New ‘Halo 4′ Screenshots & Details Emerge from Game Informer

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Last Friday it was revealed that Halo 4 was to be featured on the cover of Game Informer, and the magazine would contain fourteen pages of exclusive information and brand new screenshots. A few of the details pertaining to Halo 4 surfaced just last week, while gamers looking for a little visual stimulation were left in the cold. Now the exclusive screenshots from Game Informer have hit the web, and they look pretty good to say the least.

The Halo 4 screenshots and concept art were posted by AGB just this morning, and fans of the franchise desperately in need of an image-based pick-me-up should find more than their fill. A total of eighteen new images, nineteen if you include the actual cover, in total were revealed in May’s issue of Game Informer.

The new screens also confirm a few lingering details. Mainly, that the covenant have once again lined themselves up against the UNSC for an unknown reason. Furthermore, there will be an entirely new enemy to deal with that has yet to be seen. Game Informer also hinted at the possibility of running into the infamous Forerunners from Halo lore that wiped out life 100,000 years ago…

Master Chief will be awakened four years after the events of Halo 3, still on the UNSC ship ‘Forward Unto Dawn’, as the now hostile Covenant begin to violate his personal space by boarding what’s left of the ship. The relationship between Master Chief and the slowly dying Cortana is said to be taking “center stage” in Halo 4 too, so be prepared to delve even deeper into the Chief’s psyche as we learn more about the man behind the helmet.

More changes include multiplayer actually being tied into the actual story of the game. Each multiplayer session is said to take place on-board the UNSC Infinity, a ship that Master Chief will come into contact with several times throughout Halo 4. All of the multiplayer action is reportedly set to occur on the ship’s holodeck for Spartan IV training purposes, which makes the multiplayer mode a little more meaningful than simply unleashing Spartans out into a field to slaughter each other — as was previously assumed to be happening.

Another multiplayer mode known as ‘Spartan Ops’ is a co-op experience that’ll pit you and three of your buddies (or random online acquaintances) against enemy forces in the game. Each week players will be provided with another episode of the mode that’ll feature cutscenes and several missions they’ll be tasked with completing. The additional missions will be episodic in nature, but they’ll all be free for those who purchase the game. Since the mode has been compared to to the likes of the single-player experience, fans with the ability to access the content are in for a treat.

Rounding up the last bit of Halo 4 multiplayer news, a new mode called ‘Regicide’ has been confirmed. In this mode, online opponents will square off against one another, with the leading scorer being given the title of “King.” For every kill that the leader gets, their bounty will go up — making their death worth a pretty penny for those falling behind.

Halo 4 is aiming to be one of the, if not the, best games in the franchise’s history. The story seems to be going much deeper than previous titles, which may or may not be a bad thing depending on who you ask. Regardless, Halo 4 is understandably one of the most anticipated games of 2012, and we can’t wait to hear more about it.

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Halo 4 is scheduled to release at the end of this year, exclusively on Xbox 360.

Source: Game Informer (via AGB & VG247)

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  • techno warrior

    Looks good so far! 343 dont let me down!!

  • Chris

    Those weird armored dudes look mad awesome

  • Chip G

    Cortana, nuff said.

  • unbuildthegame

    Somehow, I am more pumped for this game than I was for Halo 2 and 3. This game should hurry and get here 😀

  • Merciful Rao

    Hmm, well here is my reason for picking up a Microsoft console. Whichever one this launches on anyway.

    • longshotx17

      It is most definitely launching on the 360. Not only was that confirmed, as was the fall 2012 release date, but there is not way that a new Xbox console is being launched this year as is the game.

  • Andrew

    I am excited-ish. I don’t know why the Elites are back with the Covenant since you know that whole “Prophet lied to us and kicked us out for a bunch of gorillas” thing. I also thought we kicked the Covie’s ass. Maybe old Forerunner tech or even some refugees would be enemies but whatever. I’ll buy it.

    • Volc19

      Well, Glasslands introduced a political faction of Elites that didn’t want to be allied with the Covenant. Perhaps at this point there has been a schism. If the Covenant is being resurrected, then at least they aren’t as powerful. Think rebel human factions or the Heretics of old.

      • Volc19

        …didn’t want to be allied with the Humans*


      • Andrew

        Well the Covenant was “bad”. If the Elite in Glasslands didn’t want to ally themselves with the Covenant they wouldn’t be destroying Chief. The Elites in Halo 3 allied themselves with the humans and left to their homeworld after Halo 3 sooooo these Elites are either (a) rebels from the rebels that WANT to join the Covenant or (b) Elites that separated themselve from the Rebels and simply want to kick ass.

  • digimass

    Sounds to me that hints of online pass are going to be in Hal0 4

    • Riley Little

      I plan on buying the game the day it comes out, so an online pass is no problem for me. I’d hope that other gamers planning to borrow, rent, or buy used versions of Halo 4, however, aren’t exposed to that corporate tomfoolery by Microsoft.

    • Volc19

      Historically, It seems like EA is the company that is the most fond of online passes (coughKingdomsOfAmalurWasntEvenAnOnlineTitlecough). Hopefully they’re just being evil and aren’t actually setting a trend.

  • Patrick

    I’m really liking the way Cortana looks. I haven’t liked the way they made her look since Halo 1.
    DMR is back, woot!
    Hopefully they just put all the guns from each game in.

  • longshotx17

    Did anyone else notice the new hexagonal cube thing in the last picture in the bottom left? It looks like it has an energy bar. The new motion sensor is also different. Interesting…

  • Dan-O

    Hey 343, ask Bioware how fans reacted to multiplayer content coupled with the single player campaign…

  • Pinkie Pie

    i hope they dont make this call of duty in space -_- BUT we shall see

    • Patrick

      It would be hard for them to port the game engine cross developers…

  • SK

    wow. I HATED Halo my entire life. Im actually pumped for this game! it doesnt look so goofy and it has that nice feel to it

  • Skyhammer26


    So glad I picked up Glasslands it helps that half way through the book most of the spoilers for this game make a lot more sense I see the “rebel” faction heading to this shield world hoping it will give them the power to wipe away humanity and make themselves powerful again and that elite’s helmet just screamed warrior monk to me.

  • Steve Pendlebury

    These screenshots are incredible. All I ever want out of a Halo game is Master Chief going bananas on Forerunner structures, fighting the Covenant.
    That’s it. It’s that easy.

    Looks like it had to go to 343 to get the formula back to what works.

  • Steven Crowley

    I Think This Game Series Will Be So Good.

  • Steven Crowley

    Well, “Halo” the entire franchise has been SO GOOD.

  • adamc90

    I wasnt really that interested in this game, that is until i read and saw what’s in this article, cortana’s new look is amazing as well as her facial expressions. the graphics look really great too i just hope the game has a good campaign storyline and gameplay while having a good multiplayer, often, games lose their campaign because of their work on multiplayer. anyway I am now very interested in this game

  • TheFadedSparrowHD

    cant Wait To Upload Halo 4 To My Channel And have Some Hardcore Battles

  • TheFadedSparrowHD

    Check out my youtube channel for some variety in gameplay