343 Industries Teases ‘Halo 4′ Map Tentatively Titled ‘Warhouse’

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While fans the world over are chomping at the bit to reconnect with everyone’s favorite Spartan, Master Chief, in Halo 4, there’s a whole other portion of the game that is equally as exciting: the multiplayer. New developer 343 Industries has said that they are trying to do some new and interesting things with the multiplayer — like trying to justify why a red team would be fighting a blue team for example — but with so many areas that can be improved upon it’s hard to know where to start.

To give fans just a little taste of what’s in store for them in Halo 4‘s multiplayer 343 has released some concept art for the tentatively titled map Warhouse. It’s a typical Halo multiplayer offering, symmetrical in nature and perfect for matches of Slayer, but it carries with it a pretty unique design.

On the one side, Warhouse appears to be your standard enclosed multiplayer level, but most of that area is actually exposed to the vastness of space. The concept of an extraterrestrial multiplayer map was explored in Halo: Reach, and Warhouse appears to be an evolution of that concept.

343 Industries‘ main source of inspiration was drawn from man-made surfaces like oil refineries and giant shipyards, and in order to keep some sort of balance they placed in key landmarks to help players keep their bearings. As 343 puts it, if you’re a fan of close quarters maps in Halo then Warhouse is going to be the perfect option for you.

Check out some concept art for the map below:

Obviously there are a few questions of form and function, but from this brief glance the map appears to be fairly unique. There was no doubt that 343 would be able to craft some pretty inventive new maps for the game’s multiplayer, and a wide variety of them at that, but it’s the entire package that will determine how many hours fans are willing to sink into the experience. Hopefully 343 can give fans a bit more information on that in the coming months.

What do you think of the concept art for Warhouse? Do you prefer larger maps for Big Team Battle or close quarters maps like Warhouse?

Halo 4 is targeting a Holiday 2012 release on the Xbox 360.

Source: Halo Waypoint


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  • Matt

    I’ve barely played Halo, but this map looks like every other Halo map, except for the fact that it’s in space. But that’s all it is, a fact. That fact won’t change anything in the map, especially not the gameplay.

    • Poncho

      You’ve barely played Halo, yet you know what every single map looks like. Okay

      • Matt

        I’ve seen screenshots and gameplay videos and trailers. Also, I have played it a little. The similarities between the maps are neck high.

        • AO1JMM

          Every multiplayer map in certain franchises all look similiar. That doesnt take away from the fun aspect of it all.

    • Alex

      Wow, no way anyone could top the rediculousness of that post. Sidewinder, Blood Gultch, Boardwalk, Infection. Try and find a similarity, OTHER than the fact that they are Bungie developed. Good Luck.

      must be a COD appologist…..

    • unbuildthegame

      What about the maps in Halo are similar, aside from art design? Blood Gulch, Hang em High, Ivory Tower, Turf, and Backwash are all my favorite maps, and none of them have anything in common. Gameplay footage and screenshots can’t tell you enough about the map. It takes playing them to actually find out what the map is like.

      • Matt

        Alex, I am from from a COD apologist. I think COD is bad for gaming.

        unbuildthegame, the art design is everything in a map you retard! The design is exactly what distinguishes one map from another. Without design every map would be a flat surface.

        • Matt

          And whoop-de-doo, you guys named 8 maps that are different. What about all the other maps?

          • Discipleinblack

            Dude…are you aware of what you just said?
            That was beyond ignorant. First off, 8 is a pretty solid number by itself.
            Secondly, they were just naming the maps most people remembered. If you really expect them to give you a detailed paragraph about why EACH and every map is different, do yourself a favor and go play Black Ops. TONS of diversity in there. 😉
            Lastly, what you don’t seem to really comprehend, albeit you don’t play the games, is that Halo’s gameplay maps are always like NO other. The Forge function allows players to EXTENSIVELY create their own maps, however they want to. Yes maps may have vague similarities, but that’s part of the majesty and mystery of any series.
            In conclusion: you make no sense.

          • Matt

            It won’t let me reply to your post, Discipleinblack.

            No, 8 is less than half the maps in one Halo game, yes? I don’t expect a detailed paragraph, just a solid estimate. 😉 I have played Black Ops, and yes, the maps are diverse.

            In conclusion: I hereby withdraw from this debate. You alone, Discipleinblack, have won. I applaud you. You just won an argument on the internet, how do you feel?

          • Alex

            Well, not being able to list them all let me just think a bit harder here. Sandbox (a three level canvass) Sandtrap (which is in to way even vaguely related) Valhalla, Narrows, Snowbound, and Heritic are all within the Halo 3 game, and they don’t share any similarities (except the Halo gamebase) and as Disciple did fairly point out the FOrge function is pretty unbeatable. Sandbox and Foundry were the best cases of player ingenuity, you have to see some of the levels that were built to believe it. I built some myself, and the sheer fun of making a level with all the bits and peices that you wish you ran across in a game is just addicitive! And then once you throw in Halo Reach…wow, the Forge World. If you have never seen it you won’t understand, but the FW is possibly the biggest place you can make your personal playground in gaming that I can remember. And its beautiful as well. Like UT 2000 except that the designers had the tools to let the player make their own maps. You just have to see to believe. Borrow a copy, throw it in and forget the MP, just Forge and check it out. Only get into the MP maps once you have a feel for the layout (weapon placement, grenades, cool gadgets, that kind of thing). Its Halo specific. And trust me, there is such a thing.

  • Tyler T

    I love how I originally correct the authors spelling from warehouse to the correct warhouse and they take down my comment. Lol what a shit site

    • bean

      haha wow really.. its not even something to be ashamed of is it? because its not uncommon for them to make mistakes

      • Tyler T

        My point is it shows they were ashamed and took it down…i found it hilarious

    • unbuildthegame

      I agree, this site is kinda sh*tty. if you notice, in every article, most of the information is just referencing back to previous articles for the sake of “getting more traffic and views on past articles.” I can’t count how many times I have had to dig through an article just to find out what information the title of the article promised. But, if I go to G4TV or Kotaku, their articles are short, sweet, and to the point. If it says “Xbox 720 rumors tell new whatever,” I don’t have to skip half the article to find what they’re talking about, unlike this website.

  • Quist11

    maybe in halo 4 the forerunners are still alive and take species and force them to fight each other? like gladiator style? that would explain why some covenat would be around and why a “red team would fight a blue team”

    • Discipleinblack

      That is actually a very interesting theory..
      Potential “Red vs. Blue” video game?
      No, it’s too much to dream.. :’|

  • tod nice bod

    i hope we get a wide variety of maps lots and lots of maps. we need more mapsssssss!!!

  • justin93workman

    All I’m gonna say is 343 has been working alot on this game. The campaign is already finished. The mulitiplayer looks amazing! And there’s even going to beta. And for everyone whose dying to know when the game is released. Well here’s the date: 9-15-12

    • Shalkowski

      There is not going to be a beta.