‘Halo 4’s Spartan Ops Episode 2 Trailer Released

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After what felt like a very long wait, Halo 4 has finally been released and is comfortably in the hands of consumers everywhere. Many have probably already completed the main campaign and have jumped into the multiplayer aspect of 343 Industries‘ title, but there’s still a lot of single-player and co-operative content scheduled to arrive for the game’s Spartan Ops mode. In honor of episode 2’s arrival next week, Microsoft has released a trailer highlighting a portion of what fans can expect from the free episodic content.

The teaser trailer, for anyone who has yet to complete the first five Spartan Ops mission included on the Halo 4 disc, highlights what happens after the UNSC has secured an ancient Forerunner artifact. It appears that the massive UNSC Infinity is experiencing some major technical issues as well, but anyone who’s completed Master Chief’s latest outing already knows what fate awaits the crew on board.

Spartan soldiers in both Crimson and Majestic squads will be tasked with several different objectives, and players will finally learn how the Infinity actually gets back into space after it’s less-than-ideal landing. According to OXM, “the episode sees a mysterious artifact (recovered from Requiem) take control of vital systems on board the UNSC Infinity, forcing the Spartans of Crimson and Majestic back down to the planet to look for a way to free the ship.”

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Episode 2 trailer

A grand total of 50 Spartan Ops missions will be arriving over the course of the next 10 weeks, so this trailer is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what 343 has planned for the mode. It’s a bit of a pain for fans to wait to get their hands on the entirety of the first season of Spartan Ops, but it’s hard to complain since all of the content is completely free.

Halo 4 is now available only on Xbox 360.

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Source: OXM (via VG247)

  • bio

    I am dissapointed with spartan ops. I was convinced it was like a interactive tv show instead its just some random cut scene you watch separately from a random short 2 minute firefight levels that involve pressing three buttons to beat the game.

    • Darth

      You thought Spartan Ops would be an interactive TV show?

      Where did you come up with that idea?

      Spartan OPs is exactly what I thought it would be. A CG episode with 5 playable missions. Just like it was advertised.

  • Poncho

    The campaign was too short. There, I said it. It was good. But way too short.

  • IcemanHill

    is anyone else having trouble with the campaign freezing up? my multiplayer and other games work fine, its just Halo 4 freezing in Chapter 1. (fml).
    I have the original (White) XBOX…I’ve removed everything else off my hard drive and cleared the xbobx cashe. I also tried turning the screen resolution down to 480p…still freezes

    • http://youtube.com/overandoverthetop Michael

      Yes, me too. Except mine freezes randomly on ALL the missions. Sometimes I can complete a mission normally, sometimes it freezes. It’s really aggravating, because I really like getting almost 8,000 experience for each mission. And when it freezes, I don’t get the experience and all that time was wasted. Hopefully someone comes up with some answers or 343 patches it….

  • http://youtube.com/overandoverthetop Michael

    Correction, my game freezes randomly in Spartan ops, not campaign.