective group of Reach players complete 117 million daily and weekly challenges:

“Don’t freak out. Currently, our online engineers project that you’re on pace to hit that milestone sometime in November. I’d wager to guess that you’ll hit it early in the month, but hey, what do I know?

Well, I do know that when you do cross the 117 Million mark, we’ll celebrate by blowing the lid off the level cap! In the immediate aftermath, new ranks and armor will be made magically available for you inside The Armory, provided you have the rank and credits required. Time to get to work!

Oh, and no, we won’t be counting boosted challenges.”

So for those of you who thought that Bungie had already moved onto their next big project, it’s clear that the team is still very hands-on, refining the Reach their game community. It’s clear that Reach meant quite a lot to them, and the announcment of the upcoming Halo: Reach map pack is evidence that they haven’t washed their hands of  the Halo franchise – and fans.

If you’re one of the slim minority of fans who are currently maxed out, assuming player trends continue, you’ll soon have a whole new batch of upgrades and equipment for purchase. Is it too much to hope that a Flood-skin will be one of the new surprises? No it is not.

You can do your part for fans everywhere by putting some more hours into Halo: Reach‘s daily and weekly challenges exclusively on the Xbox 360.

Source: Bungie

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  • rick

    wow, people STILL PLAY this stupid game? it’s sad how marketing and media and hype keep everyone on this bandwagon. there are so many games better than halo, the game Section 8 feels way better than gaylo but unfortunately people want to play what’s popular not what’s good

    • Mike

      That was the most ignorant response someone could have posted. All that was missing was the self-absorbed “FIRST” thrown in there somewhere. Why the hell are you looking at stuff for halo if you hate it? Halo is one of the best franchises period. Sure there are some that are just as good or better, But that’s not the point of this article. Its to inform the halo community that the cap lift is in sight. Because yeah, it is irritating to see a limit on a game like this, but i can agree with bungie for actually doing something about boosters. Its ridiculous that people boost to begin with. “Yay, im a high level, i have some bad-a armor”. Well guess what, that armor doesnt do much to help your K/D now does it?

      • http://gamerant.com Elliot Volkman

        He’s entitled to his opinion. Even if he’s wrong.

        • Danny

          And if he’s wrong, it should be pointed out, as Mike has done. Entitlement and validity are two very separate issues.

      • Julian

        Boosting is a rather stupid thing to get upset about. If you put in the effort to boost and complete commendations to their maximum (which is the aim of the game i do believe) then you should level up faster. Its bungies fault for not fixing bugs and its not like these bugs are a secret. If you want to catch up then do the same, otherwise stop complaining…

        • Brian

          dude boosting is for fags, play the game, u waste ur life being a bitch, i hope the automatic ban hits everyone with onyx in the bs commendations

    • Jason

      So you’re one of those people who have nothing else to do. Congrats. Section 8 is cool, but don’t bash Halo. Obsession (in my case) outweighs your opinion. If you don’t have anything good to say, please have the maturity to shut up. Thanks. The caveat to that in regard to popularity is that most people haven’t read the books and realized that Bungie did some serious damage to the story. Maybe the next patch will correct everything from the levels 7 and 8.

    • nathan

      my brother bought section 8 and is the worst game we own

    • jason

      can you tell me a good first person shooter game so i can stop playing halo reach

  • dan

    The best Halo video online:


  • James

    I have read the books/comics, watched halo legends and played all the games.
    Yes bungie did infact mess up with some of the storyline.
    I wouldn’t say at all i am a ‘fanboy’ or hate the game at all, I look into games and back stories in my spare time and do not favour to a company.
    its good that bungie put a level cap to sort out glitches as many games are being boosted or JTagged, which if you spent millions making a game i am right in saying you would not want this to happen?

    a race t 20million Credits i think?
    personally i dont think i will as 450,000 seems alot to me!
    but will be good to see who and how long it will take someone.


    i think its kind of good but kind of irritating at the same time but i respect bungie for it.
    any one want to play some custom games add me its FEZELBERRY.


  • Jon

    Wow, Rick ..
    I guess the insanely low sense of maturity you’re showing isn’t just bothering me. What an arrogant comment. If I remember correctly, me and a very few amount of my friends were still playing Halo 3 the day that Call of Duty: WaW/Modern Warfare 2 came out, so there goes your little “popularity” gloat. This game is perhaps one of the greatest franchises of all time, just because you may not like it (which by the way makes you look enormously idiotic due to the fact that this is all about Halo), there are people that do like the game and you have very bad taste to come on here and slate it.

    • Dylan

      @John you win hands down

  • http://ihavenowebsite.com Bowman

    Lmao you wish people with onyx will be banned/credit reset? i have 7 onyx and bungie have already said “we will not ban people for playing too much halo” their idea of ‘boosting’ is server abuse such as aimbots, Jtags(i think), lag switches and boosting challenges(completing daily/weekly challenges more than once a day/week) moron. “boosting” commendations through hard work and labour isnt a crime its just something your too lazy to do. anybody can do it so its all fair. (before you go saying im ‘blam’ at halo, im already commander with some golds in matchmaking and +1500 k/d rating so dont be sayin pointless stuff like that)

  • Seth

    I dislike the cap because the 117 mil thing is just a Front to try and lure players away from playing CoD BO when it comes out.. Least they could of done is say its a lame markiting ploy , and not some lame BS they pulled out of thier ass.

    • Shane

      seth, i think you are right with that statement but at the same time, BO is the only thing standing in the way of bungie’s “complete world domination”. you have to expect them to think up marketing ploys like this. and rick, i hate you.

  • Dustin

    I’m glad they are doing something about the level cap. I’d rather gain progress past Lt. Colonel grd. 3 while I also earn credits for the other things. Increasing commendations is pointless to me if I can’t get anything other than credits for doing so.

    Moreover, I think this “bandwagon” thing is rediculous. Halo is a good game and it is even more enjoyable because so many people play it. If these two things amount to a “bandwagon,” I am more than happy to go along for the ride.

    I personally prefer Gears or Halo over CoD. That’s my opinion. However, I don’t go to CoD sites and bash the game for everyone “joining the bandwagon.” A gamer is a gamer, and we all have different tastes and styles. Some of us like fast-paced shooters. Some of us prefer long and epic RPGs. Some of us enjoy Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Any of those can be called “bandwagons.” Play what you want and don’t hate others who don’t sit in your wagon.