‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ Not Targeting October Release Date?

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Grand Theft Auto 5 2013 Release

Though it was surmised that BioShock Infinite was delayed into early 2013 to make room for the highly anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto 5, one analyst thinks that not to be the case. Thus far, the big Rockstar GTA releases have taken place around the end of the year, but with so many triple-A titles, like Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty, occupying that space, it’s easy to see why Rockstar might be a little gun shy about an October release.

According to Baird analyst Colin Sebastian, Rockstar is most likely going to be looking to early 2013 for the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 as well. Rather than compete with the likes of Halo 4 or even the release of the Wii U, Rockstar is going to position themselves for a strong winter or spring.

If you’ll remember, Max Payne 3, which releases in just a few days, was originally set to release earlier this year, but Rockstar delayed it, most likely to make room for Mass Effect 3. Clearly Rockstar no longer thinks that they are the publisher to beat, and actually worries about when their games release.

If Rockstar really wanted to surprise everyone they would wait until E3 2012, and the Nintendo Press Conference, to reveal a release date for GTA 5 that would also include shipping on the Wii U. Since the announcement of the game many have speculated that Nintendo’s new console would feature GTA 5 but nothing has been confirmed.

Nonetheless there is still the belief, one held by competing analyst Michael Pachter, that suggests Grand Theft Auto 5 will release in October. It’s not an absolute that we will see an announcement from Rockstar during E3 2012 — the developer has a longstanding tradition of sitting out the annual event — but given the amount of uncertainty surrounding the game’s release we’d hope to hear at least something in the next month or so.

Do you think that Grand Theft Auto 5 will release in this year or the next? Will we see a big announcement from Rockstar during E3?

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  1. I really don’t think GTA V will release this year. There are A LOT of big games coming out in the fall. Anyway, if they release in winter/spring 2013, the game will even be better and they will have more money to make more great red dead, GTA, and max payne sequels.

    • I think Max Payne need a rest, the 3rd wasn’t that good anyway

  2. rock star suck Max Payne 3 game suck gta v will suck to
    i dont like gta iv the game suck the old games are good on the ps2
    you suck rock star just give up makeing gta pleasce dont make no more games
    u are all fn ass bitchs i wait for the next gta game for 4 yrsand ur not done make gta v u want us wait 2013 what did u want us wait for the game on 2014 so fu?k y?? go put the game in ur ass and eat it iam not going buy the game if you rockstar guys dont be done makeing the gta v on October 15 2012 i will not buy the game and u Halo fans go to hell bitchs

    • wow you cant spell

    • I wish I sounded that intelligent in real life…
      I could be … I could



      circus freak.

      • You are an illiterate little bitch.

    • Google Translate doesn’t have that language D:

    • thats the opinion for you and a cupple of other people agains… idk millions of other people. so stop being an ass and dont complain
      its stupid and no one likes it
      and if you dont like the game or all that stuff so why are you even here?

    • You’re an Idiot, if it’s coming out next year which it is that is good news as they will have more time to polish the game and fix potential glitches than meet a date satisfied by non patient customers

    • smartass be happy with rockstar if rockstar wouldn’t be excistin
      -ps2/3 also wouldn’t be excistin so shut up and go play cod what isn’t made bij rockstar

    • (Reply to Prjdj2013) 1.) Do you think your special or something? all of us have waited as long as you have.
      2.) I’d rather have a good, polished game than a glitchy one.
      3.) Rockstar should be worried for october not because ‘cod’ is a good game, but because everyone buys it to play with there friends. Id pick GTA anyday but i wouldnt want to be the one left out when all my friends have Cod.
      4.) I have ps3 and i think halo is a good game whats wrong with halo?
      5.) just saying I think Cod BO2 is turning into halo^
      6.) If they do release GTA V in october, and it all goes pear shaped, Gta VI will be even further away (less buys = Less money to put towards the next GTA)
      7.) Don’t buy it then? If your too impatient (excuse my spelling) to wait a couple of months extra i think The GTA community will be better off without you
      8.) If the text is saying 2013 at the latest why would they want us to wait ’til 2014? that makes no-sense.
      9) I think this game looks alot like San Andreas (myne and my friends personal favourite GTA) so if it ends up alot like it, you will have your good game from ps2 on ps3.
      10.) I mean no hard Feelings on this but im expressing my feelings towards your comment and the news.

      Thanks for the news, Sam.

    • acually is dolan

    • Holy Batman this isn’t even remotely literate

    • shut the fck up if u don’t like the games that rockstar mack then don’t comment

      • you are righ he complains ewery where i seen him in meny pages he just says ´´that suck this suck´´ he should get a life

    • One word……douche.

    • oi Rockstar Games Rock not suck. Gta San Andreas, Gta IV and Max Payne 3 Rock

    • Learn to speak english you stupid idiot

    • you must be gay nah just kidding you’re probably some sort of subhuman species where the guy gets pregnant right. Probably even the homos won’t accept you. ou son of a bitch

    • Please try to think from developers point of view instead of consumers point of view. Your comment is pretty unprofessional, immature, and unrealistic. Please don’t think this world as your grandma’s house where you can get anything by yelling at your grandma. If you are a developer instead of just a player, you would understand. However, I agree, GTA 4 sucked. Even it had better graphics and gameplay, the setting is terrible and there is lack of variety of things to do.

    • dude, learn to spell and Rockstar can’t do everyhing at once. GTA 5 is the biggest game they have EVER made and they want to make sure people have cash to buy the game, its only a few months more to wait big deal some one shoot them, jeez anyone would think you need games to live kid. shut up, calm down, go to school and wait till your 18 to buy it before crying over it! i hate people like you, always have something to moan about and want everything all the time. well im sorry to say but life is a bitch so wat in in line.

    • obviously that is only your opinion and in general does not suck otherwise they would not be putting in the time, energy and money to a fifth instalment to the GTA series. so you are just making yourself looks stupid there buddy especialy when you contradict yourself by first saying it will suck. just listen to yourself when you speak bro, pure genius…

    • make your own game then i dont see any of your games on gamestop

    • Awww look…we have a bad as* over here or just stupid hater ? prjdj2013 maybe u are “very rich” and u “can” buy pc or PS which can hold this games running good ? …

  3. Spelling Failure

  4. I hope Rockstar reveals a release date soon. I’m so sick of waiting for information already. All in favor?

    • acording to teco they will be getting it o the 12/03/13

  5. “Clearly Rockstar no longer thinks that they are the publisher to beat, and actually worries about when their games release.”

    Have you ever said/think “I really need a new game!”? becuase i certainly have. Infact im saying it now! I have three sides to what i think. One is I’d profer it to be out in october because i can buy it and get playing (I can’t wait for this game).
    Second is that i’d rather it be next year when i can get the money because i dont no where im going to cought up all this money through october.
    Thirdly and lastly, id rather it be out in 2013 because when im bored of the games that came out in october i can really be happy about a fresh new game early 2013.

    Thats what i think :)

    • Sorry for my spelling ^

  6. Lmao hilarious troll

  7. Im excited for grand theft auto5 and I cant whate I liked gth san andreas lots of kool cheats and stuf but crapy graphics. I love gth4 the graphics were grate but not as many cheats as san andreas but freking grate. I hop that they make it for xbox360

  8. This article is the equivalent of a random comment on GTA Forums. It’s a purely speculative editorial.

    No new information was presented, and this site is complete s***. I can’t believe vgchartz links to this abomination.

  9. This may sound harsh or like a compliant but please hear me out.
    this game like all other gta are terrible for what they teach children. they teach them like most rap songs that women are to be used and abused and in the case of gta murdered in cold blood.

    Then there are the murder of police officers in the game that makes kids think they can go out and murder the police.

    the company is a terrible one and should be sued by well everyone to take it out of bushiness.

    now before any of you become neanderthals and show a little of an IQ some of you might have and use foul langue(I bet none of you are that low in IQ) and other old arguments like they are not responsible or its the children or parents and not the game or the makers you are only half right as it is also the makers of the game who are at fault.

    the makers of the game target police officers as well as women(doesn’t matter if they are prostitutes or not) in their games and that is something that should never be done.

    just because they hate the police and despise women so much they wish they could kill them does not mean they should make games for it.

    If you say its only a game and no harm or foul is intended then what if someone puts out a game that targets you and your family and kills them and get money for it?

    Would you be wanting five version of the same game getting sold if it more or less puts a target on your head and those of your family?

    I think not.

    I hope that the game is pushed so far back it never comes out.

    thank you for your time and please enjoy your day/night. :)

    • Thats why the game is rated m for mature. Its the parents fault after all

    • You are a moron, what about all the movies, music, books? that do the same thing? why are you not over there with your fist up your ass telling them they should be canceled and shut down? Maybe you should get an IQ before you bash on others or maybe it would be possible for you to know what you talk about before you speak on it? educating yourself is your job not ours so maybe you should do that so you don’t look like such an idiot?

    • If the parents are stupid enough to purchase an M rated game for their under 17 child, than that’s their own damn fault. Usually by the time a child is 17, they realize that they can’t do anything that is in the game legally. So the blame lands on the parents for buying the game in the first place if they’re going to buy it for an under 17 child since stores require ID for M rated games the child cant buy it, which if the parents buy it and the child does in fact preform these acts from the games, that just makes the parents look horrible, it’s nobodys fault but their own, so good day sir/madam.

      • As a teenager I believe Rockstar N is great. From my perspective it isn’t the parent’s fault that their child likes violent video games, its the game’s fault. Rockstar wasn’t the start of all the violence, though. Since there are violent video games, parents are forced to make a tough decision between their child shooting a guy in the street or shooting a guy on the screen. Sadly both aren’t good options but one is better than the other. Screw the people who have no respect for their parents. Because it is those people who let video games turn you into idiots who think its ok to put down others. You are the one who wanted the game. Parents just try to make the best decisions wether or not you agree with them or not.

    • i am a teenager and have killed 3,065,098 people yes and i blame it all on gta, so with this i also must stay im rollin in a stallion conv. (car..lol) so keep your crap in your butt.

  10. lol to the above poster goin on about how it effectds children. did you ever notice the game is actually intended for adults. its 18+ rated or M which means its not meant for kids to be playing it in the first place.
    if parents want to let their kids play adult themed games then wot do they expect to happen. its not rockstars fault but the parents who let their kids play the game if they are at that much of an influential age.
    anyway the game will has not even got a release date yet. so it probably wont be out for another 6 months or more. surely they would announce a release date like any other developer does if it was due out any time soon. theres a lot of top titles coming out up until february, some may say too many if you like all types of games. i dont think we will se this release until after february time probably later on towards summer time 2013, thats jus my opinion based on the fact that most games get a release date announcement a good 3-6 months before its due.
    gta5 has been extremely quiet since it was announced. itd be great to have it this year but i think its highly unlikely. considering we have a lot of games already due out an a few pushed back already to feb.

  11. Also rockstar has to reason to be afraid of other games coming out. Rock star has only been outsold by black ops.. halo and assassins creed hasnt done it yet. halo because it is xbox only and assassins creed doesn’t generate as much sale . gta could drop in 2 weeks and sell just as much as it would in march.

  12. As eager for GTA V as I am, I want R* to take their time and make it as amazing as they possibly can. GTA IV and its episodes were good and I enjoyed them, but compared to previous GTAs, they were a significant letdown. I’m already looking into buying another PS2 in November so I can dive back into the GTA III era games and Scarface: The World is Yours (among other fantastic games). GTA IV and Saints Row 2/3 aren’t doing it for me anymore.

  13. Its a shame you lot are all guessing because i know,my brother works for Rockstar you see and he is developing GTA V as we speak,but its good to read all these conspiracies and rumours lol ^_^

  14. Guys to clear the sky GTA V will been released in october.
    and to say that GTA V have the same freedom as GTA SanAndreas.
    you can customize weapons like in the trailer.
    and your own character.
    and guys to say it GTA v sells more than COD BO 2 i think

    • it wasn’t release October so u were wrong there but i agree and hop that u can do everything like in gta sa and 4 with the customizing and hopfully u can customize ur vehicle like in the saints row franchise that would be cool

  15. It will be relased NEVER.

  16. since it already half way through December when i reading this and it hasn’t been released yet i’m gonna say maybe a January, February release as that would be a great/key tie to release it being that valentines day in February would be a good time 4 sales

  17. The game WILL be released on April the 23rd
    From Rockstar

    • I think GTAV will be out May or April 24, 2013 and do the math of other GTA releases and look around for solid legit information cause I think Sam Housers birthday is on the 24th see this clue and guys look for clues in the 2 trailers like go on YouTube and type in GTAV release date clues or something. Cheers

      • Yeah GTA will come out 2013 some were at spring time but its looking good

    • that’s actually my birthday…. so it’ll be a great present for me, i just hope it’s actually released earlier than having to wait till my birthday (which will be awesome. too

  18. s***! But whhhhy? Namco’s speeding their Tekken franchise like no man’s business. Tag II got released in no time. Max Payne better cover up big time for this blunder.

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