Voice of Master Chief Confirms ‘Halo 2 Anniversary’

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Although many first-person shooter junkies are busy calling in mech support during the PC and Xbox One Titanfall beta this weekend, another sci-fi FPS franchise has found its way into the headlines. Microsoft had promised Halo fans that the next Halo journey would begin in 2014, but up until this point no concrete details about the nature of that adventure have been confirmed or denied.

The general assumption that gamers would be playing Halo 5 come Christmas 2014 was squashed a few weeks ago when rumors suggested the fifth numbered installment in Master Chief’s epic wouldn’t arrive until 2015. The same source suggested that the Halo journey coming in 2014 was actually going to be a remastered anniversary edition of Halo 2. As interesting as that rumor was, no reputable sources have acknowledged it until now.

In a complicated series of statements, retractions, and recanting; the voice actor of Master Chief, Steve Downes, gave fans some new intel to sink their teeth into. First, here’s Downes’ final, Microsoft-sanctioned statement to Game Zone.

“I think you’re ahead of yourself on H5.  I have read some things on line that you can look forward to a H2 anniversary edition maybe this year, but I have no official information one way or the other.”

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There isn’t anything too juicy there, but according to Game Zone, this amended statement was only received after Downes’ original response to questions about Halo 5 were published and caught the company’s attention. Once the interview was published, Microsoft contacted the gaming site and asked that the initial statement be retracted.

Game Zone stands by its original interview and claims to have the email from Downes containing his original response to the questions. That version looks more like this…

“I think you may be ahead of yourself on Halo 5,” Downes said. “I wouldn’t expect anything until 2015. What you can look forward to this year is an anniversary edition of Halo 2.”

Downes claims he misspoke and was only trying to acknowledge that he had read the rumors online that there may be an upcoming Halo 2 Anniversary Edition. At this point, it’s impossible to say whether the voice actor actually misspoke or not, but many parties will be quick to assume (possibly correctly) that he felt some heat from Microsoft after the interview was published.

Halo 2 Anniversary Edition has not been officially confirmed yet, so it would make sense that Microsoft is trying to avoid speaking in absolutes about the game. After the abundance of rumors that fans now have to drool over, it seems like an official confirmation should be coming any day now — provided that the game actually is in the pipeline.

Would you be interested in picking up a Halo 2 Anniversary Edition later this year or are you just waiting for Halo 5? Sound off in the comments.


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Source: Game Zone

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  • bio

    Arrgggghhh. I have such a dislike for Xbox one to a point im going to miss out on this. Halo 2 is my favorite in the franchise so I wont be able to experience this.

    • austin

      Please don’t let console politics ruin your love for a beautiful series.

      The console is of no consequence. The games are the only things that matter. I feel like many people in this game generation have forgotten that.

      • COREY_1993

        lmao… thats just silly.

        consoles before never tried to take the pi** with b******t policies.
        xo is out too early as well, they didnt even get party chat and the os right. when you need to patch them this soon then that just proves it.

        ms giving shorter games and making you pay extra with mircrotransactions. thats just sad and i hope they fail. i sure wont be getting a xo unless something happens that i need to get one but like thats ever gonna happen

        • lukeperryglover

          Sonys patching in crap too you know

          • COREY_1993

            when they need to fix party chat thats when you know you f^&ked up. all i remember from last gen was that party was the greatest thing going and it was listed and one of the reason to get a 360 over ps3

      • bio

        Im sorry but I am not one of THOSE gamers. The ones who so against a console or a video game and with good resons only to buy that console or video game the first week it’s out. Im not like that. Im not going out of my way to buy a console that got under my skin around every corner just for 1 game. I love Halo. I still love halo. I really want to see were they take Halo 5. But Im not buying a xbox one.

  • GaymeR

    ive been wanting an h2 anniversary since the HCE Ann. however i am in no position to go out and buy an xbone just to experience it. PLEASE M$ do the right thing and release it on both 360 and xbone

    • bio

      I am so getting it if it comes out on the 360.

  • CoDroStyle

    Now you guys know how i feel about Fable anniversary being released only on 360. I traded my 360 to get an XOne and now i have no games to play…

    And possibly my favorite game of all time Fable 1 gets rereleased and i cant play it. such a downer.

    • bio

      Why would you trade your 360 in for a xbox one? Even PS3 is still getting games for a while. Persona 5 for example.

  • Joshua Warren-Davis

    Halo 2 is my favorite of the original Halo trilogy as far as storyline, my original xbox broke 7 years ago and has graphical glitches when I play it on my Xbox 360, hopefully it does get an anniversary edition on Xbox One. Should know after E3 in June though!