More ‘Halo: Reach’ Action Figures From Square Enix

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Halo Reach Square Enix Action Figures

One things for sure, Square Enix knows how to make some sweet looking action figures. They prove this trend true with photos of their second batch of the Halo: Reach Play Arts Kai line.

The newest wave features the other half of the Noble 6 crew; Carter, Kat, and Jorge. Each figure is built with incredible detail and comes with customizable options. The customization ranges from various weapons, adjustable positioning and an additional set of hands so when the figure isn’t holding a weapon it will look more natural, rather than giving the appearance of palming an invisible ball.

In addition to the extra set of hands and some frag grenades, the three Noble Sixers in this line have their respective weaponry. Carter rocks the Designated Marksman Rifle and knife, Kat sports the Assault Rifle and pistol and Jorge has his M247H Heavy Machine Gun.

The detail on the small accessories are just as intricate as each part of the individual Spartan marines. In comparison to McFarlane Toys’ line of Halo: Reach figures, Square Enix’s batch comes larger by scale at 8″ and with more visual detail in their appearance. At $62 a pop, the Square Enix line is more expensive, however you are paying for the larger size, and increased quality and attention to detail.

With the accurate traits to the characters in the game, the Halo: Reach Play Arts Kai lines will more than compliment your bookshelf or desk – though it may not be the best idea to adorn these at your work desk for the sheer risk of becoming distracted by creating your own imagined Halo wars around the workspace.

Take a peek at the new additions below:

The second wave of the Halo: Reach Play Arts Kai line will be available in January 2011 for $62 each.

What do you think about Square Enix’s Halo: Reach action figure line? Will you be picking any up? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • Christian Spicer

    I have a Square Enix Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Snake and it is awesome. I got it for a lot cheaper than 60-something bucks, but dang if they don’t make sweet toys.

  • J.C. Reeves

    These are awesome, but I can’t justify paying $60.

  • Dwayne Holder

    They look awesome, but that price is way too much for me. I’ll stick with my Transformers.

  • Dez

    Just picked up Noble Six but part of his assault rifle is missing, so I’ll be taking him right back.

    My initial impressions are mixed. The body sculpt is outstanding for the most part, but there are spots where the details aren’t 100% accurate, and slight imperfections where details line up in the helmet. Minor gripes to be sure, but when you’ve spent as much time in that armor as I have it’s worth mentioning. Spartans will notice. If these were sold for 20 bucks it would be one thing, but at this price point it’s something to consider, especially since the competition is pricing their figures at $15.00 most places. The Paint apps are decent, but are a little weak for the money. You will see some minor slop in some places, and the color doesn’t match the source material accurately. The Assault Rifle is a solid piece with no articulation (the clip doesn’t come out). As I mentioned part of mine is missing, the cowling under the barrel is absent. There’s a nicely detailed grenade with a peg on it, but no place to really attach it to the figure. The articulation is pretty amazing, but it can be a little wobbly in the waist. There’s a lot to like here, but as a first impression for Play Arts’ first foray into the world of Halo, having an incomplete accessory and wobbly joints is a big turn off.

    Overall, it’s a nice figure, but it’s about twenty to thirty dollars over priced, and I think I’ll be sticking with McFarlane in the long run. I paid 45 bucks Canadian AFTER a 20 percent courtesy discount, so these guys aren’t cheap, and given that the quality isn’t really any better than McF’s your dollar will go farther with the smaller figures. I’ll probably pick up Emile and Kat, but I can’t justify paying 40-60 bucks for all of Noble team. If they put out some parts so you can customize a figure of your own Spartan from the game, then I’ll be there. I’ll take a female Recon Spartan with an ODST chestplate and shoulder plates please…