Petition to Release ‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ on PC Tops 240,000 Signatures

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A heist in Grand Theft Auto V

There are only a couple of months left to go until the release of Grand Theft Auto V, and fans of law-breaking and mayhem (all fictional, of course) have plenty of reasons to get hyped. Not only will the game’s map be absolutely massive – bigger than Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined – with plenty of different environments to pick from, there will also be three different protagonists whom the player can choose to switch between at any time, and who will act autonomously when not being controlled.

If you don’t own a console and are still lovingly clinging to your WASD keys, however, the future doesn’t seem quite so bright. Many PC gamers are fearful that they won’t get to play Grand Theft Auto V at all, since Rockstar Games has remained non-committal on the issue, neither denying a PC release entirely nor giving any indication that there is one in development.

To help spur a decision from the company, Grand Theft Auto fan Mike Julliard began a petition on Change that asks Rockstar to release the new game on PC so that it can be enjoyed by long-time PC fans and the modding community. As of the time of publication, the petition has gathered over 240,000 signatures.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Character Art

Every one of the console-released Grand Theft Auto games so far has also been released on PC, but that’s no guarantee that Grand Theft Auto V will be as well, especially since the PC port of Grand Theft Auto IV was only announced several months after the console versions were released. With that in mind, PC gamers who want to be able to play Grand Theft Auto V on their preferred system should definitely sign the petition in the hopes of getting Rockstar’s attention. Even if you’re a console purist, why not show solidarity with your fellow gamers by taking a minute to put down a signature?

There is already a glimmer of hope for those who are interested in seeing a Grand Theft Auto V PC release. Rockstar Leeds recently posted a job listing for a programmer who would be tasked with bringing their latest titles to PC. When it was noticed by gaming websites, the company took it down with notable haste, so it may well be that Rockstar is already considering a PC port for Grand Theft Auto V that they don’t want people to know about just yet.

In the wake of the rumors and this new petition, are you hoping that Grand Theft Auto V will come to PC, or are you only interested in playing it on console?

Grand Theft Auto 5 releases September 17, 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Change [via CVG]

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  • Keirra

    Lol I can’t wait!!! <3 Franklin <3

  • MarkHard

    For a game this large it would take much more time and development to work on a PC port even if they have begin working progress. Maybe in a few years time GTA V would be released for PC, the physics and specific game engine was indeed designed in fact to only suite the console version properly. Fans should just wait out and not rush Rockstar so hastely, they have brought a history of great and memorable games to us what more can you ask for. Seriously the console version of the game is how Rockstar is intending the game to be played on so why not just appreciate their vision and pick up a copy.


      rockstar failed on the last gta pc version, full of bugs and very very laggy, even on top end cpus, also, rockstar said they would bring RDR to pc, never did…

  • SomuchBlahBlah

    How about this, get a console.

    What peevs me off the most is PC gamers aren’t in the console war yet have the ordasity to act as if they are an tell console players to get a PC. So how about you PC gamers quit your whining an just go an get a console.

    • 76

      I have a Wii!

    • PCgamersboohoo

      Well said good sir
      PC gamers really bug me with all the constant whining about games when they just mod them anyway.

      • Sinista

        PC Gamers, like me, aren’t into just modding games. I for one don’t but you can get wayyyyyy better graphics on your PC than you can on a xbox 360 or a ps3. My graphics card alone cost $210 which is more than the price of xbox 360 4gb. My graphics are way better and are easily noticeable to the naked eye.

  • Jeff

    Note that PC gamers will insist that this be released and then complain when the port is as bad as GTA IV and then wonder why Rockstar doesn’t want to port games to PC…

  • Sweetjumps

    I don’t understand while developers don’t make a PC counterpart more often. If I was a game developer I would want my game to look as amazing and run the smoothest possible with the most FPS I could turn out, not be restricted by inferior console hardware. I think devs should put out their normal console games but then take the extra time to put out a PC version that shows their true creativity and talent. Video game evolution is being slowed down by consoles and I don’t know why it continues to happen. It’s gotten to the point where you can build a 500$ pc(same price as a new xbox) and it will have 10X more power than a console.