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It’s an exciting time for gamers and Halo fans especially. Not only has an enormous pile of high profile, high quality games released over the last few weeks, but it has done so right before we enter the holidays where we all hope to find the time to play that which we love. Included among this year’s releases is of course, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, a game that re-offers the experience of the original Halo and celebrates the 10 years of glory the franchise has endured since that time, with re-mastered graphics and brand new features.

To celebrate that anniversary, the return of the original Halo and a future full of potential for the series, beginning with Halo 4 next year, we wanted to share a little something to get you thinking about the holidays: a contest for an amazing book titled Halo: The Art of Building Worlds.

The Art of Building Worlds is an official Halo art book that features over 400 images from the series including sketches, commentary and concept art. It’s a must-have for any lover of the Halo franchise as a look back at what the franchise has offered over the decade and Game Rant is giving you a chance to win one right here. But first, some details on what Halo: The Art of Building Worlds is all about.

Halo: Art of Building Worlds Cover

Halo: Art of Building Worlds Contest

The Prize: Halo – The Art of Building Worlds

The award-winning Halo series of video games is 10 years old. Having sold more than 40 million copies worldwide, millions of fans have spent billions of hours with the Master Chief and Noble Six, defeating the Covenant and saving the Universe. Now, for the first time in a single art book, Halo: The Art of Building Worlds brings together a lavish and spectacular collection of groundbreaking art from the entire range of Halo games. This is the ultimate gallery of the Halo universe, with over 400 images including sketches, commentary, and concept art from all stages of development, including characters, weapons, and sweeping landscapes as envisioned by more than thirty of the amazing artists behind the first ten years of Halo including Isaac Hannaford, Shi Kai Wang, Frank Capezzuto and Jaime Jones.

From the earliest concepts for Pillar of Autumn and The Maw to the streets of New Mombasa, from the Master Chief to Noble Six, here you’ll find unparalleled access to the artistic innovation of the Halo archive charting the glorious decade that gave us HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED, HALO 2, HALO 3, HALO WARS, HALO 3: ODST, Halo Legends and HALO: REACH.

Opening with a review of how it all began – the Forerunners, their weapons and their worlds, the Ark, the ringworlds, and “The Silent Cartographer,” We Are Their Instruments delves into the design of the covenant forces – in turn, the elites, jackals, skirmishers, brutes, grunts and hunters take centre stage. Truth and Reconciliation and High Charity form the centrepieces for an overview of Covenant technology, with details on the designs for the corvettes and Scarabs, the Covenant ground fleet–and the fall of Reach–plus dropships, Phantoms, Spirits, Banshees and many more. Then it’s time to face The Flood. Discover the artists who brought the horror of The Flood to life, who detailed the pureforms, the attacks, the spread of infection and the awesome ultimate parasite, the Gravemind.

Halo Art of building Worlds contents

Welcome to the Corps introduces the heroes of Halo and collects the artists’ thoughts behind the designs of the UNSC troops, Cortana and Dr Halsey, Jacob and Miranda Keyes, and Lord Hood. UNSC weaponry, designs and details for the marines, Spartans and ODST, plus Warthog & Scorpion concepts, and a look at UNSC air power culminates in stunning Pillar of Autumn pieces. Of course, he gets his own chapter. The Master Chief. The artists who created this seminal hero reveal the secrets of the Master Chiefs’ development through a stunning array of artworks, early concept sketches and death-defying action shots.

Concluding with the visualisations of the Halo homeworlds, Halo: The Great Journey: The Art of Building Worlds reveals the designs behind Reach, Harvest, Arcadia and Earth, with features on Crow’s Nest, Tsavo Highway, the artefact, New Alexandria and New Mombasa, plus Reach wildlife and interiors, and the detailing and designing of worlds under alien attack.

Contest Details: How to Win!

Just last week, new details emerged from 343 Industries about their first take on the Halo franchise and what new features and changes Halo 4 will see, to differentiate itself from previous games in the series. Master Chief is back and he’ll be visually different, potentially due to new armor and new enhancements.

If that’s the case and Master Chief can do more than before, we want to hear from you what one new feature, ability or weapon you’d like to see Master Chief utilize in Halo 4.

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  3. We’ll pick one winner from the creative and interesting responses and ship the book to you.

The contest is open to Canadian and U.S. resident only.

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  • LukeGlover

    He should definitely be able to sprint and be able to drive more vehicles (besides just army vehicles) and be able to fly like the 1 level when you are in space in Halo:Reach.

    The other armour abilities like armour lock are just not master chief. That would ruin it.

  • Dhanger Bhunny

    you sir deserve a dam medal, nicely put

    • longshotx17

      Thank you sir, but no medal is necessary, the prize Book alone would be plenty reward enough. It is a great insight to the Halo universe and, as I have read all of the novels, I would love to expand that knowledge with the art that was behind the games that defined our generation.

      Plus, what I said was true, I really would love to see MC mop the floor with Covie split-heads with his left hand behind his back because I know that he can do it, its only a matter representing that sheer awesomeness on the videogame platform that has kept Bungie from adding it. But, if 343i believe they can add it in, and it works out great, then it would be epic.

  • Roger W.

    I know it does not sound Halo-like for the most part but I’d like the ability to equip a knife just like any other weapon and be able to use stealth sometime. But if they made it where you could like hide in a shadow right in front of an enemy the that would be disappointing.
    As for abilities, I would not like to see any of the Reach ones return except sprint. Also, when it comes to the game as a whole I would like to see more small cinematic parts that show the Chief in the surrounding environment.

  • ed

    From what little has been revealed about Halo 4, mostly the whole notion of the Forerunner planet in the trailer towards which Chief’s ship was hurtling, I’d say that it would be really cool to get more into Forerunner technology, from vehicles to weapons to however else things might go.
    In every Halo game so far, there has really only been two varieties of weaponry: Human and Covenant. The Brute’s added some new feeling to the mix, but it was still part of the Covenant thing. I would like to see Forerunner weaponry and technology adapted into some really new things (like the Sentinel beam but even more unique).
    Especially if my guess is right that Master Chief is going to be alone in the game, and he needs to utilize Forerunner tech to survive.

  • Zachariah

    I believe that Master Chief should be able to adopt the Transporter from Halo to be able to escape or tactically insert himself behind enemies…. Just realized how that could be taken but I’m posting it anyway.

  • brooke

    I think there should be more costumes or atleast different kinds of things you can put on your armor, whether it being where you can have your symbol on your armor bigger so you can see it better or maybe something where you can have horns on your helmet, spikes, or make the helmet have sharp teeth.

  • Hanzo

    How about the ability not to teabag. Itd make the game more fun!

  • driftmonkey

    One thing… WRIST LASER!

  • QP

    Master Chief has had his screen time. He’s had an amazing trilogy, remastered in Anniversary, and now is saving the universe again from the Covenant genocide on the human race. As exciting and fun the games may be, it’s time Master Chief retires and buys a time-share in Arcadia. We have seen several heroes from both sides that definitely deserve more screentime, Sergeant Forge and Captain Cutter being those I would like more insight with. Another way to spice up the Halo universe would to play from the Covenant perspective. Perhaps even turning one of the novels into a game, I thoroughly enjoyed The Cole Protocol. It was mentioned in the game a few times, but I highly doubt most people even know what it is.

    The multiplayer would have to have a major upgrade in appeal. Halo 3 was fun on multiplayer, and absolutely phenomenal with custom games. Halo: Reach had decent gameplay online. It wasn’t nearly as fun as in Halo 3. Me and friends seldom play Halo: Reach custom games now, it just doesn’t work as good as it did in Halo 3. I didn’t like the rank-up system in Halo 3, but I also didn’t like how we had to purchase what we already unlocked. I much preferred it in Halo 3, where we actually had to earn what we wore.

    Theatre, nothing needs changing.
    Forge, 343 hit it right with the new Forge mode – This pleases me.

    Halo is an amazing series, it just needs to broaden the horizon.

    • longshotx17

      Just a side note, Bungie made the Halo: Reach forge mode. 343i hasn’t actually made a game yet (Anniversary remake not counting) and it is impossible to know how Halo 4’s forge mode is going to be like. I believe this was already said in one of the other comments but I second the idea of there being more variety to the aesthetics of the forge pieces, the way it was in Reach was to mono-tone, though the actual forge mechanics were pretty spot-on in terms of practicality.

  • Ryan

    I would love to see Master Chief have a lot of different costumes something that would let Master Chief stand out something new make it in such a way that everyone would know it was Master Chief right away and give him new weapons to master something like shrink rays so he can stomp his enemy’s or a laser gun maybe even a flame thrower or a portal gun or give him something cool that only Master Chief could use like a hoover board or even his very own costume vehicles war tanks war jets awesome Bikes with guns something very unique and tailor made to Master Chief personality what type of guns would he use what armor abilities would he want we have find out just who Master Chief really is I think the fans would all love to have their very own unique Master Chief costumes weapons vehicles armor abilities and even there very own Master Chief maps give the options to design there own Master Chief costumes,guns,vehicles, as far as logos color and ect really upgrade those options a great armor ability for Master Chief would be the ability to set the players on fire making them burn to death or grab them and fly into the air and drop them while he maybe flys down and kicks them or something like that or maybe he beats them to death with his shotgun or calls in a dragon for help just be creative or takes out his knife and stabs them through the visor maybe even show a real cool fight scene with Master Chief just brutally killing his enemy like some characters do in red vs blue or how about Master Chief has the ability to enter the minds of his enemy’s taking control over them for x amount of time and every kill he gets goes to him and if he dies while in that person’s head it wont count as a death to Master Chief or keep it simple and just give him various new ways to kill the enemy that you can only do while playing as Master Chief

  • D. Larkin

    I would like to see a few additions to the Halo multiplayer. Primarily: Different armor should grant different effects, potentially as modifiers for the abilities with pros and cons. For example, a heavy armor that drains the amount of time you can use the abilities but grants extra damage protection, or a stealth class that grants you longer active camo at the price of lower health. A jet pack booster that gives more time in the air but higher bullet vulnerability. A longer range for highjacks while sprinting addition – but with the drawback of having vehicle hits deal massive damage, like a bullfight. One of the most immersive parts of many multiplayer games is to be able to not only customize but optomize one’s character. Secondly, one should also be able to buy extra effects – more assassination techniques, more awesome/funny highjacks, a victory dance when one pulls off a yoink for added hilarity – perhaps even a witty AI that chimes in every once in a while. These may be cosmetic, but it would sure add a lot of fun to the multiplayer scene.

  • Brandon

    I am hoping that in Halo 4 we will get a little more of John 117 and less of this faceless hero, the idea of not seeing his face keeps people guessing and all but we want to know more about this spartan. I also am hoping for new weapons(which by the looks of the trailer, is very likely). The new enemies possibilities are endless and have often kept me up at night, so i’m hopping for a fun and challenging enemy. I would also love a sprinting system but i don’t really want any armor abilities, unless they are built into the Chiefs suit. Im also hoping for more in game CGI during gameplay, like when in Battlefield or Call of Duty the character being played puts his/her hand up to block incoming debris. This was covered pretty well in Reach and im hoping that it stays in the game.

  •!/profile.php?id=100000035897443 Alex B.

    Halo 4 and 343 Industries has a lot to live up to. Trying to please the everyday gamers and also the Hardcore 12 years out there. So, just hoping it will keep me occupied for the first few weeks it does come out. ^_^V

  • Liam F

    Would be cool if this got more personal. The Halo series is so unattached to actual human feeling with men just running gun-ho into the plasma fire of the Covenant. Perhaps If we were to see a bit of emotion, a bit of (dare I say it) realism.

    I know Halo is known for this sort of pick up and play ‘bad-assery’ but It would be amazing to see insight into the cannon fodder that is the marines. The thing I really like about the Total War series of games is the troop morale. It would be cool to see marines deserting a fight and having Master Chief act as a unit to rally up the morale.

    I’d like it if the multi-player of Halo changed into a class based game with vehicles, similar to games such as Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Star Wars Battlefront.

    But whatever, Halo is a consistent series churning out fairly good games.

  • Daniel

    In the recent Halo games, Forge mode was what really made me want to get the game. No Forge, no buy. However, even with Reach’s new system, Forge does not seem powerful enough. Being able to change the map’s terrain would be extremely handy, simply placing pre-made blocks will not cut it. If we could, say, use a program on a PC to make an entire map, then transfer it to the Xbox, this would more then do it for me, and the community would love using tools as powerful as this. Some examples of good map editors would be the Source SDK, or even the UDK. They are very powerful map making tools, and if 343 made their own version of a Development Kit, they would likely become loved among the creative community.

  • longshotx17

    I would just like to ask, when shall the winner be announced? Will it be on this post or will it be by email?