New ‘Halo: Reach’ DLC is Coming ‘Very Soon’

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New Halo Reach DLC is Coming Very Soon

It’s easy to forget about that Halo: Bleach game, or whatever it was, when the new Call of Duty: Black OpsFirst Strike map pack only just released as a timed exclusive for Xbox Live. Even though Black Ops has been dominating the charts as of late, Halo: Reach has still managed to hold on to a very decent sized community of hungry Halo fans who have been without new content since November. Luckily, gamers who have been waiting to get back in and finish the fight may soon have a reason to, because new DLC has been said to be coming “very soon.”

This news comes from Xbox Live’s Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) during the most recent Inside Xbox. The topic of this particular episode was the top games of 2010 and, as anyone would assume, it prominently featured Halo: Reach. That the game made Xbox Live’s list of top titles for 2010 isn’t in the least bit shocking. However, Major Nelson did make mention of was something that was certainly of interest: Hryb stated that a new Halo: Reach add-on was coming very soon.

Other then the fact that a new Reach add-on was revealed to becoming soon, no other news was released. Odds are that the new DLC will be more multiplayer maps, which is a good thing for those who have gotten bored of the Noble Map Pack. What would really be cool, and a first for the Halo series, is if 343 Industries decided to add some extra levels to the game’s campaign via the new add-on.

How could they possibly add more story missions after the fate of Noble Team was revealed in the end? Simple, follow the story of Jun and Dr. Halsey after they split up from Noble Team. The fate of Jun is still wide open to possibilities, and it would be interesting to see if there are perhaps future plans for Spartan A266. Hopefully this option is pursued, but gamers would still be more than content with new maps for multiplayer as well.

343 Industries should be revealing the new DLC for Halo: Reach soon, but in the meantime keep checking out Game Rant for more info as it becomes available.

Would you buy new Halo: Reach DLC? Would you prefer more campaign chapters or more maps?

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  • Bigfoot

    I bought the Noble map pack, and I have yet to actually play one of the new maps. Granted, I haven’t done the noble matchmaking list, but still, I’ve played the other matchmaking lists and I haven’t got the noble map as one of the voting options. Its like the opposite of COD, you only play the ORIGINAL maps instead of the new ones.

    • Riley Little

      lol I think that for the time being if you want to play the Noble map pack you have to go to the Noble matchmaking list.
      Everyone else who doesn’t have them plays in the other set lists. CoD makes it so that if you have the map pack it will only let you enter random matches with people who also have the maps. πŸ˜‰

      • BigFoot

        Haha yeah I know, but I just want to play big team on the noble pack for once lol. As for COD, (I’m talking about MW2, I didn’t download Black Ops DLC) just playing search or team deathmatch on the original maps is difficult for me and my friends. I wish they could’ve done something about that, because the DLC, IMO, was awful.

        • Riley Little

          lol one day! Once more people have the maps I’m sure it will be better. Big Team Battle is one of the better modes for sure though πŸ˜‰

          My bad, I thought you were referring to BLOPS. I think online for DLC in all games should be more like Black Ops. If you own the maps then you should be able to play exclusively with those who have them as well, and if you’re playing with a friend who doesn’t have them then you and the friend should be put in lobbies with just the classic maps.

          • BigFoot

            Haha I hope so, I’ve been wanting to try them out lol and yes, Big Team Battle is a lot of fun, and I must confess, it’s the more fun of the lists to troll your teammates in. Whenever a friend and I get bored, we just go in big team and get our teammates to betray us so we can boot. XD

            No, it’s all good. I wouldn’t mind a system like that. Although, I would want the chance to play some original maps from the game, which was just such a pain with MW2.

  • ed

    I would love more campaign levels. With a finite story such as that of Reach, I think they’d be smart to have campaign DLC with a different character, either another of the noble team or even a completely different part of the planet, sorta self contained from the rest of the game. I thought Minerva’s Den for Bioshock 2 did that well, and made a pretty sizeable chunk of gameplay without making it seem like they just jammed something else into the story.

    personally, since I don’t know if it would really merit it’s own game (or, rather, i don’t know if the developers would be willing to make it as such), I think it would be great to use Reach to do a campaign DLC where you play as a Johnson during the first contact with the Covenant, on Harvest. First of all, it’s totally tied to the story of Reach, and could be allowed to feel very similar to Reach because of its setting (so they wouldn’t have to make a whole new gameplay structure). Also, that would be a cool way to detail that part of the story; if Reach is supposed to be the beginning, a prequel to the three Halo games, then I think the developers should really make it the beginning, all of it, and that would include Harvest.

    Also, Johnson. Hell yes.

    • Riley Little

      haha maybe follow Sgt. Buck. He only had a brief cameo mid-way through the game. Sgt. Johnson would also be very wicked, so hopefully they make a Halo: Reach ODST or something πŸ˜›

  • tankD

    they took away the battle rifile therefor i dont play reach i still play halo 3. reach was only good for the campain

    • shawnzee

      why? dont like having to actually aim?

  • J.C. Reeves

    Great news. I’m a big Reach fan (forget Slack Mops)! I’d prefer them to stick to multiplayer maps though. I’m done with the campaign. . .

  • halo pro

    343 is giving us campign dlc your all noobs for not knowing this befor the story will be about the last noble 6 or the other sparten team that whas on reach omega team sadly it cant be from bungie :(