5 Cities We Want To Explore In ‘Grand Theft Auto 6′



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  1. They need to have 1 in (ClipsBurgh)PITTSBURGH

  2. Las Vegas has been in GTA. Las Venturas in San Andreas

  3. I would love to explore London rock stars would have a lot of money if they placed it in London or the United Kingdom so we can explore everything rock stars would sale billions and billions of copies

  4. id luv if it wud b set in Liberty City again in da projects like Queens and Brooklyn back in 1992 when CJ was still in LC and b able 2 meet him as a east coast gangsta and hav snow in it 2 wit new old skool clothes and guns. b in a african american gang again like crips r sumting.wit all da old skool hip hop songs like Wu Tang, Nas, Biggie, Naughty By Nature and mostly every big east coast rapper back then in a radio station

  5. Needs to be set in DC and the main characters should be 1. A guy trying to kill the president 2. A secret service agent trying to save him

  6. It shoud be in miami or in Chicago

  7. new york wud b kool in da ghetto or projects like San Andreas wit CJ but in da east coast this time and b able 2 fly 2 certain other countrys like Brazil or more places in America like Chicago. but i wud luv 2 see sum1 back in a gang like Grove Street Families but this time dont leave, do missions 4 da hood and ur gang

  8. I notice every American poster lists only US cities and talks their country up like there’s no other locations on the planet other than America to use. What the author is getting at is a completely different location to offer something different we can experience.

    My top three picks would be
    1.) 3 cities to navigate in South America (Rio in Brazil, Bogota in Colombia & Buenos Aires in Argentina).
    2.) London & Paris (back to its British roots but also include channel tunnel so you can go to France).
    3.) Hong Kong (large city with the highest number of skyscrapers in the world, very rich gang culture).

  9. I know for a fact that London is out. That has been confirmed, and I fell that gta is just an American game, otherwise it wouldn’t feel like gta anymore. Las vegas does sound like a pretty good idea though.

  10. so what i was thinking not trying to bring kind of race into it but i was thinking u could choose from 3 different modes and able to play any whenever you want. Those modes being with 3 different characters in 3 different locations, which would be hard but rockstar games i think would be capable of doing it. so more on it is that They should be a black charcter named whatever they want to name it doesn’t matter in Dallas or Houston would be cool and then they should be a white character to play with and put there setting in like detroit or something , i hope everyone who rreads gets where im going with that one , or also iwas thinking maybe putting (him) in like queens or some where New York would be cool!. Then onto the third character u should choose of a hispanic guy in there and have his setting in like El paso/Mexico or Laredo/texas and south border/Mexico would be cool or somewhwere else couldnt think really on that one but i think it be cool for like those certain things. Also make it more about fighting with ur gang against other gangs , so we can have another street fight game cause gta 5 was more about like heist if like y’all can relate to what im saying

  11. How about Dayton Ohio LOL

  12. I’d like to see Las Vegas (Las Venturas) in the 1970s. Cars, music, and culture to match. Really not interested in Chicago, Boston, Detrroit, etc. because truth be told it will just feel like another Liberty City. We don’t want to see another NE/Midwestern State or City…

    I would love Rockstar to base a GTA on London; there’s lots of potential there, from storylines to satire to anything. I don’t buy the excuse that it will be unappealing to the American market – who we’re to assume are dumb, insular sheep. Grand Theft Auto is already a household name in America and some British gangsters movies have grossed very well in the States, not to mention The Getaway (the closest we ever got to a 3D GTA in London) sold well in the US too.
    It could have a plot similar to that of Green Street, an American protagonist who ends up getting caught up in British gangland/hooliganism, someone who American gamers would identify with.

    But yeah I know Rockstar said they won’t, it’s just daydreaming. So GTA VI will undoubtedly be probably Liberty City #77 or probably another rehash of Vice City or something, and it will probably be modern. They’re losing their innocative and risk-taking edge, GTA doesn’t even generate controversy anymore.

  13. @Ryland Kinard yea dats wat im sayin sum gang related stuff wit african american gangs back in da ghetto or da projects in da east sumting like dat and latino drug cartel wud b cool 2 but id rather da gang wars between crip or blood put in2 Liberty City in Brooklyn or Brownsville, Queenz is good 2. id like it not modern like old skool wit dat east coast timbz an baggy jeans and all da old stuff like Wu Tang and Nas

  14. First off, I wouldn’t buy a GTA if it wasn’t based off of an American city. Mainly for familiarity reasons. But also, hearing another people’s version of English would be far too brutal to sit through. Especially Japan. And lastly, there are still so many unexplored options in the U.S. New Jersey; an Italian mob type of thing. Houston; a Mexican story. Chicago, New Orleans, D.C. The possibilities are endless. I’m hoping for a San Andreas-type of GTA next in terms of location. I hope that instead of a single city, they recreate a large area. Just as in San Andreas with Los Santos (L.A), San Fiero (San Fran.) and Las Venturas (Vegas), I hope to see a well defined shape of cities of the same network that includes the smaller surrounding cities. That’d be pretty dope.

  15. I know this might be too much for rockstar but what if they bring it back to liberty city and have luis,niko,jhonny,michael,trevor,and franklin meet and you can play as all them.Also you travel to los santos.That would be nice in gta vi.

  16. In GTAV, the setting was Los Santos, but the player returned to Ludendorff, where the game started. That may have been a precursor (or taste) for whats to come. I think the next game will push the boundaries like the last game did, but instead of playing as three characters at once, it will allow you to switch between multiple cities throughout the game (perhaps even incorporating international travel, considering the impact of the game in other countries like Japan. American gangsters dealing with Yakuza, perhaps?) I hope I didn’t jinx it. Rockstar is so secretive that the mere mention of an idea by the speculating public could cause it to disappear ;)

  17. It would be cool if it was like in Lincoln Omaha or north Platte Nebraska that would be sweet for me because I live in north Platte Nebraska cause I know most of the sites in north Platte so that would be sweet if rockstar could do that for me

  18. In the light of three cities like San Andreas had, how about Detroit, Chicago, and St. Louis? Two of the three murder capitols of the U.S. and the home of the U.S. auto industry.

  19. It should be in New Orleans

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