‘Halo’ Trailer Shown At E3 Is NOT For ‘Halo 5′

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Halo Reclaimer Trilogy Now Saga

It’s surprising to think that in the wake of E3 2013, one of the least talked-about reveals was what at one time would have been Microsoft’s biggest showstopper. We speak of course of Halo 5, unveiled via a misleading cinematic trailer dropping Master Chief in a brand new setting, against an enemy unlike any he has ever encountered.

Yet anyone paying close attention noticed that although Master Chief and the Halo name were included in the footage, the number ‘5’ was not. Now, it seems that the hesitance to brand the game Halo 5 was no mistake, since the next release in the series is still a long way from being shown.

Since the trailer dropped, vice president of Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer explained that 343 Industries‘ once-pitched ‘Reclaimer Trilogy’ was now a full-blown saga. Moving from three games to an infinite number doesn’t seem to change the fact that the next Halo will be Halo 5, but it was clear Microsoft was holding their cards close to their chest.

Halo Xbox One Screenshot 2

Yet the question remained: if Microsoft’s Bonnie Ross was walking out on stage to announce something in the Halo universe – not the live-action TV show she’s already announced – then exactly what was revealed?

Now Spencer has offered further explanation to IGN, citing a desire to remind gamers that Halo is alive and well:

“There was no ambiguity in not putting a number after the game. For me, what we showed wasn’t the game. Nobody should be confused on that. I didn’t really want to try to show something that was clearly a thought piece by the studio around where Master Chief is in his journey, and then drop the name after it and be somewhat disingenuous about that being the game.

“But I did want Bonnie to come out and say, ‘First-person shooter. Master Chief.’ Because they’ll get the questions — ‘Hey, is this ODST? What are you guys doing?’ Bonnie comes out and reaffirms that 343 is building this game. It’s Master Chief. It’s a first-person shooter at 60 frames per second. It’s coming in 2014.”

Gamers will no doubt be disappointed to hear that the footage shown in the E3 trailer isn’t indicative of a final Halo game; as thrilling as it is to know that the next Halo will be bigger than ever, we were hoping the massive Forerunner colossus seen in the trailer was a literal hint at the series’ new direction. Spencer went on to remind fans that “Halo usually two E3s,” with an announcement trailer appearing at one, and the game playable the following year (as was the case with Halo 4). So as disappointing as this news happens to be, next E3 should be one to watch.

Halo Xbox One Screenshot 3

It’s no surprise that among the launch of two brand new consoles, Microsoft would go out of its way to once again point out that Halo is an Xbox One exclusive. With that said, it seems odd that the company would allow not one, but two holiday seasons to pass without a Halo game on store shelves. The obvious question then becomes: is another Halo Anniversary being planned? 2014 just happens to be the ten year anniversary of Halo 2, so the precedent has been set. But as Spencer explains, the company isn’t in any hurry to water down their top franchise:

“The Halo Anniversary that we did was as much about the launch of the first Xbox as well. It was a culmination of many things coming together. It would probably run out of steam if we were trying to think about, ‘Okay, what’s 10 years old now?’ It’s definitely more from the game itself, the experience that we’re able to bring to market. Less about ‘Is the last digit a zero?’ in terms of its anniversary.”

What do you make of Spencer’s explanation? Is a two year break leading up to Halo 5 exactly what the doctor ordered, or is a Halo 2 Anniversary a certainty in your eyes? Sound off in the comments.

We’ll keep you updated as more information on the future of Halo arrives.

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Source: IGN

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  • DarthMalnu

    All I know is that Master Chief in full armour wearing a cloak was one of the silliest things I’ve seen since the Didact using the force and shooting a laser at America in Halo 4. Let’s just say that my faith in the franchise isn’t dead, but missing in action.

    • The Adventurer

      Agreed… As a fan of Halo since the original, the last game felt really off to me… like an impostor wearing a loved ones clothes. I don’t understand how such a ham handed mess got such stellar reviews.

  • Bobby Zimmerman

    The only explanation for the cloak is so that we wouldn’t see that it was Master Chief until the very end. Think less of function and more of form. MS/343 wanted this big mysterious trailer with some dude walking across the desert then OMG it’s Master Chief!

  • Douchedick

    Look at his visor. It has a large crack to the left side, (your left) showing that his armor is damaged, and probably has other cracks elsewhere. The cloak is therefore to keep the sand out of his armor. While I agree that the main reason for the cloak was to hide the fact that it was Master Chief, there is a reason for it within the story.

  • Jack Snap

    My theory on the trailer is that it may be another off-series game like Reach or ODST; focusing more on gray team or more on the rest of blue team, who were given Mark VI armor as well. let us not forget that the Chief is not, nor has ever been the only spartan.
    The dog tags in the trailer also have symbolince as well, such as Reach were a Spartan had lost a friend and the friend is remembered by their sacrifice which served a much larger goal.

    • AViolentDelight

      They’re not dog tags. That is the chip that cortana was stored in. Look in some cinematics from the other games.

      • AViolentDelight

        This also means it is halo 5 considering it follows the story of halo 4 and has the master chief in it

    • jason

      that dog tag was actualy a storage device that used to house cortana.

    • iWTF

      Umm no they proved a point that it was Master Chief by showing him holding the data chip that Cortana was on (Idk any other AI in h halo game series it could be for) but then again HER data chip was destroyed in the pedestal in the end of Halo 4. Oh and Gray team has gray armor.. *cough cough* duh, bro.

      • ThatOneGuy

        it couold have been auntie dot..

  • Mobydick

    I’m pretty sure this is a continuation of the saga. The empty a.i. Chip, the mark VI armor, the damage on the armor. This is obviously not a halo 2 anniversary. Chief got the mark VI as an upgrade, completely brand new armor. Hardly a ding. Forerunners where never truly introduced in halo 2. With all this said. I’m sure Microsoft and 343 are saying what they need to say to keep people off their ass’. Bungie got really smart and built anticipation, I’m sure 343 has learned the same. I doubt we will see halo 2 anniversary as much as I think we will see a halo 2 map pack anniversary. Halo 2 got its main popularity of its online gameplay more than it did the campaign. I’m sure 343 will revive the franchise to a much better compasity by doing just that. But, who knows what will happen. But this trailer is definatly not for halo 2 anniversary or the TV series Spielberg is producing. It tail ends halo 4 too closely for it to be anything else.

  • Lord Talisman

    While Halo 2 didn’t involve the Forerunners in the manner H4 did, it did reveal the Super Sentinels and another Monitor: 2403 Penitent Tangent (see H2/”Ghosts of Onyx” novel respectively), expanding the Forerunner ally/enemy palate. As for the E3 trailer, it may just be one of those “random 2 minute shorts to explain some obscure point that’s not obvious to us yet”.

    However, the validity of both arguments cannot be ignored. It is unusual for MS/343 to leave Xbox fans without a new H game, but that may mask more ‘expansive’ thinking. Considering that the TV series is supposed to launch at some point, I believe it is likely that it will be the lead-up to H5, much the same as the release of the H:FUD LAF was the prelude to H4.

    As for a H2:A, that’s up to the fan base (Waypoint’s was quite divided, last I looked). But, to each their own opinion.

  • iWTF

    I have to say that the fact that they’ve mentioned the Forerunner TRILOGY as a Forerunner SAGA is starting to concern me. It means that they are expanding the Halo Universe into more what it can be. Don’t get me wrong, im buying every Halo game that’s released until the day I die lol. Im not judgemental of the series and the differences of Bungie and 343. Bungie planned on it being a 3 game series w/ books to stretch the storylines in between. 343 is now outdoing Bungie and expanding the Halo games beyond the “Go to this planet, take this thing, and use it on this thing so that we can do this thing to save Humanity.” 343 is making it larger but yet condensing it to just Master Chief and Cortana in a way.

    They are likely just giving hints within hints. The trailer shows Master Chief undoubtily searching for a way to Bring back Cortana (Cue the data chip) but ppl are forgetting that 343 keeps saying this isn’t necessarally Halo 5, so that also means we aren’t getting Cortana back anytime soon or that this CAN just be another SPARTAN, or just showing the fact that in the future, Master Chief has another purpose, which is no longer focused on saving the galaxy or following orders.

  • Alika

    This trailer is definitely for Halo 5, it’s just that they put “Halo” because they’re probably still in alpha, so they don’t have a solid-concrete name for the game as of right now. Basically what is in this trailer though is Master Chief making his way across Installation 00 (“The Ark”) trying to find a way to revive Cortana (the holotag he is holding). That Phoenix looking machine is rumored to be a Promethean Warsphinx, big weapons mentioned thoroughly throughout the books. Inside that machine is a copy of the oracle Mendicant Bias, the oracle that went rampant in Halo 3 that you killed. Mind you, the oracle inside the Warpsphinx is a copy, so don’t go saying “oh I though chief killed him at the end of Halo 3 how could that be him?”

    Anyways, Master Chief is on the Ark trying to get help reviving Cortana. As seen in the trailer, he’s probably trying to get it from Mendicant Bias.

    That’s all we know for now, based on a secret video on Halo Waypoint that describes how Mendicant Bias is trapped in an “Infinite Desert” (the Ark). In a machine described as a Phoenix (the Warsphinx in the trailer).

    • Reece

      The Oracle we kill at the end of Halo 3 is 343 Guilty Spark (AKA Chakas). Though he made a copy of himself and was found by a UNSC ship floating around the wreckage of the Ark after H3, so he’s not entirely dead.

      That’s nothing to do with Mendicant Bias, Bias was a Contender-class AI, GS is an installation monitor, there’s quite a difference. There’s also no real indication that Chief’s going after Bias. A desert is hardly evidence of that. If anything, Chief should be looking for remnants of the Domain, which has the necessary data to save Cortana. And that could be any freakin’ War Sphinx, Didact owned 12 of them, and he’s obviously returning in a future game. (Also the Sphinx in the trailer is a confirmed reference to Cthulu, not a Pheonix)

      Someone jumped the gun with the Mendicant Bias prediction and now the whole world is expecting it. There’s no logical explanation for Cortana to be in the possession of Bias. We still have 5 games to come across Bias.

      Lets face it, teaser trailers for Halo have never revealed game-spoiling details. It’s either a clip from the first custscene, or its something that never happens. (See Starry Night)