Rumor Patrol: Steven Spielberg Making ‘Halo’ Movie

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Halo Movie Rumor - Spielberg and Dreamworks

Halo: Cryptum, the first novel in Greg Bear’s ‘Forerunner Saga’ released back in January, but a press release for the France edition included an interesting tidbit regarding the long-awaited Halo movie.

As we know, the Halo film was in pre-production years ago but by the end of 2006, it became dead due to legal concerns, nervousness about the costs and overly expensive deals for the producers involved. Universal and Twentieth Century Fox attempted to team-up for the project, while Peter Jackson was producing with Neill Blomkamp (District 9) set to direct. In recent years, rumors had Steven Spielberg involved, including the latest from yesterday.

Sirkan from Halo.Fr posted a scan from the Halo: Cryptum press release which mentioned that a Halo film was coming from Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks for 2012 but I can tell you that it’s false.

“A film adaptation is set in 2012 . It will be conducted jointly by two heavyweights of American cinema: Steven Spielberg and studio DreamWorks.”

Last year we found out that DreamWorks was hoping to get the Halo film rolling again, with the idea of basing it on the books, namely Halo: The Fall of Reach, rather than the games. DreamWorks has the support of Spielberg and his name has been rumored as being attached to the project but nothing official has happened with the film and it still does not have an official greenlight.

As we know, another obstacle to making the film a reality – and something we’re starting to see across the board from video game publishers – is that Microsoft is extremely protective of their Halo IP, so much so that they must approve every single piece of merchandise and every tie-in to ensure it is canon and faithful to the franchise.

While Microsoft’s policy may seem great for us fans who want something that truly feels like it belongs in the Halo universe, it does put restrictions on filmmakers and the studio. At this point, who cares, it’s filmmakes and studios who’ve given us dozen of terrible adaptations in the last decade so perhaps these restrictions are necessary.

As for the Halo movie coming next year? That’s not happening. At best, it could start production next year and release in 2013 (at the very earliest) and it’s doubtful Spielberg would even direct – he’s got too much else on his plate so expect him to exec produce.

With Halo 4 coming next fall, it does make sense to cross-market with the game and bring the franchise back to the forefront of pop culture and mainstream media, especially if it is the plan of 343 Industries – the developer taking over for Bungie – to have Halo 4 act as the first installment in an entirely new Halo trilogy.

Would you like to see the Halo films follow the games or the books?

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  • JDemaria

    i really hope no one gets rights to make the movie, the last thing anyone wants is for a crappy or hastily made movie to ruin a good thing.

    • Yuuchun

      Dude I understand! Christopher Nolan. he could do it.

  • Jeremiah

    I have read most of the novels and played all of the games. If in the hands of a producer like Spielberg this film would absolutely win the hearts of all who saw it, instead of it being just another crappy video game movie. It’s all about quality. The series has PLENTY of heart to it. The question is how many movies would they be willing to make, as this is a series and would be a hit. I think Micheal Bay or Christopher Nolan would handle it well. And yes, Dreamworks was right to want to start with The Fall of Reach. It is the beginning of John’s story, and would make a very good stand alone film if they didn’t feel like making more.

    • Jeremiah

      I have wanted and watched for this movie since 2006.
      They already have most of the equipment and tech required for the movie (Bungie’s live action teaser trailer projects) so this article is no news to me, nice to finally talk about it though.
      James Cameron would also be a good bet for this, seeing as most of the things in Avatar looked like cut outs from Halo.

  • sschmtty1

    i think only if its Spielberg if not him then no movie

    • Jeremiah

      There’s plenty that could handle it very well I think. Most producers and directors are just to afraid to touch a video game movie.

  • Ignur Rant

    More Saving Private Ryan than Captain America. I dont want some silly family fun roller coaster ride. I’d even be fine with Master Chief or Spartan apperance to a minimum.

    Something like this:

  • shawn

    forget a movie about fall of reach, we technically have that in Halo Reach. I would much rather see First Strike adaptation. not only is it far more interesting as a story, but on top of that i feel the action in it is far more intense, and i can see it as a movie much better. the only real benefit of making fall of reach a movie is seeing the spartan II’s during their training. other than that, not too much else. Although Cole Protocol would also be a good 2nd in choice to make a movi

    • Jeremiah

      Reach and Fall of Reach are not even close to the same thing. We are talking about the **TRUE** story of Master Chief, AKA John, and would be a great tie in to the new games in which the highlight is on him, so knowing his origins would do the fans/audiences good.

  • Epsilon_IV

    I hope this is true, Spielburg as porducer? Yes please. BUt whatever they do, Master Chief has to be the main character. Not any of this bull-crap of letting another character be it. Halo is Chief and the Spartans, not some random UNSC or Covenant soldier.

  • Oscar!

    Rob! You got connections in both fields(film/video games) and youre extremely handsome, is there anything else you can confirm or any hints to this being true?

  • Oscar!

    Just read your tweet lmao! :(

  • Jeremiah

    Yeah one of the rumored plots was for Halo CE focused on a random group of Marines. I was furious to even read that. They lose so much potential with that film and future films. I want them to be greedy with this. I want them to want to make money and lots of it. With that attitude, sad as it is, they will treat this with the respect it deserves and will REACH (hehe had to :3)great heights.

  • iDancethroughshadoWs

    id rather it follow the games. though i wished halo reach was based off of fall of reach but oh well.

  • Ignur Rant

    Even though I know this rumor is is incorrect, If made I prefer it to be filmed like Black Hawk Down. In the sense that it focus on one prolonged battle but from the perspective of multiple characters. Regular Infantry, ODST, Pelican Pilots, Longsword Dogfights, Ship to ship combat and of course Spartans. I dont think the focus should be soley on the spartans. And I love spartans. Read everything minus the new foreunner series. Spartans are best as mysterious IMO. During a 140 minute movie I say have two kick a** scenes totaling around 20-30 minutes. They would be your “wow” moment but you don’t wanna over wow. The only beingS that can truly go head to head with the covenant. I would focus on the scared sh**less factor and the hopelessness of the war they are fighting. That is eventually lead to planet aide retreat.

  • Steven

    Don’t ever make a movie about the master chief, first no one will get to see his face and his personality doesn’t go well with a film because he doesn’t talk that much. I would rather see a film about ODST’s or the Marines more human emotions as Spartans are trained from a very young age and are stoic in character.

    • Epsilon_IV

      You obviously havent read any of the books or the animated DVD( he talks in them, Spartans do have feelings but they are trained not to show them in battle), and his personality will go great on film. His personality is suppose to be Clint Eastwood-esqe from his western films, and there have been plenty of characters that have his personality.

  • Epsilon_IV

    In my opinion, film the story of the birth of the Spartan IIIs, their early battles and end it with the Battle of Reach. Start the second film with the Fall of Reach and the finding of Halo. After those two, just continue on. But the first has to show where the Spartans are from, that they are more than they appear (i.e. not bland characters), and why we think Master Chief is the lone survivor of the Spartans.

    • Epsilon_IV

      Dangit I meant Spartan IIs but seeing the Spartan IIIs would be awesome too

  • emile1234

    To be honest I’d rather see the Beard work on original work, rather than for a guaranteed paycheck, which is exactly what this will be.

    Other than perception problems with the brand, specially with the Marines which all but scream being part of the Alien mythos and a few other issues with the Spartans and Convent, it might work. But the main question will still be will it be a good movie? I will wait for the reviews I think before making that judgement.


    I hope if this rumor is true that its done right .