‘Halo 4: Game of The Year Edition’ Includes ‘Halo 5′ Costume

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Patience is a virtue in the virtual world of video gaming. Buy in early and you might find yourself at the epicenter of an exciting title, but buy in late and you could just save yourself a whole heap of cash. True, your buddies may have grown tired of a title by then, emigrating away just as its online ranks thin to a thimbleful of their former size – but for the frugally minded gamer, nothing beats a Game of the Year Edition. The latest title to take up the celebrated GotY moniker is none other than award-winning 2012 space shooter Halo 4.

Touching down on October 8th 2013, the Halo 4: Game of the Year Edition includes a wealth of pre and post-release date incentives, from DLC map packs to downloadable skins. The complete compilation features:

  • The War Games Map Pass (includes ‘Majestic,’ ‘Castle’ and ‘Crimson’ triple map packs)
  • The Halo 4 Champions Bundle (includes Bullseye double map pack, and Steel Skin + Infinity Armor aesthetic armor packs)
  • Armor and Helmet Designs (includes ‘Recruit PRME,’ ‘Venator RPTR,’ ‘Gungnir PULS,’ ‘Oceanic CRCT,’ ‘Hazop FRST,’ ‘CIO WEB,’ ‘Strider,’ ‘Scanner,’ ‘Locus,’ and ‘Deadeye’ skins)
  • In-game Emblems (includes ‘Spartan,’ ‘Prime,’ ‘Mjolnir,’ ‘Falcon. Row 2: Assassin,’ ‘Bonebreaker,’ ‘Bulletproof,’ and ‘Corbulo’ crests)
  • Weapon Skins (includes Battle Rifle ‘ACT,’ Assault Rifle ‘PRM,’ and LightRifle ‘IMP’ finishes)
  • XBL Themes (includes Haven and Longbow environments)
  • XBL Avatar items (includes the Ghost vehicle prop, UNSC shirt, and all-new cloaked Master Chief avatar inspired by the E3 2013 Halo trailer)

Interestingly, the game’s case (pictured above) refers to the new poncho-wearing Chief as having been “inspired by Halo for Xbox One,” lending some additional credence to the idea that Microsoft intends to drop the “5” in upcoming sequel project Halo 5Despite the inclusion of a “get out clause,” of sorts, by way of an unexplained asterisk sitting next to the text, it seems somewhat odd that Microsoft would go to the lengths of printing out the advertisement (for an admittedly minor incentive) alongside such a placeholder name.

Microsoft refuted, but didn’t wholly rule out the use of the Halo for Xbox One title, back in August of this year, when a Microsoft spokesperson told Forbes:

“Halo Xbox One likely isn’t the final name for the game at all. The final naming convention of the next chapter of the Halo franchise that we revealed at E3 is still being considered. There’s no great mystery, it’s simply something still under discussion as we look towards the new generation of Xbox One, its overall branding, and its audience.”

As the Halo trilogies expand into a full-blown saga, the use of Halo for Xbox One (as a marketing moniker similar to Nintendo’s old “game name 64″ gimmick), or simply Halo (the original Halo title was named Halo: Combat Evolved, after all) doesn’t seem quite so unlikely. Having expended considerable effort in chasing up Halo.com web addresses as of late — Microsoft doesn’t own the rights to Halo6.com, Halo7.com or Halo8.com — the company may well be seeking an out that not only reinforces the exclusivity of its Xbox brand, but also avoids the use of unfashionably high sequel numbers.

Did last month’s Halo 5” trailer leak — and quick removal, accidentally let the cat out of the bag, or reveal yet another placeholder title? Do you have your sights set on this GotY compilation? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out all of the latest Halo news, right here on Game Rant.


Halo 4: Game of the Year Edition will arrive on October 8th 2013, for the Xbox 360 system, priced at $39.99

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Source: Forbes

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  1. So for pre-ordering the game, buying the map pass, buying the champions bundle and also buying the Limited Edition console I end up with LESS content than someone who buys the game a year later for $60? What’s the point of having exclusive content for pre-orders and limited editions if people can just pay for it later? Makes all the content worthless. I certainly won’t be buying any limited editions or special content for Halo 5 because I know I can wait a year and just buy it…

    • No, you got less content them someone paying $40.

    • onless you have thehalo 4 xbox then you have fotus armor

  2. Costume skins? Oh boy, how awesome! Oh, wait, its a first person shooter…so why should I give one ****?

    • Oh, for avatars? Oh, well then. Still, not interested.

  3. Was this really anyone’s game of the year?

  4. I liked bungie much better. Exclusive conetent truely was exclusive and halo fealt much more fun back when they were in control. Still am puzzled how halo 4 was game of the year. This has to be a mistake or Microsoft is buying votes because halo 4 was not good at all except for the graphics.

  5. At least those who buy this don’t get the Fotus Armor, then I would have felt seriously robbed for getting that when the 1st one was released.

  6. I agree, the only good thing about Halo 4 was the graphics and the human interest story between the Master Chief and Cortana. Game of the year! Why?

  7. I paid $100 for the limited edition and an extra $10 for champions bundle when all I could have done was buy the game of the year edition? b*******. Microsoft is squeezing every penny out of it’s consumers.
    I wonder if anyone else remembers when 343 messed up the Crimson DLC and made it free for a couple weeks. I still technically paid for it with my limited edition. Looks like PS4 is my next console. So long Microsoft.

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