343 Details the Tweaks of ‘Halo 4’s’ Upcoming Weapon Update

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Halo 4 Weapon Tuning Update

343 Industries might be activating the shutdown valve on Halo 4’s map packs — “Castle,” the final planned offering under the War Games Pass, was released earlier this month (joining the Crimson and Majestic map packs) — but with a fresh season of Spartan Ops inevitably due out this year and a perennially thriving player base under its wing, community support is in full swing.

Ironically, the latest swing is a balancing act. 343 has begun developing a weapon tuning update for Halo 4, and this week’s Halo Bulletin has outlined the team’s early-stage progress.

Before addressing the changes currently being built into the game, 343 community manager Jessica “BS Angel” Shea stressed that the studio’s designs are still… very preliminary:

“TL;DR: The below tweaks are nowhere near final. In fact, they are as far from final as they can be without being not final. Please recognize this is a work-in-progress, we will clearly communicate our final plan once we know it, and until then, we’ll provide weekly updates about its current status.”

That being said, producer Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky crafts an intriguing first draft.

Halo 4 Weapon tuning

Dudynsky writes that the team has explored “two schools of thought” related to primary weapons, in this case the DMR: “One suggests that we should reduce the power of the DMR, and the other suggests that alternate weapons should be bumped up to balance out the sandbox.”

Presently, 343 is striving for a happy medium, opting to preserve the kill time — the “reliability and consistency” — of the fan-favorite DMR, while delicately tweaking the Battle Rifle, LightRifle and Carbine against it. The Battle Rifle is seeing its kill time reduced from 5 shots to 4, further aligning  it with the DMR as a mid-ranged weapon. The LightRifle is being adjusted to have its reticule turn red at the same range as the DMR. And the Carbine, meanwhile, is receiving an upgrade to its kill time, quickening from 8 shots to 7.

The mid-range muscling, however, threatens to create a dearth of strength in the short-range department. Consequently, 343 is experimenting with damage boosts to the Assault Rifle, Suppressor and Storm Rifle; however, they would coincide with an auto-aim decrease to ensure that as much attention is placed on the cross hairs as it would be on the trigger.

Halo 4 Weapon Balancing Update

Finally, recognizing Halo’s need for vehicle violence, Dudynsky reveals that a damage increase is being worked in to both the Warthog’s and Mantis’ chain gun. He claims that 343 is “actively investigating” even more changes, such as an aim-assist decrease on the Beam Rifle, and invites fans to submit their own ideas and responses in the “Weapons Feedback thread” of the Halo forums.

The update on Halo 4’s tuning initiative comes just weeks after 343 Industries was purportedly considering the use of microtranastions in Halo 4 — possibly for custom cosmetic designs. Weapon balance, as some of the reaction demonstrated, isn’t the only volatile ingredient of a satisfying game experience. Assuming the update is slated for delivery free of charge, though, it’s hard to knock the intention of genuine fan service.

How would you like to see 343 Industries modify the weapons of Halo 4 as the game goes forward?

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  • Rusty Shackleford III

    Thriving player base? You’re joking right? Halo 4 is losing population at an alarming rate. 450K at launch, and I haven’t played in over a month, but I’d estimate the current population is less than 50K. That’s pretty sad. Halo 4’s MP is bad and the population reflects that. This weapon balancing won’t be enough to turn that around. I personally don’t agree with the weapon balancing either, the DMR is OP, so buffing the other guns won’t change the fact that the DMR is still OP and still breaks map control due to it’s excessive range, bullet magnetism and aim assist. Have you played Ragnarok or Exile? Completely dominated by DMR users who camp their bases and kill you from across the map. It’s terrible. And the fact the DMR is still just as deadly at close range as it is long range is so mind boggling you have to wonder if 343i even tested the game before launch like they claim they did. It should also be noted that the DMR’s kill time doesn’t need a nerf, just its aim assist, bullet magnetism and effective range.

  • Michael

    50k players is still plenty of people forking over money to 343i.

  • l2404

    I am a DMR lover so i would be kinda pissed if they lowered its power, maybe the other option would be better. Idk lets see what else they change

  • Batman

    Wait, are they kidding? UPGRADING the mantis?!?!? That is the most powerful machine in the game, have they even play Ragnarok? NOTHING can touch it. Infantry run and hide, while warthogs get blown to pieces by the auto-aim charged up missiles. The scorpion cant aim fast enough to hurt it, and the banshees dont do enough damage. In my opinion, the matis is the only thing needing nerfed other than plasma grenades. The entire game is “shoot someone, get stuck by a plasma, kill the guy, get blown up” Frag and pulse grenades need to be better or plasma grenades nerfed. Thats about it. Everything else has prettymuch equal pros/cons. Sure, the DMR is great, but plenty of other guns are just as useable. Not the machine guns though. Those barely work at all.

  • Connor

    Read the whole thing. Love it! These changes will benefit all parties, those who use precision weapons and those who use automatic. The Assault Rifle and Supressor users will now get a reward when they are accurate.

  • Thomas

    The DMR is a little too good in my opinion. Like it was said before, ragnarok is just said when it comes to people camping with DMRs. I use the Carbine quite a bit, and I think they might as well just boost everything up so everyone can be happy with the weapon they decide to use. Same goes for the warthog, it isn’t strong enough to be truly useful against enemies.

  • bioadam

    “perennially thriving player base” ?!?

    The player base has dropped year-over-year since the release of Halo 3. Hence, the player base is perennially dying, and is currently behind the 2 year old Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.