Will ‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ Come to PC?

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Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Port Job Posting

As of this writing, Grand Theft Auto 5 has only been confirmed for the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. PC Fans, however, are hopeful that the highly anticipated title from Rockstar Games will come to their platform of choice as soon as possible.

While we have no official confirmation on the matter, a recent job posting for Rockstar’s Leeds studio suggests a PC port of Grand Theft Auto 5 might be in the works. And if history has shown us anything, it’s that GTA almost always comes to the PC.

The job posting for Rockstar Leeds says the company is “currently looking for a talented graphics programmer to help bring our latest titles to the PC platform.” With the most recent Rockstar release, Max Payne 3, already on the PC it stands to reason they are referring to Grand Theft Auto 5.

Obviously, we have no confirmation on the matter, but the timing of the job posting seems too coincidental to overlook. The only other explanation for the job posting would be that Rockstar is beefing up its Leeds studio for future PC versions of unannounced games (Bully 2, Red Dead 2?).

Even more telling than the job description is the fact that Rockstar has pulled the ad. Job postings have long been the best clues for new unannounced projects, and when they disappear faster than they were posted you start to wonder why.

So, while PC gamers anxiously await news of a Grand Theft Auto 5 PC port, evidence continues to mount that suggests one is coming. If we were going based purely on the franchise’s history alone it seems like a sure bet Grand Theft Auto 5 will make its way to the PC.

Grand Theft Auto 4, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City all hit PC within a year of the console versions launches. That being said, one of Rockstar’s biggest hits, Red Dead Redemption, has yet to see a PC release.

In case you missed it, Rockstar premiered a new gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5 that featured a brief tease for Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar’s multiplayer element in GTA 5.

Do you think Grand Theft Auto 5 will eventually release on the PC? When might a PC port release?

Grand Theft Auto 5 releases September 17, 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Rockstar Watch

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  • Edwards rocky

    I think so but maybe in the future prolly not any time soon. Simply because mostly all the GTAS where released on PC at some point in time..GTA4 on PC was horrid tho.

    • J

      I thought it was decent, and you could get some pretty sweet mods for it, plus play around with modding yourself if you knew a little coding. I made a simple XML modification that made guns shoot explosions. It offered some nice entertainment when there was nothing better to do or I just wanted to kill some time.

      • Som

        First game I returned because it simply wouldn’t work. Even tried it recently on my i7 and still it’s slow, hopefully they’ll optimize the 5th one a bit better…

        • esroleo

          There is a fix to up the graphics, search on google.

          Both steam and DVD bases have solutions.

          It runs smooth, I am running all in high and there is a difference but not something I would notice much.

        • Amin

          It really depends on your graphics card and your ram too. i7 is the best for gamin but ur computer might not even have a graphics card

        • Ken J


          The most important factor in playing games is the video card, not the processor. A lot of PC’s sold in stores will boast high-end CPU’s to make them sound faster, but will have crappy integrated graphics… Making them pretty useless for gaming. Most PC’s will have a good amount of RAM too since that’s one of the few things consumers who think they know about computers will look at. But very few know the details behind the video cards since the manufacturer naming schemes do not really make logical sense. So you actually have to know what is what…

    • doc

      It was good. But it had bad performance issues you needed good hardware. And there were a lot of glitches with early drivers

  • Trane

    I agree with Edwards in terms that Rockstar will probably wait until enough transactions are transmitted from both PS3 and Xbox owners, because PC version always brings the smallest income

  • boogoo

    Man, I would love to see Bully 2.

  • Ken J

    Who cares? Rockstar always releases some half-assed port to the PC… I am not interested in playing as any of those three characters anyway…

    • JT

      Agreed… ish. PC GTA never works out well, but these new characters are pretty damn cool. Seem to be more interesting than any of the other GTA protagonists.

      • ATG

        These characters are OK at best, to me. I wanna play as a Jason Bourne type of character.

      • Ken J

        Maybe if you’re like 15 these characters seem “cool.” But to me, I don’t want to play and any of them, they all seem like 1d10ts to me… It’s dumb, dumber, and dumberer… 😀

    • doc

      The ports are actually okay in my opinion. But they don’t invest enough in optimization. At least with GTAIV that was a real problem.

  • Shalkowski

    I hope not.

  • John

    Sorry to be the nitpicker, but it will actually be “Red Dead 3″

    Red Dead Redemption was the sequel/spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver released in 2004

  • ATG

    Was hoping it’d come to PC purely for the mods, but after reading these comments about poor optimization, I think I’ll stick with the PS3. I have more friends there anyway, my PC experience is typically single player, now that I think about it.

    • doc

      It all depends on how good your hardware is and if they learned from their mistakes with GTAIV.

      Also, this is a current gen game, running on the curren XBOX360. Meaning it runs on 8 years old hardware. If you built your rig less than 3 years ago performance shouldn’t be as big a problem as with GTAIV anymore. Plus it’s probably the same engine.

  • Pages

    A PC version of all the grand theft auto games have always come out the year after the original.

    • Apolitical Misanthrope

      Not all. The first and the second Grand Theft Auto installments were made into the PC before the PS1 title and many others. When Leslie Benzies took over in producing them, it became a console release before the PC release instead. Yeah, it’s all from the developer’s history. The PC port will happen on GTA V and Rockstar Leeds is four hours drive away from Rockstar North. It could be easy for Leeds to port the game, but who knows? Both developers worked on the Vice City Stories, the Liberty City Stories and Chinatown Wars. It will happen, so don’t worry.

  • chad

    Why would i want to play a game made for a 8 year old outdated tech. Increasing the video and texture size doesnt make it worth 50 bucks.

    • Ken J

      *gasp* now you’ve done it…