‘Halo 4′ Box Art Revealed

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Halo 4 Box Art Revealed

A few years off may have caused some gaming fans to forget the man, the myth, the legend, who made the Xbox what it is today. With the box artwork for Halo 4 released by Microsoft, it’s apparent that the Master Chief is back, and more than ready to fight for his life once again.

With Chief’s last appearance in Halo 3, most of the extended fiction and Forerunner mythology has begun to stray from John-117, but 343 Industries is looking to change all that. John will undoubtedly be the star of Halo 4 in terms of character development and gameplay, and the cover for the game makes that clear from the get-go.

It seems that Microsoft has sent out small segments of the rumored cover via email, with the component parts combined into one on the NeoGAF forums. The image depicts the Chief on that strange Forerunner shield world that will drive the events of the game, with what looks to be the remains of the ‘Forward Unto Dawn’ – the destroyed ship carrying the Spartan and AI Cortana in the closing moments of Halo 3.

That’s where the facts end, since the cover of a Halo game doesn’t have to explain what the game will explore. At the end of the day, it just has to let Master Chief shine. Have a look:

Halo 4 Cover Art

The timing for this apparent release couldn’t be better, coming in the wake of some new character details. The gamin community isn’t always against change of any form, but after details arrived on the new Cortana and armor designs and two brand new alien enemy types, some fans may have worried that the soul of the series could be in danger. It would be an exaggeration to say that this one image could belay those fears, but seeing the Chief as we all remember him goes a long way.

Obviously the final product will decide whether or not Halo 4 will be the best in the series, or a first step in a new direction. Either one could be good news, since the game isn’t just another sequel, but the launch of a brand new trilogy framing John-117 as ‘The Reclaimer.’ It’s still hard to tell exactly what that will mean, but this new image of the franchise’s hero once again proves that there’s no better candidate.

What do you think of this cover artwork? Does it fall too close to previous box art, or is a sense of familiarity something that the developers are likely aiming for? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Halo 4 releases exclusively for the Xbox 360 on November 6, 2012.


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Source: NeoGAF (via Kotaku)


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  1. BEAUTIFULL, halo is the only xbox exclusive i want on the ps3, i love the series (the main games 1,2 and 3) you never know, xbox got the metal gear solid games.

    • never gonna happen dude.

      • i know, i can still hope though. didnt pc get halo.

        • That’s because the main operating systems used on PC’s, Windows, is a Microsoft created software so it would make sense for the PC to get Halo as Microsoft has a part in Halo’s creation.

        • only halo 1 and 2

  2. Nice cover, not a huge Halo fan but that is nice. Will probably play at my brother in laws.

    • alls it need is a metal case like the special edition of halo 2 and that would make the it perfect. but either way it would look great i knew that halo woo=uld pull out for me i thought they were going to stop making halo and i would be stuck with gears of war thank you 343 for taking over and i love halo.

    • just shut up in your face pc fangay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I hate pc games exept for age of empire its a classic strategy game but you wouldnt know about it because your to overwhelmed with all that d*** in your mouth that you cant even think straight + your probably a modern warfare fan and i could beat you any day at that also if you dont like the game why are you posting comments think befor all you haters start saying s*** because you wouldnt want us to talk about your game and yes this is a long message but i dont care fu i can make it as long as i want

  3. The collector editions for this will be legendary.

    • …I see what you did there O.o

  4. Compared to reach this is definetly epic box art

  5. Very much looking forward to this.

    • im very much looking forward to your ass in my mouth. ya son of a bitchhhhhhhhh. suck a hairy fart oot a gingy.

  6. playstation far better because it has all the best games like ratchet and clank and gears of war. halo is a pc only game that needs to die there milking the franchise. give me uncharted and god of war anyday. and i own all consoles so im not a fanboy.

    - donald cartwright 1 pc fangays 0

    • im the same, halo or should i say galo is perhaps the most overdone game in existance anyone who likes it sucks huge donkey butt.

      by the way i own a pc too and i agree.

    • Um Gears of War is Xbox, and Halo is not PC exclusive. GOW 1 was for PC and Xbox, and Halo 1 and 2 were on PC, all Halos were on Xbox. Why do I get the feeling most of the people on this post are 9 years old?

  7. oh and did i mention i own a pc too so i know what im talking about.


  9. xbox has no good exclusives, i mean come on, gears of war?, halo, and wtf is the dashboard about, clunky as hell and full of non-working apps like youtube and msn news.

    • ityrants is right i mean what next a cup holder for all the fatty xbox players .and galo players

      • Im pretty sure this is the same guy with three differnt Names. fricking loser.

  10. For all the haters. The game will sell plenty of copies. So your opinions don’t really matter.

  11. so are you saying sales equal quality? im pretty sure sales dont mean s**t when talking about quality.

  12. everybody goes one blah blah blah about how xbox is garbage well then riddle me this everybody i know that has a playstation wants an xbox why because it has better EXCLUSIVES all u nuts have is grand turismo and killzone and lets get real those are crap

  13. beautiful… welcome back chief.

  14. That picture made me even more excited for this game, holy crap

  15. it seems like most of you people dont even know what your talking about when it comes to pc and console games. and for the people who call it “galo” why dont you play the game yourself instead of making fun of it. idiots

    • yes and im not 9 im 13 so i dont know much about halo exept i do know my fair share and heck y do people make fun of little kids when we will be the one who eventually control the gameing world we are your next generation of kids so if you think a nne ear old doesnt know much about gaming then teach the them because if we dont get into gaming then who will make games not you beacause you would be to old we would just need your wizdom

  16. I havnt had much time to say this but i cant wait till this game comes out the pics make me wnt to steal a copybut im not like that so i can wait till november i think thats when it comes out right or october thers to many games coming out this fall gosh i cant keep track

  17. cool

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