Halo: Reach Cooperative Play is Unavailable On the 4GB Xbox 360 S

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Halo Reach Xbox 360 Slim 4GB Co-op

Halo: Reach just landed on Tuesday and gamers everywhere dropped Noble Team into their Xbox 360s and started to explore all the content Reach has to offer — the epic single player, competitive multiplayer, Firefight, Forge World, and co-op… err, well unless you happened to own Microsoft’s new, fancy 4GB Xbox S. You see, 4GB Xbox S owners are not able to play Reach’s co-op. It is like owners of the 4GB Xbox S are George Costanza and Halo: Reach’s co-op is the Soup Nazi, “no co-op for you!”

The pre-launch buzz for the game was huge, often highlighting all the cool things you could do — and then the great reviews started coming out only adding fuel to the fire. Halo: Reach was not to be missed. But apparently none of the reviewers played the game, or at least co-op, on a 4GB S model 360. In fact, nothing of this problem was covered prior to the game’s release. I would be livid if I just dropped $199.99 on a new 4GB Xbox S and $59.99 on my new copy of Reach only to learn co-op was off limits.

When gamers try to play co-op with a 4GB Xbox S system an error message comes up providing, “[o]ne or more players do not have the hard drive required for this game type.” And no, this is not a bug or glitch. In fact, the game’s official Xbox page FAQ provides:

Q1: The error “One or more players do not have an Xbox 360 Hard Drive. An Xbox 360 Hard Drive is required to play co-op on Xbox LIVE or system link” occurs when I try to play. Why?

A1: One or more players do not have a certified Xbox 360 hard drive attached to their Xbox 360 console. Some multiplayer aspects of Halo: Reach require an Xbox 360 certified hard drive.

For me, playing each Halo’s campaign cooperatively has always been one of my favorite parts about the games. To think Microsoft allowed one of its marquee games to be released in a way that denies co-op on its new console seems odd to me. I realize other games have required a hard drive for certain aspects before, but I feel like those games, the previews about those games, and the reviews about those games made that point clear before people went out and dropped their dolla-dolla-bills on the game. Not only does the 4GB Xbox S have 4GB of storage space, but you can also add up to 16GB of flash drive storage space, which also does not seem to solve the problem. So that means gamers with 20GB of storage space — the same amount as the original, launch Xbox 360s with a hard drive — cannot play co-op Halo: Reach. Crazy.

But there is some good news. According to Eurogamer, Microsoft is aware of the problem and insists it is “temporary.” No word was given on when the problem would be fixed, however. But at least there is hope, something the people of the planet Reach cannot say the same thing about…

Halo: Reach is available now exclusively for the Xbox 360.

Sources: Nukezilla; Eurogamer

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  • http://gamerant.com Phillipe Bosher

    What is this I don’t even.

    Surely it’s less to do with the actual HDD, and more to do with the space? 4GB must be enough.

    • http://gamerant.com Rory Young

      You can install the full game in less than 7GB, it’s ridiculous to think 4GB would limit just the online cooperative portion.

  • http://gamerant.com Anthony Taormina

    I guess the lack of crazy backlash hints that not many people own this particular SKU.

  • http://www.gamerant.com Jon Lavallee

    The S is for sucks. See what I did there?

    Bummer, though. Co-op lacks in games enough, and one of the better co-op games doesn’t work with the new 4GB system.

  • http://gamerant.com Christian Spicer

    Yeah, it is weird. While most “hardcore” midnight release people likely don’t own a 4GB system, you would think there would be enough people out there that are more casual gamers that might have picked up both. But maybe the 4GB S is still too new and not in that many homes yet. Hopefully Microsoft will actually fix this soon.

  • http://gamerant.com Dwayne Holder

    A lot of people are going to be disappointed with this.

  • http://gamerant.com Andrew Dyce

    This may be seen as kind of ajerk thing to say, but how many people have Halo: Reach the first day it’s released that actually bought an Xbox 360 with a 4 GB hard drive?

    • http://gamerant.com Cindy Andrie

      Me. Except I decided not to get it at launch after all… Kinda glad now – co-op was a big draw for me.

      I’m assuming they will patch it, cause 4 gig has to be enough.

      For me, I bought the 4gig model because of the entry price, and the ease of additional storage, so why not.

  • http://gamerant.com Chris Abbott

    5 years later, and we’re STILL getting examples as to why the idea of having multiple SKUs of a console is a bad idea!

  • http://gamerant.com Chris Abbott

    1) Quieter
    2) 250 GB hdd
    3) Wi-Fi
    4) Optical output built into console, no need for adapter

  • hunchback harry game

    What is this I don’t even.

    Surely it’s less to do with the actual HDD, and more to do with the space? 4GB must be enough.

  • james braselton

    hi there wrong 4 gb xbox 360 is a 4 gb ssd not hdd soo solid state flash drive not hard drive storage

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