‘Halo: Reach – Defiant Map Pack’ Details & Screens Leaked

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Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack Details

Halo: Reach has performed well since its release. It was one of 2010’s biggest launches and continues to attract large amounts of gamers through its online matchmaking. Despite the impressive sales and big fan base, Call of Duty: Black Ops consistently ranks higher in amount of Xbox Live activity. However, this may change with the rumored release of a new piece of DLC, the Defiant Map Pack.

A new map pack for Halo: Reach should not come as a surprise. During a recent discussion of the top games of 2010, Microsoft’s Major Nelson let slip the fact that a Halo: Reach add-on was in the works. The real questions have to do with when exactly the DLC will be available and what it will contain. A French Halo website site supposedly has the “what” figured out.

Yesterday, February 9, the unofficial fan site Halo Destiny leaked news of a Halo: Reach add-on known as the Defiant Map Pack. They posted several low-resolution pictures and claim that it will be similar in format to that of the Noble Map Pack, which was released last November.

Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack Unearthed

The leak claims that there will be three maps included in the Defiant Map Pack. High-Lands will be a large outdoor map useful for large numbers of players and game types like Invasion. It also features a gigantic Covenant ship that cruises around. The next map, Condemned, is set in space. It is conducive to all game types except Invasion and has areas of low gravity similar to those seen in the Noble Map Pack’s Anchor 9. The third map, Unearthed, takes place outdoors in an environment with lots of rocks and sand. It features a fleet of vehicles and is geared towards smaller matches with one to four players.

Check out the gallery of screenshots below, but keep in mind that these are very low-resolution, leaked images.

With the recent First Strike map pack released for Call of Duty: Black Ops, Reach is in need of some fresh DLC of its own to keep players hooked.

Even though Black Ops is getting more attention online, Microsoft doesn’t have much to worry about because there is still a huge amount of interest in Halo: Reach and upcoming additions.

Based off this leaked information, the upcoming maps look really solid. Bungie needs to take a hint from all the buzz and release the map pack soon. It has been months since the release of the Noble Map Pack and even dedicated Reach players are ready for some fresh maps to sink their teeth into.

Are you ready to get back into Halo: Reach and play these new maps? Which map are you most excited about?

Source: Halo Destiny [via joystiq]

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  • http://gamerant.com Anthony Taormina

    It looks like I am going to be jumping back and forth between Reach and BLOPS with new map packs.

  • hudson

    i will deffinatly be getting this but i wish bungie would require all dlc for matchmaking. the only way to really play the noble maps is in its playlist. i really only play arena so i dont get to play it.

    • http://gamerant.com J.C. Reeves

      That’s a tough call. I rarely play anything other than Rumble Pit and I can see your point, but it would suck if you couldn’t afford the DLC and were prohibited from playing online.

      • hudson

        i see your point but if someone can muster up 60 bucks for the game and pay 5 bucks a year for live then they can pay 10 bucks for the maps.
        reach has 8 regular maps and the crap forge maps. the 3 noble maps can really only be played in that playlist, and the next 3 will probably be the same. i think thats very stupid because i get bored of playing 6vs6 unranked agianst terribale people(im onyx about half the time) if the maps were required for arena i would be fine but there not.

  • Dan

    Another space map? What I really want is more city-themed maps. Preferably a sunset-oceanside-city themed remake of Headlong suited for Invasion.

    Nevertheless, I will still be getting this because it still looks great!

  • http://gamerant.com Riley Little

    I just completed the game! … Gah, now I have even more achievements to unlock 😛

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  • Reiko87

    We want a longer story! Tell us what happend to june noble 3, i know they tell us in dr halsey’s diary, it would be cool if they showed us what happend to june

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  • Kevin

    I can not wait. Check this out if you want your free Map pack its a blog tutorial 😀 not a stupid generator lol. http://gameolosophy.com/games/free-halo-reach-defiant-map-pack/

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