First ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Stimulus Package Payment Will Release this Week

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'Grand Theft Auto Online' microtransactions

After Grand Theft Auto 5 became one of the most highly rated games in recent memory, thanks to an engaging and diverse single player campaign along with refinements to the core franchise formula, buzz quickly turned to frustration with the launch of the title’s multiplayer component, Grand Theft Auto Online. Server errors made it near-impossible for even the most dedicated players to get past the online tutorial and into the free-roam sandbox of Los Santos. Over the coming week, many gamers who managed to get into the mode to start leveling up their customized character, bank cash, as well as purchase home spaces, expensive vehicles, and upgraded weaponry, found that their entire profile had disappeared – and that they would be forced back to square one (and another turn through that notorious tutorial).

Additionally, a variety of glitches have made it possible for gamers to cheat the GTA Online economy (which is still set to introduce micro-transactions) – creating experience-breaking disparities between players who get modest money through completing multiplayer missions and those who’ve made millions by simply reselling the same car ad nauseam (among other tricks). However, in an attempt to make up for all the post-launch problems, Rockstar Games recently announced a $500,000 stimulus reward – with the first installment arriving in player bank accounts this week.

The developer hasn’t provided a specific date for the money, but according to a tweet from the GTA V Social Club, gamers who meet the eligibility requirements will be $250,000 richer before next week.

A prior tweet from the same Twitter account, days earlier, indicated that the studio was aiming to deliver the money “early” in the week – pending necessary quality assurance on the latest title update (specifically, ensuring that profile problems have been addressed).

That said, we’ll have to wait for further details to find out whether or not the latest report from Rockstar Games means the timing of the stimulus package (part 1) has moved from “early” this week to “sometime” this week. Following the dispersal of the first $250,000, the studio is then expected to release the second half by the end of the month – though, unsurprisingly, they’ve yet to set an official date.

The stimulus is intended as a mea culpa to players who might have lost progress or faced connection problems in the early days of GTA Online – while at the same time offering early players an opportunity to get more real estate, premium cars, and artillery under their belts (which they’ll need in order to compete with glitchers who are flush with cash and resources).

Grand Theft Auto Online Title Update

That said, not everyone will be seeing “stimulus” money in their bank accounts, make sure to check out the full eligibility details posted a couple days back (we’ve included the highlights below):

  • You must play or have played Grand Theft Auto Online at any time during the month of October 2013 in order to qualify for the GTA$500,000 deposit in your in-game bank account.
  • Players will first have to install a forthcoming GTAV title update which we expect to happen next week. That title update (1.04) is expected to fix the remaining instances of issues that have caused vehicle purchase loss and will also enable the functionality through which we’ll be providing this GTA$ stimulus cash to players.
  • We will announce at the Rockstar Newswire when each deposit is made.
  • Each of the two GTA$250,000 deposits will be made by Rockstar and should automatically appear in the in-game GTA Online bank accounts of eligible players. Beyond downloading the forthcoming title update mentioned above, there should not be any additional special action required by eligible players to redeem.

We’ll update you when we hear an official release date for the stimulus deposits. In the meantime, check out which real estate properties you’ll be able to buy with your new-found riches or, in typical GTA fashion, watch Trevor explode cars.


Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online are out now for the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms.

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Source: GTA V Social Club

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  • Dave

    So people have cheated and what do they do: The nerf the payouts so the people that didn’t cheat can’t make any money and let the people that did keep what they glitched.

    GTA Online is pretty much the biggest failure in the history of multiplayer gaming. Poor implementation, repetitive and restrictive gameplay, and heavy-handed devs more interested in protecting their real money cash selling than making the game fun for everyone.

    • Jeff

      If you want money, glitch or pay for micro transactions. And since I can’t justify putting more money into Online and really couldn’t give a crap if I get banned (oh no, will be forced to wait less than a month for PS4, guess that narrows things down.

      • Jeff

        * end parenthesis after PS4. Damn keyboard is getting old…

    • Pak55

      “The nerf the payouts ” I thought the amount you get for jobs went down.

    • TaboriHK

      I think Diablo 3 was more embarrassing. You have to cut Rockstar a little slack; this is not what they do. You can tell that in every detail of the game. The menus, the flow, the weird lobby movements and load times. This is something they are learning how to do while they do it. I don’t expect them to have the polish that Blizzard has. But they need to pick it up a little quicker. There’s a lot of quality of life changes they could make that wouldn’t ruin the game. Maybe make NPCs not all have special forces-caliber aiming abilities and have guns NOT kill you in two hits at a low level.

    • Aaron

      Error 37 says otherwise.

  • http://n/a Haydn Hoelke

    I had my commenting privileges taken away on the rockstar website anyone reading this understand I only want the best for me, you, and rockstar. They were quite rude and ignorant so i decided to say something and got banned/blocked because of it. This is the exact message…
    @”ROCKSTAR Y” You are a coward, you not only deleted my comment but didn’t answer one question i asked. Ignorant and disrespectful. Enjoy your billions we gave you Rockstar.
    As an example of how we all got screwed, you buy two cups of coffee from a Rockstar coffee shop (clearly fictional). Rockstar gives you one cup of coffee and says the other will be done in two weeks, the first cup although it doesn’t look like the ads was about as good as you thought it would be. The second finally comes! Unfortunately its not quite right, its dirty with glitches, hacks, and assorted unpleasantness. You can`t even drink it most of the time, they’ll sweeten the deal though, with 500,000 grains of sugar. They say they will add half your sugar soon, you wait eagerly in anticipation. Days go by without the sugar, the coffee isn’t even that bad anymore. They keep apologizing but is it good enough? You leave the coffee shop with a bitter taste in your mouth and feeling like your trust in a once trustworthy company is totally gone. THIS IS OUR TRUTH!

    • Limpy

      Just make your own coffee from now on.

    • kevin

      thats pretty epic man.

  • Levi

    Upon the release of GTA Online, I have now found out how selfish and annoying gamers are. Seriously, you can’t be happy and just play the freaking game? Good Lord, it’s just a video game. I love GTA and yes, the online isn’t that impressive, but Rockstar is trying their best. This is pretty much the biggest game of the year, yet people still have found countless ways to critize the game just because the Online isn’t spot on. Get over it, there’s updates that keep coming and coming. Calm down.

    • Pat1711

      *claps* You pretty much summed up what I was going to say. People have become more demanding and spoiled over the years. The amount of content in this game more than makes up for the negatives that the game currently has yet a lot of people will focus on those negs rather than the overwhelming positivity.

      • Reality Check

        Tell me more about how Consumers should always expect less……

        • Pat1711

          Not expect less but it has gotten to the point where people are just down right spoiled and whine about the littlest things.

      • chas

        Tell me how they initially did a good job on the online after working on the game for so long.

        • Pat1711

          Compared to most games with massive online capabilities… this went fairly well. Check Diablo III, Sim City, etc… I rest my case.

          • chas

            Funny GTA Online started out exactly like sim city and diablo 3. Glitches galore. So unless your case is resting in pieces, I’m not sure it has rested at all.

        • Pat1711

          For half a day maybe, I hardly encountered any problems myself. Sim City lasted for weeks, WEEKS. I rest my case.

          • YurgilMeTimbers

            It lasted almost a week for me and many other people. You were just one of the lucky ones.

        • Spaz

          GTA Online is going to constantly expand and get better. What there is to play now is good and fun, and before most people have doe the same missions over there will be new content like heists and other missions to do.

  • JT

    GTA Online has exposed the inner Jimmy in most people.

    • TamTim

      Whats a Jimmy?

      • kevin

        jimmy is micheals son in gta v story mode. hes refrencing jimmy cus in the story mode jimmy plays alot of vid games.

    • gio

      Why does my money dissapear after i do a mission?

  • George

    In all honesty GTA V is really fun online, races are really good fun (apart from the few people that swerve to knock you off track) Survival missions are great, deathmatches can be brilliant if you get with a good crowd, all in all a really good game, don’t understand what your complaining about, yes there were problems with joining for the first couple of days but since then the game has been really great, some of the ridiculous stuff you can do in game is awesome too, also 90% of people are good and honest and just want to have fun, made loads of online buddys on gta online, I guess the people that are douchebags ingame get put with others so they are probably the ones who are whinging and complaining.
    PS: add me on xbox live if you want; my game name is smabber xx

  • diaz_mma

    Once you buy an apartment, have all your cars maxed out w/ upgrades, and are fully equipped with artillery, money really doesn’t mean much in this game.

    • TaboriHK

      It kinda doesn’t mean that much before too. I’ve been saving up for an apartment since level 1 and I’ve been in the “comfortable” range for most of the game. If anything, I’d like to get the big expenses that are coming out of the way so I can focus on enjoying myself. The stress of almost having enough for the apartment has been killing me for 10+ levels now.

    • Pat1711

      Yeah but nobody has maxed everything out unless if they cheated but they’ll get banned soon anyway XP

      • TaboriHK

        That’s not true. It’s easy to max out stats, car upgrades and more if you focus on them one at a time.

  • PSN:SeanMac45

    Even with the 1.04 update im still having problems. Such as Cars Wont switch from 3rd gear.

  • joe b since the drop of gta online in the beginning my online character would not save. I had to level up several different times reaching a rank of10-13 three times. Very frustrated. Since the acknowledgement of rockstar I had no probs I give u guys props for handling the issues ..what people don’t understand is that nothing is perfect especially dealing with the internet there will be minor issues expect that the main issues where takin care of ppl are just never satisfied. Now if rockstar is waiting for all problems to disappear then we’ll never get that money .glitches happen in EVERY game don’t play if u don’t like that’s all. Gta is one of the best games out next to (madden) but I’m a fan for life great job rockstar keep up the great work thanks. One question tho how the hell are ppl getting to rank 125-200 so damn fast!! Share the secret plz…

  • GTAVonlineHATER

    What free roam? You still have to get insurance for your car and get money to buy weapons and rank up. And if somebody attacks you and you kill them, Blow up their car you get in trouble for being a bad sport. There is no free Roam in this stupid online game.

    • Nitro

      Your a idiot, period. Gta online is “free roam”. Stupid prick

  • ugh

    All this over a game that JUST came out??


  • Give GTA online a Break

    Some perspective is in order…

    1. GTA Online is a FREE stand alone that came with GTA 5.
    2. The main selling point of GTA wasn’t online play which is in contrast to Diablo 3.
    3. GTA 5 does not require you to be connected to R* server to play which Sim City does and failed miserably.
    4. While GTA Online has some glitches, it does not prevent you from playing GTA 5. Again, this is in sharp contrast to Sim City 5. I bought simcity on release day and I’m still waiting for the game to be playable…

    just my 2 cents.

  • kevin

    they should give ps3 users of gtav o an extra 500 gs because idk when were going to get the money and i alredy have 444760$ and im on my week off so like if they dont do the stimulus package then i might be at my other place and i have no online there.

  • Shawn Bolton

    That’s crap. You can’t just give half a million to some people and not others, I understand not giving it to people that have farmed missions and resold stolen cars for hours to amass millions. And I can understand not giving it to people that just started online this week, due to the major talk of this stimulus. I have been playing since October 1st when I bought the game and have experienced tons of lots wages and possessions, but have yet to see any of this charity from Rockstar. So in short, if you’re going to give it to the chosen few, either give it to everyone or don’t give it at all…

  • marc milewski

    Thia is garbage i waa one person who decided not to do the glitch is so I can play the game in fairness now everyone who did the glitches has nice cars all souped up and I ranked up hirockstars promised deposit money in peoples accounts I still haven’t seen anything it was all just a scam

  • Six

    Ummm wheres the money rockstar?! Its now nov 7. and still no money

    • Schmead

      Anyone else got given $2miliion for their stim package????
      My mate got $5mill