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Master Chief may be the implicit star of the upcoming Halo 4, but any Halo fan knows that the bulk of development time must be focused on the multiplayer component of the game. With online multiplayer competition only getting bigger since the series first appeared,  it’s the responsibility of 343 Industries to keep things fresh. If the most recent leaked images of Halo 4‘s multiplayer loadouts are any indication, they’re not shying away from the competition.

Plenty of details on the Spartan Ops and UNSC Infinity have been revealed, and are all elements of an expanded online experience. While larger experience systems and game modes are all well and good, it’s been safe to assume that the heart of Halo 4’s multiplayer wouldn’t be straying too far from the established formula. After all, 343 can’t be in a hurry to reinvent the wheel. Continuing the tradition of new abilities and perks instituted with Halo: Reach, a batch of leaked screenshots show a much more nuanced loadout system.

The images may not be the best quality, but they are certainly the real deal. Have a look:

The images, uncovered by CinemaBlend, show a loadout and perk system strongly resembling that of Call of Duty, providing players to craft up to five unique inventory and ability sets. While most of the default weapons listed are familiar to the series, the pistol pictured bears a strong resemblance to the Gauss-equipped pistol Master Chief first used in the Halo 4 announcement trailer. Aside from the appearance of a handful of firearms, official footage of Halo 4 multiplayer will be needed to get a better feel for the new weaponry and locations.

From the loadout screens in particular, a few new details can be confirmed. Players can choose from a primary weapon, secondary weapon, grenade type, armor ability, tactical package and support package. The featured armor abilities sound like faithful adaptations of those introduced in Reach (Regeneration Field, Hologram), but the Autosentry could become a particularly deadly perk. In addition to those abilities expected, the presence of a ‘Promethean Visor’ seems to confirm that crafting completely unique science fiction is harder than it seems.

As for the tactical packages, seeing that the ‘Firepower’ option grants the ability to wield two primary weapons is all we need to hear to think 343 is onto something. With E3 fast approaching, it hopefully won’t be too long before the developers release some official information. Once they’re done laying out the mulitplayer loadouts, maybe they’ll explain those new enemy types, too.

Are these brief details a sign that 343 is cribbing the best parts of the persistent multiplayer experience that CoD helped popularize? Or by ‘updating’ the multiplayer, do the developers run the risk of losing what made Halo unique in the first place? Leave us your own thoughts in the comments.

Halo 4 will be released on the Xbox 360 November 6, 2012.

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Source: HaloUniverse.it (via CinemaBlend)

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  • http://twitter.com/EDZiLLUH @EDZiLLUH

    been playing Halo since the original Xbox & been a fan ever since. Halo Reach wasn’t disappointing only thing i disliked was armor lock lol but besides that if they do adopt the best of the COD features i guess i’d have to wait to actually try it out before i judge. i mean i’m sure you won’t be able to spawn out with a BR & a rocker launcher.

  • Michael

    I noticed the lack of Armor Lock in the armor abilities section. Now we are onto something great. It seems that Armor Lock’s replacement is the Hardlight Shield, which is probably the new version of the Jackal Shield, which is what players have been asking for. Now Spartans can make a PHALANX formation just like the REAL Spartans!

    I also noticed the DMR in the weapons section. I want to know how the BR and DMR are going to fit in the game since they fulfill the same role, only operate differently.

    • dablaster

      the BR is for close-medium range and the DMR is for Medium-long range

  • Moonlight150

    That is one of the things I prefered in CoD over Halo was the custom loadouts. But now that it seems pretty much confirmed, I can now see a lot of CoD haters saying that Halo is walking in CoD’s footsteps and will lose what made it unique. But either way I will be happy, I love both Halo and CoD, and now Halo with a CoD like loadout is making me more excited. I was hoping for no armor abilities, but now I just hope they dont make anything too broken. But knowing the online community, people will find ways to make things stupidly overpowered and cheap lol

  • SCmowns

    Well, I have no problem at all with them using ideas from CoD, such as the loadouts, perks, ect.. However, if they have all the perks similar to CoD and barely any of them originally created, I will be disapointed. It won’t really hurt the experience itself, but it will give a reason to make the people who are saying “You are making Halo too much like CoD aksflkdngsngskldng” have more of a reason to complain. I am very excited for this game, and I bet you it won’t be poorly made. I just hope they use original ideas, even though they are using a little inspiration from CoD, BF3, ect..

  • Ryu Hayabusa

    You can’t pick power weapons to start with. Only normal starting weapons from previous games like BR, AR, DMR, Magnum, Plasma Pistol, etc. Don’t you fellas worry about that. But the Autosentry sounds a bit…out of place. Now, Michael, I think your suggestion for the Hardlight Shield is a good one. Sounds nice, and restricts invulnerability. I think this could be a good halo, but I don’t like the whole CoD-like way things are going. Usually, we would change our armor or crap and enjoy not worrying about a nice Loadout combo. The whole Specialization thing adds some tactical features, but adds what some Halo fans never played CoD because of. 343, please be careful.

  • Asa

    Dude… Halo is going down the drain!!

  • Alex

    This could go either way, love or hate from the community. I personally will have to find a reason to pick up MP again. After Halo 3 things have been changing poorly IMHO, the games failed to appeal as much, although that might be because on regular MP in Reach people always pick the same maps. Armor abilties were actually cool to me, but the weapon bloom was a bit to get used to. What was frustrating was the way some weapons worked in Reach, like the grenade launcher. What a worthless peice of junk! And the sniper was underpowered, it was not right that Heroic Elite shields take 3 rounds to bring down, and then the 4th may only stagger him! And in MP it was just as anemic. DMR was good, if paced, but the clip size was to small. Its like the weapons were optimized for SWAT on Halo 3, but then someone forgot shields. Hopefully H4 will be a return to some of the roots, and 343 if you ever read this KEEP THE SOUND FOR THE SNIPER THAT YOU USED IN ANNIVERSARY! That was SO dang cool, it sounded like my .308, but with a 4 round clip! Badass!

    • Asa

      This man is correct