5 Cities We Want To Explore In ‘Grand Theft Auto 6′



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  1. 1. Miami
    2. Havana
    3. Rio De Janero
    4. Honolulu
    5. Chicago

  2. yall should do new Orleans or Chicago they the only two cities that’s could really relate to this gta v lifestyle the citys beautiful great places to live high crime rates

  3. Perhaps an Australian State? E.g. Brisbane.

    Give us aussies a chance to make it big in the gaming stocks

    • Brisbane wouldn’t meet the needs for GTA. The Gold Coast has the perfect set out and terrain for it.

      It has the mountains, rich area’s, beaches and ocean, Movie studio complex, theme parks, casino and so on.

      Brisbane is nearly there, but the Gold Coast is similar to LA or Vegas, which fits right into the needs of rockstar.

  4. I would like to see some of this cities:
    3)Rio de Janeiro
    5)New Orleans

  5. Chicago would be an excellent Grand Theft Auto atmosphere, as would Detroit and especially East St. Louis.

  6. They should pick a Scottish city

  7. They CANNOT do Vegas after GTAV. LA and Vegas are only a few hours apart in real life. They can’t do another city with desert as the surrounding area. Vegas is just a dirtier, hotter, smaller LA (without the ocean, mind you). I would also hate for them to do Chicago because it would just be another grey, dull place like Liberty City, and I don’t think it has quite as much international recognition or unique style like LA or NYC do.

    I think they should so the San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco would be the centerpiece, but there would also be Oakland for the gang violence, San Jose and other bay cities for the suburban feel, with other areas nearby like Silicon Valley, wine country, numerous hillsides, and (of course) some beaches.

    If not San Francisco, I think Seattle and Miami would be a good choice (especially since the latter is yet to be remade). Again, I don’t think places like Houston or Detroit have that international flavor that makes a great game (though Atlanta had the Olympics in 1996, so I’m going to suggest that city too). Honolulu or New Orleans would have some beautiful backdrops as well with some awesome culture to boot.

    I’m actually very upset that Rockstar confirmed that it’s not London, because that would’ve been my top choice. As for some other foreign locations, I love all of the ones mentioned, but I fear most movies with foreign settings in recent years have been all over these locations and I don’t want GTA to seem repetitive what what’s in the media. Some cities not mentioned that I would love to see: Sydney, Beijing or Shanghai, Rome, Venice, Moscow, Istanbul. If GTA does go international though, it would be less about gang violence and drug dealing, so it would probably be hard to execute. The US is perfect because only here do violence and crime exist so prominently in many of our major internationally-recognized cities. But, if by the chance the Rockstar does decide to go abroad, I’d love to see the protagonist(s) work undercover in local crime for some greater international espionage story.

    Also, can we finally have a female playable character? Please and thank you!


  9. Well GTA San Andreas already had Vegas with Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas which is Vegas. GTA needs to do Chicago. Chicago is the Murder capital and has heavy gang violence and political corruption. Along with a great skyline, lake front, and transportation system.

  10. Las Venturas was in GTA San Andreas.

  11. I would like to see Rockstar do what they did with the West Coast in San Andreas and amalgam portions of a certain area together into one state or region. Personally, I think a GTA done in the South would be incredible with multiple cities. Obviously Vice City being a HUGE part of this is mandatory but also New Orleans, and Orlando with the swamps and creeks and everglades surrounding them.

    I think the West Coast is pretty much off limits for a game or two given the attention it got recently …same goes for Liberty City. I see the best options being an amalgam of the south or D.C. Both great areas to explore with two completely different stories to tell. D.C with its corrupt politics and the South with its race issues as well as the tourism industry eating parts of it alive. And God dammit, I want to visit the Glory Hole Resort.

    I would also much prefer the return to period pieces but I do not think that is happening.

  12. 1 Washington, D.C.
    2 Denver Colorado
    3 Alaska
    4 Mexico City
    6 Seattle
    7 canada
    8 Spain
    9 Arizona

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