5 Worst ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Gameplay Mechanics



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  1. Wait a minute. This is all there was to complain about? This is stuff I wouldn’t think twice about! I mean the one about police using excessive force I totally agree with, but the rest seems pointless.

    The police need to be toned down for sure. Starting shooting rampages in the old GTA’s were fun, if you were in a 5 star chase….you knew you were having a good time! But this one just seems to ruin any fun of starting a rampage. Heck even when you are trying to mind your own business they are excessively annoying. Just do folks a favor and make it 4 stars. Everyone knows the first wanted level star you get in GTA V is just pointless. Goes from 1 star to 2 stars no matter what you do. At least in GTA SA you could actually earn 2 stars rather than receive them for just walking up and punching some guy in the face who threw the first punch!

    For shooting back at an officer or for even merely knocking them out, you get 3 stars. And what does 3 stars get ya? Roadblocks with spike strips, helicopters, and to top it all off, both of them come with their very own “super expert impossible shot sniper guy”! I wouldn’t mind it if at 3 stars they sent a helicopter to follow you or maybe even the spike strips. But having these ridiculously great shots from a moving vehicle on your vehicle that’s usually doing 100+ mph is absurd!

    The mechanics for the police overall are the worst I’ve ever dealt with in any game. Not only do their cars magically outrun yours (even if you’re in the same car they are driving) but they also get what appears to be a random boost. It’s like something out of ‘Driver San Francisco’, are all the police in the LSPD Tanner with the abilities to lunge their cars into yours? On top of that, they control where you veer off to after they bump you. Not like a little tap to make the back end shake…..no it’s more like having them jump inside your car and grab your steering wheel to give it a good yank. If they are going to hit you, how bout the pit maneuver? They’ve been doing it right since GTA SA.

    And for anyone who thinks “well they didn’t want to make the cops easy and fun to run from like they were in GTA SA, they wanted to make it “realistic” so people would appreciate it”. I’ve got news for ya……..”realistic” police don’t place you under arrest for looking at them funny or making a rude remark. But they do come after you for doing 125 in a 35 zone while plowing into the rear end of a truck. So what’s this about realistic police? Exactly……realistic police aren’t fun unless you actually make them realistic. The police in game are just annoying and retarded as all hell.

    I could go on and on about the police and what needs to be fixed but I think everyone has had enough of my rambling speech and to be honest, it would be easier to get rid of the GTA V police and replace them with the police from GTA IV. If not at least add a court system so I can sue the GTA V police for excessive use of force + plenty of other charges that would get a REAL police officer fired.

    Maybe I notice a lot of this because I’m looking into my future career as law enforcement for a small town, but even when I’m fighting the police in this game, I still put the controller down and go back to GTA SA or GTA IV if I’m looking for a police rampage that doesn’t suck. There’s a ton more about the police mechanics that I’d love to go into such as their “realistic” bullets passing through 6 ft of water, or the pointlessness of having a police baton and taser when the police don’t use either. For now, I will leave it at this; GTA V had good intentions I think, but they toyed with the police which have a big impact on the game being as they are the expendable enemy you run into half the time. The police attitude got worse in GTA IV but just when I thought they’d fix that, they made it 10x worse than it already was.

    Not having the Police side missions or any side missions except the taxi was a huge disappointment, makes stuff like traditional yellow enterable circles and tapping to run seem like the most pointless topics to cover for complaints. Maybe someone who was just as disappointed with not having the trucking, police, ambulance, firetruck, etc. side missions can take it from here….

    • this isgoing too be asowem

      • this is going to be awsome bro

        • can i r play


    • Everything is wrong except for the shooting. Shooting is ridiculous; auto aim should be taken off of online mode, as every player with an mg can gun you down before you can get close, no matter how good you strafe, duck, and cover. The only way to get close is to try to use your aim and hope for the best. (I try to snipe)The blip mission thing is ok, cops are just wacky, and i dont care if i have to tap “X/A” to run, its not loud and annoying as you claim.

  2. The cover system and the “targeting system” along with everything mentioned in this article are just some of the many, many ways GTA V sucks d***. Cover system makes you cover in the worst possible spots and angles I’ve ever seen in a video game, not to mention the fact that the auto-aim feature only works half the f***ing time and you can’t even turn free-aim on in online. F***king pathetic excuse for a game.

  3. this is going to be awsome bro

  4. I have to agree with all your criticism expect the shooting mechanic. You have to let it go in this kind of game. My biggest critism is the new need for speef style driving mechanics is the most disappointing in an other awesome open world game.

  5. I agree with the first 4 of these, they really should be improved by now. But the 5th, the snap-to shooting, I find a refreshing change that prevents GTA from becoming “just another shooter game” in my opinion. And honestly I’m tired of seeing my favourite games devolve into the mindless mechanic of running through a linear, one track map shooting anything that moves…. And everything that doesn’t, just incase. (Case point: the evolution of the brilliance of mass effect 1 through to the garbage that was No. 3) please don’t ask they do the same thing to GTA…. There are few enough games that ARENT mindless shooters these days.

  6. dont worry, pc version will be much better. Ops no PC? Damm…

  7. Yeah take auto aim off. That makes sense to losers who game 18hrs a day. . But some of us don’t and prefer a little realism in aiming. If someone was shooting at me I’d bring my weapon up pointed directly at them not at a 90° angle like in free aim. And yes the tip of my barrel would follow you when you moved.. but I digress. Maybe if I had 18hrs a day to play video games like the people in their moms basement wanting auto aim removed I too would want it removed.

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