‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ Steals Attention With New Gameplay Trailer

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One of this year’s most anticipated games is without a doubt Grand Theft Auto 5. With the franchise having been missing in action for over five years, a new installment is exactly what the doctor ordered. Gamers are understandably amped for the next Grand Theft Auto‘s imminent arrival, and the fabled developer responsible for the series, Rockstar Games, can already smell blood in the water. To help get gamers excited, Rockstar has decided to release a new trailer that showcases more of what fans can expect from the game later this year.

Highlighted during the trailer are a myriad of new features that’ll have fans frothing at the mouth with anticipation. The ability to switch between the GTA5‘s three main protagonists opens up the game to some very nifty looking options that haven’t been possible in previous iterations. Players can also choose how they want to go about pulling off missions and who they want to pull heists with, which offers a nice dynamic that should provide a bountiful amount of fresh experiences. That glimpse of Grand Theft Auto 5‘s multiplayer at the end was also tantalizing, and details on it should be arriving sooner, rather than later.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer

Accompanying the action-packed Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer, are a pair of new art assets that Rockstar Games has released. The two pieces are just larger offerings of some GTAV character art that were both originally released back in May, but it gives fans a better look at the images in their entirety. Featured in the stylized pictures are none other than one of the main protagonist’s (Michael’s) son and daughter, Jimmy and Tracey. Meanwhile, the other piece of character art features a better look at Franklin’s cohort, Lamar, breaking into a car.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is looking pretty good thus far, and it’s sure to be a smash-hit when it launches later this September. There’s still a lot that gamers don’t know about the title, but Rockstar is slowly letting more details leak as the months roll onwards. For now, however, the new trailer and character art should help to tide gamers over while they await more worthwhile media on the fifth installment of the all too popular series.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be hitting store shelves on September 17th, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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  • kyle

    Holy crap. How I wish I had my college life back when I had time to play this game. :)

    • http://lucas lcuas


  • KantStandYa

    wow that looked amazing!!!!. such a shame no next gen consoles tho.

  • radenismoyojati

    still hoping for pc version release

    • jago

      ditto, I’m getting the ps3 version for now but I hope for the pc version to come soon and I could just imagine how awesome and crazy the mods for it will be lol

  • xmisfit666x

    wow, they just blew my mind with all of that lmao

  • Knock Knock


  • ashley

    Im so getting it for ps4

    • Mike

      Are you sure? Cause I thought it was only coming to current Green consoles??

    • http://gamerant.com Riley Little

      I’d be picking it up for Xbox One if it was coming to next-gen consoles. Right now it’s only PS3 and 360, though.:(

      • boogoo

        Those graphics looked pretty amazing. Could’ve fooled me as a next-gen game.

  • Don

    Looks Amazing

  • JayDogon

    anyone else notice that when he switched characters there is a 4th unknown face on there??

    Future DLC maybe???? i hope its a female!!

    • ChrisTypeR

      That’s your online character spot, your own made up avatar. It’s been covered before

  • Andrui

    This looks amazing…

  • Edwards rocky

    WOW just WOW! Rockstar may have done it again. I mean this is utterly insane, I’ve never seen a company bring a video game world to life like they have. The online has to be better then 4 which was amazing but they had it right with the Red dead mutiplayer letting you and your friends take out bad guys outpost was awesome. Hope to see some sorta bounty hunter mode online.

  • Ken J

    I love how they showed off the reload animation with so much pride… when it’s wrong, lol. 😀

  • http://Gamehermits.wordpress.com Josh Calkins

    I am finally starting to believe it will outdo San Andreas. Anything less will be a dissapointment, however fun, much like 4 was. I want lots of areas and diverse environments and many more vehicles and lots of skydiving. Can’t wait to pedal up Mt Chiliad and drive off the cliff… Wonder if the little town below is still Lonely Pines?

  • Triggerhappy356


  • fanofgames

    Looks simply amazing, cant wait. Will certainly be getting this for the ps3. Wonder what they have planned for dlc. I kinda hope they add in a red dead zombie apocalypse type mode, but with an online free roam where players and their crews could fortify and defend outposts and bases from zombies/players lol. One can only dream.