New ‘Halo 5′ Concept Art Shows Off New Location

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No one has to tell anyone how huge the next Halo game will be for the Xbox One. The franchise has been Microsoft’s most lucrative during almost all of the cooperation’s console history. You can count on one hand the amount of franchises that have stayed as relevant and profitable over the same span of time, so obviously a new generation adventure for Master Chief is going to be a must for any Xbox One owner.

Exactly what form that game is going to take is still unclear. Whether it’s going to be called Halo 5 or something else, 343 Industries has kept details wrapped up tight. The only real look we’ve gotten of the game thus far was last year’s E3 teaser and it isn’t even clear if that is tied directly to the game.

Opening the curtain just a little wider on the project, 343 executive producer Josh Holmes teased the upcoming game – confirmed for release in 2014 – via Halo Waypoint with a new piece of concept art. The artwork shows the ship UNSC Infinity seemingly stationed above a sci-fi looking settlement. Holmes says that the landscape, “a new location that features prominently” in the upcoming game. It doesn’t appear to be a warzone, even sporting what looks like bars and clubs.

Halo 5 Concept Art

To go with the artwork, Holmes also explained that there would be a few personnel changes on the next Halo game too. Holmes himself has given up the creative director role to Tim Longo, a veteran of Tomb Raider, Star Wars: Republic Commando and the unreleased Star Wars: First Assault, to become an executive producer. There will also be changes to the art director as Kenneth Scott will be stepping aside as well. The upcoming Halo has already seen its fair share of departures of key personnel and with all the reshuffling, we’re wondering what that means for the direction of upcoming Halo titles.

We will undoubtedly be hearing about Halo 5 come E3 and fans should be able to continue Master Chief’s story by the end of the year. What will the Xbox One version of Halo offer fans that’s new and different from its predecessors and other highly anticipated shooters like Titanfall and Destiny?

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Source: Halo Waypoint

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  • Alter

    my guess is they will try to balance ingame story with investigation suspense’s then action halo 5 will have to be differnt

  • AlexMech

    The curvature on that structure under the Infinity is very like the forward curve of a Covenant Cruiser. Makes me think this is a scavenged together outpost or outlaw base of some kind.

    It WOULD be nice for the Halo Universe to depart from the well kempt world and show off the grittier underbelly. Even the Dawn looked pristine as a half a ship, no lubricants splashed all over or clutter covering the floor from being adrift for 4 years. Halo is beautiful, and that’s fine, but lets see the blood, muscle, bone and grease that powers this fantasy at last. Everyone can tell you that Empire Strikes Back felt the most “real” of the Star Wars movies, but almost no one realizes that it felt that way because of the familiar backdrop to it all. 343i could do well by watching Episode 5 a few times.

  • Rob Keyes

    [Ed. note) I fixed the errors previous comments pointed out.

  • Freak

    Sparth? SPARTH?! Who the hell names a city something so stupid?! “Oh well I guess it has to have something related to Sparta huhuhuh”

    • Freak

      Nevermind, facebook post threw me off completely.

  • john solo

    I hope for multiplayer they get rid of the perks and kill streaks. the reason why I play halo instead of COD is because with the old halo games it was even for everyone! campaigns on halo are still awesome, they just need to be longer than 6 hrs like halo 3 and 4. how about a nice 12-15 hour campaign!!