‘Half-Life 3′ Trademark Removed From European Database

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Gabe Newell Teases Half-Life 3

We’ve been teased to the point that it’s become on the biggest running gags in the gaming community, but somehow Valve fans can’t help but still feel a small flicker of hope every time another story crops up “confirming” the existence of Half-Life 3. Perhaps it’s because the idea of a game as well-loved and popular as Half-Life 2 not getting a follow-up is unthinkable, or perhaps it’s because with so much smoke around, there has to be a fire somewhere underneath it all.

There certainly has been a lot of smoke, which might be why things are still so unclear. From the concept art for Half-Life 2: Episode 3 that was released last summer to Valve’s recent teases of three upcoming announcements (none of which turned out to be related to Half-Life 3), it could be said that Half-Life 3 has been the subject of the most drawn-out and perennially effective viral marketing campaign in history – all for a game that might not even be in development at all.

The latest “Half Life 3 Confirmed” headlines came from a combination of two pieces of information that came to light in quick succession. The first of these, and certainly the most interesting, was a glimpse at Valve’s project management software The User Picker, which showed that a few dozen employees – some of them veterans from Half-Life 2were working on projects called ‘Half-Life 3‘ and ‘Half-Life 3 Core.’ As though that wasn’t exciting enough, an application from Valve for the Half-Life 3 trademark was found to have been filed with the European Union’s trademark and design registry, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market.

Half -Life 3 confirmed

Leaked gameplay footage from ‘Half-Life 3′

Just a few days later, one of these pieces of evidence is gone. Polygon reports that the application is now missing from the OHIM registry, and notes that no equivalent was ever found in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The application was originally filed on September 29th, by European trademark and patents firm Casalonga & Associés – supposedly on behalf of Valve Corporation – but a mere week later it was no longer available.

There are a number of possible explanations for why this might have happened: a gamer with far too much time on their hands may have filed the application as a hoax, whether in cahoots with the trademark firm or by somehow tricking them; Valve may have made the application and withdrawn it upon its discovery by the public; or, for the conspiracy theorists out there, Valve applied for the trademark and deliberately leaked the information for just long enough to stir the pot, before making it mysteriously disappear so as to keep the conversation going. If the latter is true, then congratulations to Valve for succeeding and for having such a bafflingly complex and odd approach to marketing.

At this point it would be far more surprising to learn that Half-Life 3 isn’t in development – it almost certainly is. What most fans really want to know are actual details, such as how soon it might be released, what it’s going to be about, whether it would be released on Steam Box, and a virtually infinite number of other unanswered questions that are all a lot more interesting than “yes or no?


Source: Polygon

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  1. I don’t care anymore. Next year Half-Life 2 will have its 10th Anniversary (!!!) and the add-on episodes aren’t much younger than that. Sure, they left us hanging with an open ending, but it has been so long that I don’t even remember what the story was. Besides, should there ever be another Half-Life it probably won’t end with a proper conclusion but with another cliffhanger anyway.

    Would I play Half-Life 3, should it ever come into existence? Probably. Do I wait for it or am I even excited one litte bit? Nope… not at all.

    At this point I would prefer if sites like Game Rant wouldn’t indulge Valve by reporting every little HL3 rumor. Let it sink to the bottom of the barrel of irrelevance until some hard facts come forward. I only really clicked on this news to say that, otherwise I would have just ignored it, like most Half-Life “news” these days.

    • i agree. these articles are getting old and it seems that HL3 fans are really grasping at straws. And showing these articles kind of makes GR look bad as they always end up being speculation with no real evidence. It could be a blizzard-like thing like with diablo. we may not see another HL until its been forgotten by most.

      Long story short. old news is old news. please stop getting peoples hopes up unless you have evidence that says HALF LIFE 3 ANNOUNCED.. otherwise i dont care and im sure others are just annoyed by this point

  2. The leaked gameplay footage was Bigfoot?

  3. Honestly, no one even cares about the game. I’m sure most people haven’t even played half life 2. “half life 3 confirmed” is more of a meme/pop culture/joke now.

    • >No one even cares about the game

      What? Dude, like, I was getting giddy feelings thinking that the third announcement was HL3! It wasn’t which pushed me to almost committing murder suicide, but I didn’t because the Lord Gaben watches over me, always.

      But it is annoying to see, “omg lel hl2+1 confirmed” on almost everything on Facebook. Like, let’s be real here, there are so many more gamers now that probably haven’t played it cause they’re swaggot fourteen years olds excited for their CoD and BF4.

      Idunno man, I just want this game to come out before I’m married cause once if it does come out then, I’m gonna end up in a divorce cause I didn’t spend my time doing anything else except finding out what the hell the G-Man is.

  4. ok, now they are just messing with us. gaben, please. why you do dis?

    • Makes me wonder if someone else falsely tried to register the Trademark under the name of gaben, just to make a point. ^^

  5. I remember when I cared…

    Now I don’t. Waited too long, it’s that simple.

  6. Honestly, I want to see another Portal/Aperture Science related game. Don’t get me wrong, I love Half-Life, but I just want more Portal!

  7. If it was removed then the copyright was probably declined due to the fact it was most probably a hoax sent in by someone who ISN’T Valve

  8. i dont think this game should even be made anymore… too much time passed and im sure they will feel that the game will never live up to expectations.

  9. You serious about getting Valve’s attention on HL3? Then stop giving them money.

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