Rumor Patrol: ‘Half-Life 3′ Arriving on PC & Consoles in Late 2014

Published 1 year ago by , Updated August 22nd, 2013 at 4:18 pm,

Half Life 3 Open World RPG

After years and years of rumors, hints and desperation, every new story about a possible Half-Life 3 leak or confirmation now carries a natural edge of weary humor and cynicism to it. Few games have ever been so highly anticipated for so long – with so little solid evidence of their potential existence to go on.

Really, this is a testament to just how truly excellent the Half-Life series has been so far. The heroic tale of tragically mute physicist Gordon Freeman, his entanglement with a dimensional rift that allows alien creatures to spill into our own world, and his eventual leadership of a rebellion against Earth’s cruel new overlords, is one that has stayed in the hearts of a legion of gamers who are all eager to find out what happens next. That eagerness has ebbed and flowed like a tide in the six years since the release of Half Life 2: Episode Two, as Valve has so far refused to even confirm whether or not a further addition to the franchise is in development.

To help keep the dream alive, however, gaming site NoShitShurlock claims to have been in e-mail contact with Quake Command founder and Half-Life level designer John Guthrie, who was apparently very generous with details about the new game:

“I can’t confirm all too much since the development is still in early stages, but for now I can confirm that we are going to release on both current and next generation consoles and we will also release the game on our own platform exclusively for PC and Mac… We hope to have the first trailer ready for E3 2014, which we (after several times not attending) will finally come back to.”

For someone who isn’t able to “confirm all too much,” Guthrie certainly confirmed… much. According to the article, he also revealed that Half-Life 3 will have a single-player campaign only, with no co-op or multiplayer, and that it will include many of the main characters from Half-Life 2 with a story that picks up where the last one left off.

It’s hard to properly assess the veracity of this rumor because yes, even after six years of waiting and false leads and waiting and speculation and waiting and fan frustration (did we mention the waiting?), the power of hope still shines through even the hardest crusts of jadedness and despair. It seems self-evident that Valve already has the next iteration of one of its must successful, well-loved and critically-acclaimed games to date in development, so the only question that remains is that of when it will arrive.

Gabe Newell confirms Half Life 3

Seems legit

It does seem a little strange that John Guthrie would choose to finally confirm not only the development of Half-Life 3, but also major details about the game along with an estimated release date and list of platforms, via e-mail to a relatively small gaming blog. Of course, Valve has always been a slightly unconventional company and this wouldn’t be the first time that it’s teased a Half-Life continuation seemingly for the sole purpose of providing fuel for the hype machine, but until Valve releases any confirmation or denial of this claim it’s best to take it with a large pinch of salt – so as not to have your happiness dashed too cruelly, should it turn out to be false.

Crowbars at the ready? Well, not just yet. This would be beyond wonderful news if true, but the “if” is just too big, and at this point it’s best to remain a skeptic until right up until you can actually sit down and start playing the game. Maybe even for a little while afterwards.

Half-Life 3 will be available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Mac in late 2014. Honest.

Source: NoSh*tShurlock

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  • Cariannis

    I was told in my youth that the only times it is acceptable for a man to cry is when he gets kicked in a certain place and his football team loses the Super Bowl…is it ok for a man to cry about this news? If so these are tears of joy.

    • Nick

      No need to worry, I am too

      • Narte

        it’s also acceptable to cry about this.
        it might finally be happening.

    • Ken J

      This is definitely a worthy cause for tears. But I still want to hold off until I see some proof… So many times I’ve gotten really excited over some HL3 rumors, and so many times, been let down…

      • holomolo

        just like the let down in 2009 I was there what happened drive me crazy I thrown the LFD 2 copy right there!
        Rise and shine Mr:Ken J rise and shine!

  • George

    Congratulations Valve.

    Few companies could deliver an amazing series of games, then have an unexplained dormant period in the series, piss me off for this long regarding the series, then announce the next product of the series to be made available close to a decade later, and STILL have me buy the game.

    • Ken J


      Valve can come egg my house and slash my tires and I’ll still buy this game from them. I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!!

      They left Episode 2 in such a freakin’ cliff-hanger it isn’t funny…

  • Narte

    i can’t get my hopes up. Not again. do we know that IS gabe’s twitter?
    can this really be true?

    • RGR

      i dont think thats his twitter seeing how there is no check mark next to it not confirming that he is famous and it is the actual one, so no i dont think so

    • Hannah Shaw-Williams

      The “seems legit” is tongue-in-cheek. That’s a comment on the article created using a guest Disqus account, for which you can pick any name you like.

      So it could be Gabe Newell, or it could be literally any other person on the planet that has an internet connection.

      • Ken J

        My vote will be #2. He will not just simply confirm it like that… I’m sure if this was true, we’ll find out for sure during E3, and it’ll be a huge surprise… I think the people there during the presentation might faint…

      • Michael Jackson

        You’re probably right when you say it could be any other person on the planet…

        • Hannah Shaw-Williams

          Wow, there are a lot of celebrities visiting Game Rant today.

          • Chris Farley

            You’ve opened the flood gates now your going to be living in a van down by the river to get away from us Half-Life fans…even us dead ones.

            What’s up Michael ready for Friday night Jesus’ Red Wine Wings with a side of Holy beer?

      • holomolo

        Or just the VALVe teasing system I have visited VALVe ,talked with some people there I ask a guy there about HALF-LIFE 3 he said “we will see!”

  • Ken J

    I just thought of something…

    Do you know how the way the games have been structured, you see exactly everything Gordon sees, he never does anything scripted meaning he never does anything you don’t control, basically, they are acting like you ARE Gordon???

    Um, so, think about it, how can it end??? He has to die…

    • Alter

      se-x scene ending

      • kh3news

        Why u take so long

    • holomolo

      no it is not possible cus of G-MAN as he said “wake up and smell the ashes”
      it means Gordan will live everyone he ever loved or his freinds are gonna die and he will live to smell there ashes!

  • Gabe Newell


    After 6 years in development, I can confirm that this is not true. Everything in this report is incorrect.

    Thanks, and have fun.

    • dethfuse


    • grrr


    • ender_

      Seems legit

    • Hannah Shaw-Williams

      Thanks for clearing that up, Gabe.

      • Gabe Newell

        No probs babe 😉

    • kh3news

      why u take so long

  • Nik

    Who cares, the story was good for its time but compared to current games, who cares there are so many upcoming titles id rather buy. Not to mention valve is not a small company so what the hell is taking them 6 years to develop.. for that sole reason I won’t be buying one, not to mention that by the time it comes out it will be on an outdated engine/tech. Good job valve you really f***ed it up

    • Ken J


      Enjoy your other games then. And I don’t think they will release the next game with the same engine, lol…

    • holomolo

      uh! you mean it is going to be on the same source engine! lol really you think currnet games are better than HALF LIFE lol! and you are not going to buy it! lol

  • polokem

    F*** you, Gabe!

  • Tim Cook

    I am happy to announce that Half-Life 3 will be released exclusively for Apple Mac and the iPhone 9.

    Be strong. Be Apple.

    • Ken J

      Just like Halo was supposed to be Mac exclusive, lol.

      • G-Man


        oh wait, I’m Tim Cook…


        umm, umm.


        *runs away*

  • Megadave

    They said it wouldn’t be at E3 2014.

    But they didn’t deny the 2014 release :O

    • Asturias Knytt

      Until the day Valve confirms that HL3 is under development through Steam or a live event I will not believe anything.

    • holomolo

      ever noticed this half life 1 released on 16 november 1998 and half life 2 released on 19 november 2004 16-19=3!

  • G-Man

    Rise and shine people, rise and shine…

    This is all but a dream.

    • mimesis

      G-Man! And the Masters of Unforeseen Consequences!

  • mimesis

    The third coming of the Freeman is upon us! Repent thy sins so thou shalt feel the revelating power of The Crowbar in thy face! If not… taste the Headcrab, corpulating with thy face!

  • Brandydorf

    Mind the gap…

  • burntliquid

    Valve has already denied this as “Bogus”

  • Anonamouse

    Gabe Newell talks about Half Life 3! 😀

  • Themekman

    I hope to god that hl3 does not come off the same way Duke Nukem Forever did.

  • iPadCary

    Oh, boy!
    Half-Life 3 next year?
    Man, I can hardly wai-zzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….

    By the by, how is the word “$hit” in the article, but I can’t say it in comments?

    • Ken J

      We know, you apple people are not much on gaming. By “choice,” yes, we understand. 😉

      • iPadCary

        Look around you, Einstein — Apple is the FUTURE of gaming.
        Games in the App Store have outgrossed 3DS — AND Vita — in revenue for TWO YEARS IN A ROW now.
        And that number’s only gonna go UP.
        At Apple’s event on September 10th, 3rd party controllers specifically made for iGaming will debut.
        Add to that, the general industry feeling that Apple will enable games for the AppleTV set-top box very soon ….
        You will eat your words.
        EAT THEM!!

        • Ken J

          LOL, come on, those aren’t real games. Those are what I call “time wasters.” Casual games for casual gamers… I’m talking about REAL games, for REAL gamers… The future is Oculus Rift and huge persistent worlds like Eve, Star Citizen, etc… :-)

  • Gordofreman

    Just played the game again after 4 years of not playing it and I still love the game. I’m still waiting for the TV series and the movie. (Wishful thinking)

  • holomolo

    So what do you guys think huh!?,think as a gaming company like VALVe will think they will get the highest profit that a gaming company can get in history!,there is no reason to not to release HALF-LIFE 3 so wake and smell the ashes!,and yes they have keeping it a secret cus they are going to explode in the market with HALF-LIFE 3 and everyone will be like “oh look at the graphics so realistic oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” and so that is what it think is going to happen only thing which is depresing is that the release date have not been confirm yet and it already has taken 6 years! so i hope that 2014 @)!$ is going to be the answer! rise and shine!