‘Halo 5′ To Feature New Multiplayer Modes

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It may have been a sizable amount of time since Halo was on the lips of the gaming industry at large, but that certainly doesn’t mean 343 Industries is taking some time off. Microsoft has confirmed that there will be details released come E3 2014, and now a new hint at just how much the core game design of Halo 5 may be changing has arrived, with the developers apparently looking to bring entirely new multiplayer modes into the mix for the next-gen offering.

Since the release of Halo 4, the developer’s first dose of Bungie-free Master Chief, the studio now entrusted with Microsoft’s most powerful brand have been busy. Team members have moved on to other properties, existing leadership has been shuffled for a new era of Halo entertainment, all while keeping on track for a 2014 release of their next release.

As if that weren’t enough to handle for one studio, according to an official Microsoft job posting, 343 Industries is looking to add a Senior Multiplayer Designer for the still in-development Halo. Beyond the usual description, one line in particular will stand out to longtime fans:

As a Senior Multiplayer Designer on the Halo team, you will be responsible for implementation and execution of features within the competitive multiplayer [PVP] experience. The 343 competitive multiplayer team designs, implements, and executes on the player-versus-player experience, including game modes, map feedback, moment-to-moment gameplay balancing, and cross-team collaboration.

We are looking for an experienced designer to support and develop the Halo competitive multiplayer experience. Responsibilities include balancing and tuning existing competitive experiences, creating, developing, and delivering all new Halo MP game modes. As a member of the competitive multiplayer design team, you will help shape the future of the Halo franchise.

Halo 4 Champions Bundle

The line we’re referring to is the mention of “all new Halo MP Game Modes” as one of the tasks the new designer will be assigned. No further details are provided, but the fact that the developers are looking to add a new mode to the established set is more than enough to get fans speculating. With the team most recently incorporating the community favorite ‘Grifball’ game type into Halo 4, the possibilities for what new or revamped modes could be next.

Before too much time is spent wondering what direction 343 may be headed, it’s worth pointing out that the exact game this job posting is concerned with is still somewhat unclear. Microsoft has promised a Halo release in 2014, but with rumors circling of a potential Halo 2 Anniversary release (among others), the company’s exact plan is a bit of a mystery. The company has also admitted that if an updated version of Halo 2 were to be released, the multiplayer would see extra scrutiny given the original’s success.

Could the developers be brave enough to satisfy Halo 2 fans by bringing new game modes to the old maps and systems? Or is invention best left for Halo 5? Share your thoughts on the idea of introducing new modes, and which you would hope to see officiall adopted in the commentsy.


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Source: Microsoft (via DualShockers)

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  • creep

    CTF or GTFO

  • lukeperryglover

    Just do to campaign in anniversary what they did with halo ce anniversary. For multiplayer though, do it exactly like halo 2 with of course remade maps, plus those new game types 😉
    If this is for halo 2 anniversary that is

  • Jodijns

    I have a few ideas, some of them are a bit crazy:

    1. Murder Mystery.
    2. Prop Hunt.
    3. Last Tank Standing/ Last Team Standing, Tanks.
    4. Plague: like infection and flood, but with a lot more people.
    5. Firefight with more people. (Xbox One has to be able to do that)
    6. Invasion/Dominion gametype mix. They were both good in their own way. Why not have both?
    7. Disaster survival. (try to survive while crazy things happen to the map.

  • goldenknight

    most definitely firefight. firefight on reach and odst was the best!

  • James

    I absolutely beg that Microsoft and 343 do what is right here. This isn’t there time to express themselves with innovation and changes, save that for halo 5. Their life can be made incredibly easy…. Because people don’t want innovation. They want more of the same. Halo 2 MADE xbox, it also MADE xbox live! If it was remade in 1080p 60fps It will be perfect. Also, It does not need armour abilities and custom loadouts. None of that. Their innovation can be things like armour and changed character looks and helmets . Like on halo 3.. With EVA, Recon etc. They could change that 100 times so everyone is different. How about custom face recognition like with rainbow six vegas 2! U quick image of the face made you Spartans face? Everyone loves that kinds stuff. But most of all…people all need to spawn in with the same weapon. In halo 2 I think it was either BR, or smg. That’s how it should be. A rush for all the good stuff at the beginning, sniper, sword and rockets (like hunger games) then people timing the respawns every 3 minutes. Map control and everything was lost on halo 4, that’s why it has very little community. This is your chance to bring the community back. Don’t fail us!

    • Jodijns

      Why not have custom loadouts? I see potential in them. We could have the main slayer mode be like halo 2s while there could be reach/4s stuff elsewhere to play. Besides, custom games needs custom loadouts. Many people use them for their mini games that would not normally be possible without them. I am no big fan of custom loadouts. In fact, when halo 4 brought them, I thought the multiplayer was going to suck. Halo 4s multiplayer turned out to have decent gameplay.

      I think what we need is a classic mode in every game. Halo 2 multiplayer really made the standard for multiplayer games when it came out. We need to keep adding stuff to the game without taking away what makes the game halo, but we should keep adding nonetheless. That is my opinion.

    • Jenkins

      What James says is %100 the truth!

      Could not agree more mate

  • hope09

    Halo 3 had the best ranking system. It made it challenging and addictive. It was hard to climb the ladder but it gave more cred based on skill than just number of games played. A hybrid system could be placed that gives rank based on skill and a separate one based on credits and games played. The competitive nature of halo made it more worthwhile for halo die hards and made the gam play last years instead of weeks. Now halo is put on the shelf after 2 or 3 weeks of multiplayer and campaign play through. Ranking systems made choosing team mates more critical, and promoted leagues and real community effort beyond just playing with random payers all the time. It strengthened the halo community and provided a competitive framework that many people long for in the gaming community. It would bring back the old schoolers that started on halo 1 for the competitive gameplay. We used to have parties and link four original Xboxes together in different rooms and have team battles galore. It was the funnest experience I had with gaming because it gave rise to real social interaction that you just don’t get from online experiences.
    I never got above 36 in the ranking system but it gave me determination to work for something and earn something worth more value than a new helmet.
    Halo 2 kicked butt because it had all of the glitches built in that would space jump you into great sniping positions and it was fun to learn all the hidden tricks. Easter eggs that provide advantage are sorely needed and bring more diversity and dimension to the game.
    Halo 5 would serve itself best if it had a clan battle mode that allowed clans to make their own maps and battle intense large scale wars. It would bring back life to the gaming system and it in itself would sale Xboxes and halo games. Imagine a halo game with 100 vs 100 on a humongous map field with vehicles and spawned equipment. Tie that together with objectives that weaken enemy defenses, like stations that provide hud maps to players, communication links to squad members, destructible walls that make penetration to vulnerable targets more accessible. If you linked all this with the ability to diversify communications between different squadrons, higher ranking commanders that have access to real time field hubs that help them coordinate attacks between squads, and their squad leaders, it would organize game play and give it a level of coordination and directive that as not been seen before.

  • Adam

    If armor abilites are in the game im hoping they give us a classic slayer

  • Aimi Hisaki

    Halo Tennis? Basketball? Soccer?
    Silenced snipers (I know suppressors do not silence weapons in reality, but just for the sake of fun :D)?

    • nick

      Ive been playing halo since it came out and all I have to say is that when they did away with the original ranking system me and everyone I know picked up cod…. halo is now a side game. Pleace fix this

  • nick

    Ive been playing halo since it came out and all I have to say is that when they did away with the original ranking system me and everyone I know picked up cod…. halo is now a side game. Pleace fix this

  • http://www.sneakyninjas.com Pahkiller

    Halo for pc would be great, It use to be once but was abandoned for Microsoft’s xbox.
    A bad judgement, why not have it for pc as well and /or cross platform so consolers and pc gamers and have a go.
    either way dont make it like battlefield 4 now theres so many unlocks and equipment its getting rediculous gamers dont last 1 year on it anymore because it gets so boring
    I always remember halo for pc multiplayer, it was simple nothing fancy and brilliant gameplay

    I say Bring Back Halo to PC

    • nameRequired

      Halo? Cross-platform? Are you serious right now?

  • Jordan

    Halo 5’s Multiplayer

    Elites as Playable Character’s

    More Vehicles or Pelican finally allowed to be used

    And for a Mode Offline Multiplayer with A.I. Bots like Gears of War & CoD, 343 needs to do this for the Fans without the Internet and also have the Ranking System like Halo Reach, I quite liked that System.

    • goldenknight

      its called they need to bring back firefight.

      • GameAddict

        No it’s not. Gears of war has both horde mode and bots, call of duty has exo survival, safeguard, zombies and bots. So there’s no reason why halo can’t do the same.

  • Tony

    It’s been years since I played halo I loved it I played multiplayer against bots offline in the old xbox that some friend had I finally was able to afford an xbox 360 preowned n also halo 3 preowned I hAdnt had an xbox before n I got really disappointed when I noticed I can’t play multiplayer against bots offline I believe it’s going to be my forth year with out internet can’t afford it meaning I can’t afford live so please I would like halo for multiplayer against bots offline .

  • http://gamerant.com/halo-5-new-multiplayer-modes/ cory

    I totally agree with James jodijins and most definitely Tony I’m pretty sure anybody who started playing halo when it first came out was like oh this would be cool if it had a bot system like golden eye did gears of war did perfect dark did conkers bad fur day THEN CALL OF DUTY came out with bots in with combat training in black ops which was epic blew everyone away then now the creators from call of duty maybe not black ops but the other ones are helping create halo 5 i am pretty sure we can geg some bots included because if I’m not correct modern warfare had survival and instinction and zombies how cant they find a way to put bots in a game that is been out more than 10 years?