First Look at ‘Halo 3′ Remastered Gameplay from ‘Master Chief Collection’

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While much of 343 Industries‘ focus with the Master Chief Collection has been on the remastered version of Halo 2, fans should know that the entire Halo library is getting some sort of upgrade. Obviously, Halo: Combat Evolved saw its visuals boosted with the Anniversary release, and Halo 2 is next, but both Halo 3 and Halo 4 are also getting a much-needed facelift for next-gen.

To better illustrate that point, 343 showed off just a brief segment of Halo 3 that highlighted how exactly this 7-year old game has changed. Check out the footage above.

While most wouldn’t fault 343 Industries for simply porting Halo 3 from one platform to the next that is apparently not what they have done. Rather, the team has sought to take advantage of the increased resolution, frame rate, and fidelity afforded by the Xbox One in order to deliver a crisper presentation. Cutscenes in the footage are more fluid and detailed and gameplay is as buttery smooth as one could hope. Even the lighting has improved thanks to the new platform.

But whereas the Halo 1 and Halo 2 Anniversary Editions will offer the instant switch option whereby players can compare the new versions to the old, Halo 3 and Halo 4 will have no such option. You’ll just have to do what 343 does and run the game’s side-by-side on two different monitors to evaluate just how much better the games look.

Halo 3 Master Chief Collection Footage

Even so, the updated Halo 3 visuals are just a small piece of Halo: The Master Chief Collection‘s pie. 343 has gone for broke with this comprehensive Collection, which offers new and interesting ways to experience these beloved titles. There’s the new playlist options for altering how the missions in all four games are arranged, new matchmaking set-ups for mixing and matching multiplayer maps, and perhaps the Collection‘s biggest selling point: six revamped versions of Halo 2‘s classic multiplayer arenas.

So far, we know 5 out of the 6 multiplayer maps that 343, along with original Halo 2 multiplayer designed Max Hoberman, has selected, and it shouldn’t be long before we know all of them. Of the five we do know are Ascension, Lockout, Coagulation, Zanzibar, and Sanctuary – a pretty solid group if you ask us.

And that’s all on top of a Collection that includes access to the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta, new Halo 2 cutscenes done by Blur Studios, and every single Halo multiplayer DLC map ever released. It’s so much content that it’s hard to focus on just one element, but if this demonstration is any indication then 343 has ensured every piece of the Halo puzzle has not been overlooked.

What do you think of the remastered visuals for Halo 3 on Xbox One? What about the Master Chief Collection are you most looking forward to?

Halo: The Master Chief Collection releases November 11, 2014 for Xbox One.

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  • COREY_1993

    so pointless hahahaha. youtube doesnt do 60fps XD

    • Vorazan

      HAHAHAHA… it does actually.

      • COREY_1993

        MUAHAHAHAHAHAAH it doesnt do it… yet

        • Sonicblast19

          Only some videos do,there was a private video for Battlefield Hardline back in June.

  • Persson

    This is all just a cheap PR stunt from 343 to gather some of the good will they lost after the disaster that was Halo 4. Dont buy this, it will just further cement bad buisness practices.

    • Josh

      halo 4 definitely WASNT a disaster at all. some people were dissapointed butit was a great game and sold really well

    • Jack

      Umm, no, it isn’t. Ever since halo CEA was released, fans have been hoping for a halo 2 anniversary, and they got it. The fact that they went ahead and put every other master chief halo in there, when they really didn’t have to, shows they give a shit about their community.

      • TheFallenOne

        Are you complaining because they’re giving us 4 remakes instead of one? and then saying that they don’t care about the comunity?… are you serious?

    • iusedafakeemail

      I loved Halo 4. It was my favorite of the series and the first one I will play when I get the Master Chief Collection. People like you, and when I say that I mean people who think they know everything, make me laugh.

  • Cole

    Perrson, clearly you didn’t know that Halo 4 was the fastest and highest selling of the Halo series. Just because YOU didn’t like it doesn’t mean everyone else didn’t like it either. True it wasn’t as well done as the previous installments, but I’d say that was a pretty damn good job considering it was 343’s first full handmade game.

    • Persson

      It does not matter whenever or not a game sells millions in the first week any more, its al thanks to hype built by good pr firms, the gameplay was stale, enviroments repetetive, enemies dull and boring, a dudebro story that wrote over existing characters just to show of 343i’s new “cool” characters. Its true it was their first game, but it is a studio made up of former bungie developers and eperienced microsoft personel, it not a matter of inexperience, its about poor decisions to “market to a wider audience” which turned away many of those who played the series since Halo: CE.

  • warrenh

    Halo 4 is a good game. Just wasn’t hard enough, and didn’t take me long to wrap the game.

  • Jesse J

    All I am hoping for is more story or something feed on until halo 5,and maybe control schematic change for halo 3 to match 4… Like fix button layouts to match new layout… Less hassle for switch overs… I love Halo, Everything Halo… People have differences in what they like, but if you have a huge problem with Halo 4 and didn’t play Halo 1 before anniversary, then you won’t understand…

  • Jesse J

    I totally agree with Warren H… Easy game and wasn’t long enough… Thats it! Everything else was awesome… The more story and game play the better


    halo 4 was my favorite at least…

  • creep

    was hopeing to see some shiny armor in halo 3

  • chris

    Halo 4 good campaighn shity multiplayer,jet packs are retarted power weapons are all over powered and ranking system is shit,also they made the armor look non halo style

  • logan

    halo 4 was a wreck, the biggest factor for me in the halo series is the ranked play and online multiplayer. i didnt feel the challenge or teamwork halo 3 brought. the 1-50 gameplay was what i lived and died for, the chase of the 50 and the teamwork and skill it took to reach it was what halo is all about. halo 4 and reach is not halo to me. i hope halo 5 is nothing like halo 4 and incorporates the 1-50 and can bring the challenging skilled feel that halo 2 and 3 had.

  • Jiinnkk

    hmmmm… halo 4 was a disaster and ruin the serie like reach so juste dont write when you know anything about halo

  • Jiinnkk

    exactly no H4 and reach are not real halo …. all is said by logan

  • Bradtothebone

    I don’t understand why anyone says that any of the halo games are failures. I’m fan but not a blind one. If you have played all of the halos then you understand why they are great. Its not about the awesome story that you lose yourself in or the addictive multiplayer you played hookey for. Its about the people you enjoy it with. if there was no coop or some sort of multiplayer you wouldn’t replay a great game like this. For example: splinter cell is an awesome game if you like it but it would be 100 times better with a friend. Sure it has a separate coop story but it is better to experience everything (including the main story) with a friend. Its true that the community is what keeps this series alive because we are what makes the fun to play. Stop to think right now that if there was no split screen or xbox live how many times would you have replayed these games. Maybe twice out of nostalgia but because of friends you played it until you were tired, and then you woke back up to play some more. And for those of you who haven’tplayed this game with friends, you dont know what your missing. If you think any one of these games are terrible its because you don’t know what fun is.

  • insanity

    I agree with some of the above comments that regard halo 2 and 3 as the “real halo’s”. We used to link up xbox halo 1 and it definitely built the hype into halo 2. Halo 2 couldn’t control the amount of modding and cheating that I would come by past lvl 35. So I finally get to halo 3 and they did a decent job keeping “standby and modding” down and I was all about it. The game was on 360 and it was a solid title. Gave me interest in single player so I could get the katana, also kept me pushing for lvl 50 as some said above that was at least a legit climb as compared to Halo 2. I played reach because it was the newest title but once I played halo 4 i immediately went to Modern Warfare 3. I thought halo 4 crashed the ship that was already sinking by the end of reach.

    I am hoping that there is a decent following for Halo 3 because I always thought of it as my favorite Halo Multiplayer title. Anyway, that is just my opinion.

  • Eg Greatness

    Halo is good over all no matter how bad you all say it is. Halo will continue to grow and change and if some of you don’t like it drop it, you don’t have to complain because you don’t get what you want. Think about halos fan-base for a sec, thousands and thousands love halo. So don’t think just you can change it. So I’d say play the damn game or don’t play it at all. To me halo is life.