Great Games That We Just Don’t Like

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Great Games We Just Don't Like

It’s happened to all of us: there’s a hot-looking new game coming out, and we can’t wait to play it!  We’ve read the glowing reviews, our friends have told us how great the game is, and the guy at the store says we were lucky to even find a copy.  But when we get it home, tear off the shiny wrapping, pop it in and start it up, something just doesn’t “click” for us.  What happened?

There are more games out there than ever before, and a lot of them are really good.  But sometimes, no matter how good a game is, we just… don’t like it.  Something about the experience, mechanically or aesthetically, doesn’t sit right with us.  And the game is not at fault.  It’s us.

So have a look now, as seven of us here at Game Rant tell you about the good games that we just don’t like.  Be prepared, as some of our opinions may prove controversial.  And please remember, each author’s opinion is his own, and does not necessarily represent the views of Game Rant as a whole.

splinter-cell-conviction-bathroomSplinter Cell: Conviction

Jeff Schille on the Splinter Cell series.

Way, way back, I was lucky enough to get a look at the first Splinter Cell before it was released.  The Xbox was still fairly new, and had a lot of power that had yet to be shown off.  When a Ubisoft rep demonstrated the game, suffice it to say, I was impressed.  Even in its unfinished state, Splinter Cell looked “next-gen” to me in a way that nothing else had up to that point.

When the finished game came out about six months later, I snatched it right up.  It fully delivered on all the pre-release promises, and then some.  The graphics looked amazing.  Sam’s arsenal was varried and extensive.  Even the voice acting was good!  There was really only one problem: I hated it.  No game had ever made me feel like I was “playing it wrong” as much as Splinter Cell (though a few JRPGs have come close).  I hid when I should have fought.  I fought when I should have run away.  And I died, and died, and died some more.

Splinter Cell taught me that I don’t like stealth in games.  Waiting to do something is, for me, not as fun as actually doing something.  It also made clear to me that I’m not so fond of realistic, military-themed games.  (That’s right – I’m no fan of Modern Warfare, either.)  Give me a space marine or an anthropomorphic cartoon animal any day, and keep the covert military assasinations for yourself.  Now, you should know that my friends loved the game, and thought I was nuts.  Through the years, I’ve given the game a few more chances.  (I still need to check out Conviction.  I hear it’s good.)  I know it’s a good series.  But I don’t like it, and I doubt I ever will.


James B. Eldred on Bayonetta.

When a game like Bayonetta is launched to near-universal acclaim and becomes a blockbuster best-seller, I have to wonder: am I just losing touch? Because nothing about that game appealed to me, and its runaway success near-offended me.

I couldn’t understand it on the most rudimentary of levels. Why was I killing angels? Who was this Rodin guy? Why do I need halos, special ingredients for potions, and golden LPs? What the hell is going on? I beat the level with high health and without dieing once, so why did I get a C? What is with that music? And seriously, what the hell is going on?

Nothing in that game makes sense, from the wonky combo system (just pound n the buttons, it works just as well) to the bizarre series of barely connected events that that was supposed to be a story. Yes, it sure was beautiful, and Bayonetta herself sure is pretty, but I need a bit more than that. And the real annoying thing is that I’m sure there is more to this game than that, I just can’t find it.

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  1. And I like the Advance Wars games. So, there you go.

  2. *shakes head* Maybe it's because of my problems with shooting first person style on a console, but the VATS system is what made the game for me. That and how awesome it is. haha

  3. PC is king for FPS's and RTS's… Oh and Diablo, basically, keep up the good work Blizzard and Valve haha. Is it me or are they the only 2 companies that know how to make PC games? Now if only Valve would support mac's already! I totally need to play HL2 again.

  4. Agreed on Fallout 3! Wasn't a fan of Bioshock though.

  5. I could get the game, play the short single player and then dive in to be owned constantly by 13 year old's who have nothing but time to practice. Even if I mute them it doesn't make for a good time. Now, Splinter Cell: Conviction's “Face Off” mode, that's some good times!

  6. i think that Fallout is a great game, that has some massive flaws, primarily that without the vats system it is WAAAY to hard to kill things. if i score a perfect headshot with a f**cking magnum it should kill you, now matter how mutated you may be.
    Halo sucks. thats really all ive got to say on that topic.
    Bioshock was good, but much to easy on medium, and WAY to hard on hard. the only other game that has been that off with the difficultys was L4D, but i can still beat it on expert (BARELY!) the first on was decent. Bioshock 2 was just ridiculous. they said that the big sister was the boss, so who the F**K is this lamb person. How did i get shot in the head and wake up then years later? and why is it that any average splicer can take down all f my health in one hit, even though im a big daddy? an if thats the case why cant i have the full nine health things again?
    Dead rising sucked for pretty much all of the reasons you said. I gave up after a short hour after playing, because the 'convicts' who had magically managed to get a car inside a mall without me notacing ran me over like four times, killing all of my survivors and reminding me that i hadn't saved the entire time, because EVERY GAME TODAY HAS A F**KING AUTOSAVE!!!!!!!!!!

    For those of you who basshed MW2, i understand. it doesn't stop my playing it, as much as i wish it would, because the people who play it are all up to 70 tenth prestige already, and just run around with AK-47's with the aim assists on, basically letting the snap aim do all of the work (Oh, and if you use aim assists on a multiplayer game YOU SUCK AT THE GAME, go play halo or something)
    one that i reaslly hate is AVP. its fun to try and play, but the aliens are next to impossible to control, the preditors are like human aliens, and the marines guns suck. all in al its much to hard to figure out.

    i loved borderlands, and want to try BFBC2, and the new L4D DLC thanks for listening, and if you need help with any acheivments on Xbox (yes i play a console) then send a message to Seven Fears Me, and i'll be more than glad to see what i can do.

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  8. i know this was done a year ago and nobody will ever read this but WTF? backtracking is an issue with Metroid Prime? seriously WTF?!?

    backtracking was an integral part of EVERY SINGLE METROID GAME. did you just COMPLETELY miss that? you need to just trade the game in bc you obviusly do not deserve it.

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