‘Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn’ Part 3 Brings The Covenant

Oct 19, 2012 by  

We’ve been waiting for it ever since Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn was announced, and it’s finally here. Academic training for the future officers and elite soldiers of the United Nations Space Command is all well and good, but nothing compares to a live-action Spartan soldier.

If you’ve yet to watch Part 1 or Part 2, we’d recommend doing so now. A majority of Thomas Lasky’s character has been established outside the clear enemies and instinctual thinking that the battlefield brings – the values that will prepare him for his task in Halo 4 just as much as fighting alongside the Master Chief. Well, almost as much.

The third entry in the web series once again opens with a troubling sign of Cortana’s programming being corrupted – the first symptoms of rampancy. The concept of her ‘thinking herself to death’ will be playing a central role to the events of Halo 4, and challenging the Chief in ways he may not be used to. We may not know exactly how that will manifest in terms of gameplay, but this episode’s opening may be a chilling sign of what’s to come. And further proof that the horrors suffered by John-117 won’t all come at the hands of the enemy.

Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn Fred 104

Fans will appreciate the reaction of Lasky and his entire squad to the first image of a Spartan-II in full Mjolnir armor – a giant ‘thing’ encased in a green suit and helmet. It’s worth noting the Spartan seen in the ‘Classified’ ONI footage is Frederic-104, the go-to team leader next to the Chief. It’s a small easter egg, but is worthy of some nerd applause (ourselves included).

Experienced Halo players may have had years to grow accustomed to the size and appearance of the Chief, but in the game’s fiction, the Spartans are often viewed by ODSTs and ground troops every bit as alien as the Covenant themselves. And as looming as the Energy-Sword-wielding Elite seen in this episode is, eyewitnesses don’t look to be any less dumbfounded come the Chief’s inevitable arrival.

Now that the Covenant have revealed themselves and engaged in an all-out assault, fans will, once again, be left impatiently waiting for Part 4. The Chief arriving on scene, more exchanges of gunfire between Covenant and ODSTs, and the recruits of Hastati Squad suiting up and entering the fray. If Forward Unto Dawn had simply started with action and been nothing but (as some will say they’d prefer) then Lasky’s survival, Dimah’s betrayal, and the ever-increasing possibility of seeing Sully wind up in the Office of Naval Intelligence wouldn’t carry anywhere near as much weight.

Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn Covenant Elite

In our interview with the series’ Executive Producers Josh Feldman and Lydia Antonini, the commitment exhibited by 343 Industries and Microsoft promises big things for the future. We’re already thinking ahead to how Forward Unto Dawn might usher in a full-blown movie, and if the shots of ODSTs dropping from orbit or Covenant Cruisers materializing out of the night sky don’t convince the powers that be, nothing will.

Part 3 offers just the first taste of the special effects that director Stewart Hendler has promised would please fans, but next Friday’s episode looks to be the fight that fans have been dying for. This is going to be a long week.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn will be released via Halo Waypoint and Machinima every Friday, leading up to the launch of Halo 4 on November 6, 2012.


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  1. That was epic! Love how they showed Frederic – 104 when the squad was watching the classified vidoc.

    • I sincerely hope that Fred gets an important role in whatever 343 or Microsoft does next. He was always my favourite (sacrilege!), please tell me I’m not alone on that! Kurt would also be a tie.

      In hindsight, John actually seems like one of the least developed Spartans (for good reason, I suppose) so the story coming with ‘Halo 4′ is well overdue.

      • Your not alone! Fred is my favourite, only spartan i can personally connect to.

  2. I’m pretty sure we didn’t see chief. Not until the end of the show in the preview for next week at least. That was Spartan 104 in the video. So technically he never made an appearance during this show.

    • well there is the possibility that the head cam being seen is chief although i think it is unlikely.

  3. Show just keeps on getting better and continues to exceed my expectations.

  4. I never thought they’d get the essence of Halo so right. I was getting chills during this episode. Those covenant ships coming out of the skyline like that? Epic. Seeing the ODST’s and the innies working together when Covenant started attacking them? That was awesome. Disregard all issues among each other to fight a unknown alien force? When I put it that way it sounds cliched, but it didn’t feel at all that way when it was displayed in the classified footage like that.

    From a more film-oriented aspect, they’ve sufficiently made me care about these characters in the first two episodes. Now we get to see them thrown into the thick of it.

    If this series doesn’t get Halo a movie deal, I don’t know what will. I’m incredibly confident this is the push Microsoft wants and needs to get creative control over a feature adaptation of the franchise and get production off the ground.

    • a movie deal… this is really only worth a tv movie. it isnt exciting at all.

      • This “slow” start to the series is for character development. You need to actually care about these cadets before s*** starts hitting the fan. Yeah, this doesn’t have the scale of an actual movie, I agree. It’s simply that the set pieces and the dynamics of show shows great promise for an actual feature length movie. I can’t wait to see how they handle John 117′s characterization in the show. If they can show him in the proper light, then they have every bit of chance to show Halo on the big screen. Like I said above, the special effects are amazing for something they aren’t directly making money off of. It’s basically just one big promotional tool for the new game while acting as a starting point to convince producers and studios that Microsoft will create something great with creative control, something the studios didn’t want to give them.

        We’ll see what happens, but I am growing more and more hopeful every week with the way this show is turning out. Kudos to Microsoft.

        • 3 episodes for character development… and i still dont care about them. the only interesting thing in the series was the guy on the computer. thats all. 3 episodes and still no master chief. there is only 2 episodes left. there wont be a movie based off this. maybe on sy fi, thats it.

          • Well I’m sorry that you can’t seem to care for a few characters. This isn’t supposed to be a template for a Halo movie. An actual Halo movie would be much more epic and action packed than this. This is simply to flesh out a character in the future game and show the capabilities of what they can do with special effects and set pieces. This is to show a glimpse of what the world of Halo would be in a movie, but obviously a feature length movie would be based solely on Master Chief, but would definitely humanize him and probably show us more of who Master Chief really is.

  5. im finding this more and more disappointing. the first episode was good but there are just some things that bother me. The fact that the guy always calls that lady sir. The trainees dont know what the hell is going on or what the enemies are… really? and thats its so slow. last two minutes of the episode was all that was worth it. Still no master chief… what the hell is the point?

    • Umm Women officers are also reffered to as sir, they are their superiors.

      • ma’am sounds a lot better.

        • i guess you never EVER heard proper military lingo

          • yes.. and it is.

          • @ Corey: Yeah, “sir” is a proper address. I also don’t really get your issue with the trainees not knowing what the Covenant are. They’re students. Not highest-level-clearance intelligence officers.

          • Real world stuff but anyway… we know the enemy in the war that is happening now. how is that any different? how would you feel if we didnt know what was going on? or who the enemy was?

            its just a stupid side of the series. dont really understand why they dont know about a war and its enemies that is meant to be going for years.

          • …because this is just as the war is starting. Not long after the Covenant first showed up announced and turned our isolated planets into ash. The Spartans seen in the helmet videos were some of the first soldiers to ever see them in combat.

            Population is spread out across dozens of planets, and the military and government kept the initial arrival quiet because they were completely outmatched.

            In short, there hasn’t been enough time to even understand what the Covenant are, let alone tell a bunch of kids who don’t need to know.

    • Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know that your Halo movie is better. Can I please get a copy?

      Stop being spoiled and be happy that you are even getting to see one. How can you not see the amount of creativity that is in this? Sure its slow at times but thats how movies are and it builds up the suspense.

      • @COREY_1993 btw



    • Dude chill. Its just a message board.
      Secondly, this takes place before pretty much anyone but the real higher ups knew anything about the covenant.

    • No people are correcting your erroneous assumptions, and now your throwing a tantrum.

      This is the begining of the Human/Covenant conflict. Why would first year cadets know anything about the Covenant? Why would they know anything about Spartan II’s? They’re students.

      Ten years into the war there will be people that don’t know about the Spartans. It’s that highly classified. One year into the conflict there are entire colonies that don’t know about the Covenant. Again, classified.

      So maybe next time you decide to take a s*** on something you do alittle more research.

      Because you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • lawl. serious internet rage. as for the slow parts, me being a huge halo fan, of the books and games, the slow parts are so awesome to watch because its almost exactly the universe I imagine in my head. All the cool computers they use, the school teaching they receive… i have a nergasm every time i watch the new one.

  7. This episode was FANTASTIC…the weird part about it was that even though there was two episodes devoted to get the audience to like and side with the cadets…I still found myself siding with the covenant…I think that’s probably because I’ve known them for a lot longer…The covenant just seem way more familiar…AND AWESOME!!! BLOW SOME PEOPLE UP YOU ALIEN BASTARDS MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

    P.S. I also can’t wait for a Mr. John 117 to come in and kick major alien ass

  8. I loved the ending when the s*** started to hit the fan. Definitely gave the halo universe a much needed dark twist. I hope one day there is a halo game that puts you in the feet of a normal soldier so people can see how dark the halo universe actually is. Also the feeling of helplessness that was displayed in the books so well.

    • ODST dude

  9. Ah, next Friday can’t get here soon enough. And I like how ODST’s training program is being used to provide the human aspect of the conflict. It almost makes me want to pick ODST back up again, despite its shortcomings. I’m curious on what spinoff games might occur as a result of this series as well.

  10. Dude, were those the bodies of the people in the elevator hitting the roof at the very end there?!

    • Yup. Loved that touch. Such a small detail, but man does that set a tone. Ugh.

  11. WOW! im not even a gamer and i found this show to be amazing! I wish they made full episodes!!!!!!! cant wait for the next one!!!

  12. I kind of would like Halo to be a show than a movie. Mostly because shows can continue and leave you on the edge of the seat the whole time. And it wouldn’t take 2 years for another movie to come out and movies after that.

    • The show is amazing

  13. how much longer have i got to wait till the next episode this great but they need to be longer

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