Is Halo 4 in Development?

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Halo 4

Just when we got used to the thought that Halo: Reach was the last of the Halo franchise, at least for a little while, murmurs of a new Halo in development surface.

Discovered on the LinkedIn profile of Paul Ehreth, designer for Microsoft’s 343 Industries, is a list of his past and current projects. His most recent project, which is dated as July 2010 – present,  lists that he’s “designing  new levels and missions for the next Halo project.”

You have to assume that can only mean Halo 4, considering Halo: Reach is beyond the level and mission design stages and is due out in a couple of months – most likely not needing designers to come on board in July.

Additionally, Microsoft has been advertising their search for help on their site since the beginning of the month:

“343 Industries, Microsoft’s internal Halo studio, is looking for an experienced Missions Designer who can design and build missions for our next big project.”

This ad also solidifies that 343 Industries is the new developer behind the successful franchise, replacing  Bungie who announced their independence from Microsoft,  owners of the rights to the IP.

Bungie’s community boss revealed that their last go with the Halo universe is ultimately Halo: Reach, but they did think about developing Halo 4 for their last hoorah:

“Even before the idea of a game based around Reach came about, a lot of other concepts were explored, up to and including a proper ‘Halo 4,’ where Master Chief was going to wake up from cryo-sleep and we were going to tell that story.”

With  a replacement developer already hitting the ground running,  it looks like Microsoft is avoiding any lulls with the continuity of the IP. Although Bungie would have been the best candidate to continue the epic story of Master Chief, it will be interesting to see how another developer will do at the helm.

This also gives a chance for Bungie to use their talent to generate other IP’s – we are anticipating the reveal of what their deal with Activision will bring.

What are your expectations for Halo 4? How do you feel about the story continuing without Bungie?

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  • Phillipe Bosher

    Halo Wars 2? A BOY CAN DREAM.

    • Jon Lavallee

      That is a good call, the next big Halo game doesn’t have to be the continuation of the original story.

      • Brendan

        It should be, in the spirit of the last sentence in Halo 3.

  • KanTstandYa

    i used to love halo but i just cant enjoy it as much as call of duty these days. I think they need to revamp it and make just like cod but with all the neat halo stuff.

  • jwalka

    dont really care. i’m not even going to bother with reach, just gonna cruise through SP and get those achievements and let my bro have fun with the MP BS.

    after standing back and viewing the games that are going to come out this yr (mainly shooters) i’m not impressed. they all seem generic, and just different versions of one another. the only game 2 games i’m really looking forward to now are deus ex and rage… and i’m still sceptical with rage :(

  • Reeve

    Man, that really sucks. They’re gonna take Bungie’s awesome game and twist it into something we don’t recognize. Son of a *****.

    I am completely loyal to Bungie. I’m glad they’re moving on from Halo, because I know their games before Halo were just as awesome, and I assume their games afterward will be just as good. It’s not the Halo name that turned into a world-conquerer; it was Bungie. Halo Wars sucked because it wasn’t made by Bungie. Now Halo’s gonna suck. I hate Microsoft.


      That’s your opinion only. In my opinion Halo Wars was still awesome. You just hate it ’cause it’s an RTS.

  • Bankruptcy

    Halo 4 is already in full development at Bungie. Source not able to give them all the details of the game is said at this stage, but he can not confirm for sure that Halo 4 is the official project being developed.


    I can’t wait for the this Halo game! Halo Wars was still awesome even though Bungie didn’t make it. This is either a sequel or prequel I hope this is Halo 4, as I wan’t to see what happened to the Chief!

  • 117

    i think its awesome!!! i mean i loved what Bungie did with Halo!
    but it was their choice to leave!
    i can only hope Microsoft studio can keep up with Bungie’s work
    i was so sad to think Reach was the last Halo!

    but Halo 4 would be a dream!!! i will buy it no matter what!!

  • Joeyyyy

    I miss Halo 2 and Halo 3. The games are just classiic. I can’t stand all the new load outs to reach…such as armor lock. WTF? You stick a kid and he turns his armor on and it bounces off. Its just not what the pros and have the country feel in love with when they played Halo 2 and 3. Screw the dmr too everyone needs and loves the BR!!!

    • dandan

      Reach for the least gave us a nice hands on visual of what the story was like before 117. On top of that it gave R&D another chance to incorporate a good amount of weapons from the original design and make them real on top of other concepts they might have had but didn’t make it into the original.

      I remember watching that video of the Halo 1 Beta. There were a lot of weapons that sadly didn’t make it ranging from a variety of problems and deadline crap no one wants to talk about.

      Armorlock was created as a countermeasure to stickies. I remember playing Shadow Warrior and finding the stickies unique from that game. But the issue was that if you stuck yourself, you’re f’ed. So Bungie really did figure it out to fix that issue.

      I doubt Halo 4 will be all from MC’s vantage point. I think they are going to merge in concepts from other games and bring them in as do tech companies do when it comes to design.

  • Joeyyyy

    Halo 4 definately needs to be just an add on to halo 3’s classic style everyone loves

  • Peter

    “Halo 4 definately needs to be just an add on to halo 2′s classic style everyone loves”


  • dandan

    Halo 4 should hand us all the weapons from all the games into one mega game, on top of introducing us to some new ones in the process.

    I’d like to see both the DMR, and BR in the game as well as other stuff that were supposed to be in the games previously but never made it in due to tight deadlines.

    For the most I’d like the story vantages switching from Halo 2 and ODST to make a comeback. I liked that the most tied in with some of the concepts from Reach that worked and made it past that timeline.

    Hell, why don’t they also make Halo 1.5 and give us a hands on for that story of How Chief and the UNSC survivors made their way back to Earth. ODST was Halo 2.5, so why not?


    Halo 4 will probally have cheif and cortana on reach at least that’s what bungie would have wanted here’s the proof:
    1. Halo 3s ending showed cheif and cortana floating to a planet. That planet must be reach
    2. At the end of reach when it shows noble 6’s helmet all old u can see a halfship crashed there to the right (TRUE!) it is the exact same ship as the one from halo 3

  • Brendan

    Oh god, not 343 again, Halo Wars was fun, but I’m worried about 343 making an Halo FPS, why would Bungie be so insane, to hand over their most successful franchise.

    • Jake

      Thefonk21, that wud he cool but actually wha happend was,
      When reach was took over master chief was the only one that survived so that is why he was fighting alone as the only Spartan in halo 1,2,3 ( I’m guessing u already know this though). And actually u mite be rite cuz noble six’s helmet is shown after reach falls so it might be six’s helmet all the way after when master chief is actually in that ship. I really hope ur rite cuz then that wud be sick, and also its like there is like another race or sumthing.

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