Rumor: ‘Halo 2 Anniversary,’ ‘Halo 5′ Beta, ‘Halo 3′ & ‘4’ Ports Coming in November [Updated]

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Halo 2 Anniversary Rumor

Fans of the Halo series may not have to wait as long as they feared for a dose of Master Chief action – even if it is a walk down memory lane. The latest rumor surrounding Microsoft’s biggest exclusive claims that just like its predecessor, Halo 2 Anniversary will be allowing players the chance to experience the action of Halo 2 with remastered effects and graphics.

The game will apparently be releasing on the Xbox One, giving owners a truly next-gen Halo experience – although not the one they were likely hoping for. Halo 5, on the other hand, won’t be released until 2015.

Obviously this report should be taken with a large grain of salt, since it has cropped up on NeoGAF, of all places. That being said, the source has a fairly proven track record, and the claims being made aren’t entirely shocking. For starters, Halo 2 Anniversary will include multiplayer support (not simply access to existing multiplayer, as was the case with the first Anniversary), and as set to be released on November 11 for the Xbox One.

Halo Reclaimer Trilogy Now Saga

This rumor is sure to anger fans who feel cheated by Microsoft, as the company had recently promised that “their next Halo journey” would begin in 2014 (with the clear insinuation being Halo 5, not an HD re-release). However, the source claims that Halo 2 Anniversary will include beta access to Halo 5 as well. Meaning for those who choose to adopt early, two Halo experiences are technically available.

It’s still unclear exactly what to expect from Halo 5 just yet – as the developers even claim that won’t be its title – but if the rumor is accurate, then Microsoft will likely be preparing to make some significant announcements soon. We know that the leadership at both Microsoft and 343 Industries has been readjusted for the foreseeable future, so they’re clearly up to something.

It is also claimed by the same source that besides fancier graphics, the Halo 2 Anniversary will bring with it a “real-time show,” specifically not the one being produced by Steven Spielberg, but something else entirely (perhaps a continuation of Forward Unto Dawn?). The possibility of an “alternate ending” to Halo 2 is also mentioned, but the source warns that they have little information on that, so don’t hold your breath.

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Review

The task of updating the original game for the Xbox One hardware has apparently been given to Saber Interactive and Certain Affinity; the same studios entrusted with updating Halo: Combat Evolved. The results in that regard were staggering to say the least, so if their work on the Xbox One harnesses at least some of the next-gen hardware, fans may be more willing to accept a re-tread. Especially if it’s targeting 1080p and close to 60fps, as seems to be the case.

We’ll keep you updated as more news arrives, but for the moment, what do you think of these rumors? Is a chance to replay Halo 2 on the Xbox One an appealing idea, or would you prefer that 343 rush their next sequel – or going another year without Halo at all? Sound off in the comments.

[Update: the same poster has since provided even more details concerning the rumored release. Consumers will have their choice of picking up Halo 2 Anniversary Collector’s Edition, granting access to the Halo 5 beta and the live-action series, or the ‘War Collection,’ including the previously mentioned perks as well as Xbox One ports of both Halo 3 and Halo 4. ]


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Source: NeoGAF

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  • MiffedMonkey1

    Why make it an Xbox One exclusive? Am I really expected to believe that the graphics and requirements will be so incredible for Halo 2 Anniversary that the 360 can’t handle it? I really doubt they’ll improve the graphics beyond Halo 4. They didn’t improve Halo CEA’s graphics beyond Reach.

    • Fos Kuvol

      Well for starters, Halo CE sold the Xbox, Halo 3 sold the Xbox 360, and if Halo 4 was the first Halo XB1 title? It NEVER would have sold the console. MS knows now that Halo fans want more of what we used to have between 2001 and 2007, and less of this “New Halo” crap we’re having thrown at us.

      Also, if Halo 5’s Beta winds up surprising and blowing away the speculative fans that have been disappointed in Halo since 2009 (the most common turning point in players’ opinions on the franchise), Halo 2 Anniversary could be a major stepping stone in securing the possibility of Halo 5 selling the XB1. Players are more likely to react positively and hype for a game if they know they can expect it to be good, or believe they can. After Halo 4, noone is expecting a good Halo 5, so we need proof.

      • powerrbill

        That is pretty a pretty subjective assertion. I loved the original halo trilogy, but I think 343 had a great start with Halo 4. That campaign was probably my favorite and the series, and the multiplayer was definitely the most polished.

  • Josh

    Was very pleased with Halo: Anniversary and given that number 2 now feels VERY dated against the current standards, I look forward to many more hours of slaughtering grunts and slapping plasma grenades to Elite heads as they laugh at their own demise :)

  • DeathFX

    Seriously, if this is true I will be the happiest person on the planet! Although there most likely won’t be any superjumps or bxr’s, bxb’s, double shots, and all of the amazing glitches that made Halo 2 so much fun, the nostalgia will be soooo amazing! I will definitely buy an Xbox One for this game! Please make a limited edition Halo 2 Anniversary Xbox One! That would be amazing! Yea, I’m a little excited haha. I just hope they bring back all of the original Halo 2 maps into it’s own multiplayer instead of a select few older and random maps into another games multiplayer. Halo CE didn’t feel complete with the way the multiplayer was setup.

    • Jack

      Halo CEA was the original game, glitches and all, just with new textures and effects. I don’t see any reason why halo 2 anniversary would be any different.

  • Adam

    I personally am looking more foward to halo 2 anniversary …. Cause h2 in my opinion is the best halo game … Why they shut the h2 servers down was very dissapointing just the last 2 halo games ….. Armor abilities should not be in halo …. Its killing halo look at how many people is playing halo 4 now it died fast

    • Blair

      All that needs to be said right there… it’s kinda sad when you’re playing Halo 4 online and there are less than 10k people around the world playing it. Halo 3 was between the number 1 and 3 spot on being the most played game on xbox live for almost 2 years. It show’s you the difference in appeal when compared to Halo 4 dropping from the number 1 spot on xbox live to the number 13 spot in approximately 1 year… quite depressing, I feel like 343 dropped the ball big time and really screwed up a great series… please come back Bungie!

  • BXR2004

    Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 5, and a Halo 3 port in one year. Too good to be true.

    *Notice how I left out Halo 4 from that statement -_-

  • BXR2004

    Yeah I’m posting twice, but I noticed live action series…do they mean the TV show or is this fake poster unaware of that completely? He is really overselling this…and just to the user above me talking about how Halo 4 is #13 on xbox live: It’s also behind FOUR call of duty games…talk about splitting a fanbase. btw cod has existed during Halo 2 and Halo 3’s lifespan with online multiplayer, but halo was #1). When Titanfall comes out I expect Halo 4 to almost completely die.

    • Blair

      Halo 4 has already almost completely died, there’s barely 10k people in the world playing it now and I think the general consensus of the game is that it sucks

  • Dan

    Can’t wait to play HALO 2 multiplayer again! They better not change anything with it. I miss dual wielding.

  • GaymeR

    not releasing it for 360? i hate you too M$.

  • SneakyOrange

    I feel that a “halo 2 anniversary” would be a great idea, so long as thay did exactly what they did with the first halo in essentiality (retexturing, new sound fxs, minor glitch fixes, etc.). Not having it for xbox 360 would be a major disappointment for those who don’t want to upgrade yet or upgrade consoles at all, but if thats where money can be made, i don’t blame them. As long as they just don’t mess with things like the mini easter eggs/objects hidden in the maps and the exploration beyond what the map boundaries set you too, i think i’ll be okay with this. Only time will tell…

  • Discipleinblack

    The multi player of Halo 4 was an experiment. 343’s first real outing. That being said, it WAS fun for a bit. It just didn’t hold me. Now…the story? To me this outing with the Chief was the best so far, by far. And I love them all. It was shorter than normal, but it didn’t feel, storywise, that it needed to be any longer. It was emotional and INCREDIBLY epic. And it went places I had always wanted answered. I do not see how 5 could possibly top it, but I’m more than willing to find out.
    I seriously don’t understand the hate for Halo 4. The game was stunning in every single way, and I have been a diehard fan from the beginning and read almost all of the books.

    • Blair

      Dang, I want some of whatever it is that you’re smoking lol. What did halo 4 do that the others didn’t? The master chief fighting some machines that weren’t even that difficult on legendary or the enemy being a dude that looks like a cross between a vampire and the predator. Whoopty flippin do. You know that a game is straight up pathetic when it’s own creators say something to the effect of, “yeah we know we screwed up and have a lot to improve on for the next one.” Halfway through the game I thought to myself, “this sucks, should I even finish the game?” Never thought that during a halo game before as the others had a much more entertaining storyline and especially playing against the flood and being on the edge of my seat while doing so

      • Discipleinblack

        To each their own I suppose. Like I said, I’ve been here from the beginning, and to me, this game was spectacular. No drugs required. The way Chief constantly fell short of his goal almost every step of the way, feeling more and more hopeless, all the while losing his closest companion and friend slowly and painfully. Seeing the Librarian admitting to planning on him, The Reclaimer, and beginning to understand why he was called that from the beginning. Giving the game a sense of Destiny. Seeing him openly disobey orders. And at the end, despite his victory, seeing him broken. The music was new and refreshing. The lighting was fantastic, the graphics were top notch and the voice acting lived up. Sure the flood was a fun enemy but that threat was completely defeated, fighting them again would’ve been forced and redundant.
        So yes. I thoroughly loved this game, and I do not see how anyone else wouldn’t. Especially those who’d read Fall of Reach and Cryptum.

        • Blair

          Idk, I guess the characters to me in the first three were so much more interesting… Captain Keyes, Johnson, the arbiter, the prophets, Tartarus, lord hood, Miranda keyes. The storyline of him fighting not only the covenant by himself but also the flood, where a flood spore attaches to him and he almost loses it but cortana saves him. I thought 4 was more aimed at cortana and I was just incredibly disappointed beyond what any words can describe. I mean it’s not only me that says the game blows

        • GaymeR

          i remember coming away from Halo4 with mixed feelings. it was good but too short and im still pissed with what they did with spartan ops. i might like it better after a second playthrough.

          i cant agree on the music tho. the music was bland and just simply uninspired to me in comparison.

  • Aaron

    No 360 release? GTFO. This just in, Microsoft. Many people still don’t have an Xbox One and won’t for a while. They need to release this on 360, too.

  • Aaron

    Forgot to add: I am thrilled about this by the way. Halo 2 is one of my favorites of this franchise and like someone else said, it feels extremely dated when I play it. I recently played it and was just disappointed that it is the only one not in HD. I look forward to playing (whenever I get a One of course).

  • GaymeR

    the thing i hate most about Halo 2 is playing it on the 360 with the horrendously bad incompatibility. the annoying and unpredictable “ghosting” effect it has on the 360 is madness inducing to say the least. was hoping theyd try to fix the incompatibility but i guess that would be too much of a possibility of them breaking the game somewheres. so i guess i understand and agree with not releasing it on 360 IF they are unable to defeat the graphical glitches that mar the experience on the system. if they can defeat it then they have no excuse.

    but everything aside this is still all just rumors. ill believe it when M$ says it. and ill probably not believe it even then.

  • Stephen

    I think this is a good thing. I’d rather wait for Halo 5 and have it done right than them rush it out.

    Halo 2 was always my favorite of the series so to get an updated version with Halo 3 and 4 multiplayer attached would be awesome.

  • AlexMech

    Halo 2 Anniversary makes me HATE MS just now, because I LOATHE the Xbone…and now I want one because of H2A!!! Damn you MS!!!!!!

  • andre

    only for xbox one? it’s dunbest, stupid!!! and the thousands xbox 360 owners? this is unbelievable that microsoft has forget xbox 360! this is a instance of very bad business vision!!

    • Stephen

      Oh calm down. Nothing has even been announced. It’s all stil rumor and speculation