‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Property List: Prices, Locations, & Garage Sizes

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Grand Theft Auto Online Home List

After a rocky start, Grand Theft Auto Online is now available to a majority of Grand Theft Auto 5 players. Problems persist, as a recent title update addressed a number of known problems while introducing a series of new glitches that caused select players to lose their multiplayer rank and character customizations. However, despite the setbacks, many gamers are still enjoying the online mode and continue to press ahead in the hopes that most of the major bugs are now in the past and that Rockstar Games will soon have the experience stabilized.

It’s entirely understandable if cautious players remain reluctant to jump in, especially since the campaign has a lot to offer; yet, plenty of gamers have jumped into Grand Theft Auto Online with both feet – and are keeping busy exploring the multiplayer mode. As a result, anyone who is just now getting started in Online Los Santos will have some especially useful resources at their disposal – including this handy list of every available personal property.

Thanks to Reddit user pvt13krebs, new Grand Theft Auto Online players can make a more informed decision about which apartments and homes to invest in – with a full breakdown of each property’s location, price, and garage size:

Check out the full list here (click to enlarge):

Grand Theft Auto Online Property List

Players who are looking to get in on property ownership can start at multiplayer level 5 – with a $25,000 investment. For that price, users gain access to the Unit 124 Popular Street garage in East Los Santos which, unfortunately, does not come attached to an actual home front – meaning that the property merely allows for the storage of two personal cars.

Anyone that wants to enjoy the perks of actual home ownership will need a minimum of $80,000 to purchase Apartment 13 at 0112 Rockford Drive. Like the Popular Street garage, the Apartment 13 property allows for the storage of two vehicles along with the added benefits of a home – such as television (which allows players to watch Los Santos cable channels and spectate other player game sessions), radio, interactive objects (i.e. whiskey to drink), and the ability to meet-up with crew members and friends.

Of course, the Popular Street garage and Apartment 13 properties are only the least expensive options – so gamers who want a better location, luxurious views, added amenities, along with greater vehicle storage will find a host of other choices at a variety of price points. Apartment 31 is at the top of the list – located at Eclipse Towers, the property rings in at $400,000 and includes 10 vehicle slots. Rockstar Games could (and probably will) add more properties down the line – as the game evolves with player interests but, for the time being, Online gamers already have plenty of real estate options.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Properties Most Expensive

Side note: the Game Rant and Screen Rant crews are thoroughly enjoying a modest but comfortable safe house at 0504 South Mo Milton Drive (1 bed/1 bath with room for six cars, a spacious couch, and other amenities).


Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online are out now for the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms.

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Sources: Reddit [via pvt13krebs and Gamepur] and Gaming Stack Exchange


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        That shouldn’t make a difference because the save file is stored remotely (in fact this goes for Single Player as well since I got prompted that saving was DISABLED due to the cloud server being down). The reason people are losing characters is because cloud saving is down making it appear that the save is gone when it’s really not. Then when you go to create a new character, you end up overwriting the progress of your old one.

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    Question is, why can’t we own more than one property? I mean, I know you don’t need more than one Apartment, but what about the individual garages scattered across the city? If they were going to make it to where we had one one property wouldn’t they have put less properties on in general? I mean, to me it was effort they didn’t need to put out unless they just want to tease us.

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      So I don’t have to worry about spawning at my house and getting capped as soon as I leave my garage. More locations = more options = greater anonymity.

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