‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ Map Compared To GTA IV, San Andreas & Real Cities

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After alleged leaks in the past, yesterday a seemingly legitimate map from Grand Theft Auto V found its way onto the internet from an allegedly prematurely sold copy of the game’s official BradyGames strategy guide. It showcased what gamers might be getting to explore in a few days with an enormous and sprawling landscape to lay waste to. It has been long suspected that the map for Rockstar‘s newest installment in the franchise would be their biggest to date, but it was never clear exactly how large that would turn out to be. Even when getting a look at the map it wasn’t easy to judge exactly how big it was when compared to others in the franchise.

Luckily, Reddit and NeoGAF users have been pulling together to give us a visual scale of how big the map actually is, which is pretty darn big it turns out. Here is a comparison between the new map and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the franchise’s previous biggest map. There were rumors that the it would be bigger then all of Rockstar’s open world maps put together which seemed far-fetched, but it is not hard to fathom the idea now.

GTA V San Andreas Comparison Map

Still struggling to visualize exactly how big this map is? Well, how about using the real world as a scale? When scaled and placed over Google maps, it looks as if Grand Theft Auto V’s world is comparable if not bigger than cities like London, Toronto, San Francisco and Manhattan. In the below picture, you will also get to see it compared to the entire Grand theft Auto IV map.

GTA V City Comparison Maps

Of course this comes with a disclaimer. These are only comparisons made by the community, who may or may not have slaved over the accurate scaling. Looking at the San Andreas comparison, some of the roads match up to size, while others don’t, so  it is not 100% clear how precise the scaling is.

Another point to consider is that even though the map is bigger, it does not mean it is automatically ‘better’ than all of Rockstar’s other maps. While San Andreas had a bigger map than Grand Theft Auto IV, Liberty City was more populated with things to do, which some might argue makes for a better map.

What say you? Is size everything? Do you think having a size this big is daunting or exciting? What areas are you most interested in visiting?

Grand Theft Auto V is out on September 17 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Sources: Reddit, NeoGAF

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  • D0S81

    the exploreable sandbox area of GTA V is smaller than San Andreas, the main settings for Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V are comparable to San Andreas in terms of scope when “the level of verticality of the city, the number of buildings you can go into, and the level of detail in those buildings” are taken into account. The goal for the HD Universe layouts of Liberty City and Los Santos were to have no dead spots or irrelevant spaces, such as the wide open deserts found in San Andreas state. Ars Technica wrote Grand Theft Auto IV’s “slight regression of the series from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is surprising: there are fewer vehicles, weapons, and story missions, less character customisation, and even the size of the city itself is smaller” To put it another way GTA SAN ANDREA STILL HAS THE BIGGEST MAP in terms of square miles. now if only someone could mod san andrea to have gta v’s textures (with less texture repeat the SA currently has of course) and polygons on models like people, possibly even animations, GTA san andreas would be amazing.

    • Miguel

      It’s funny how people still thinks SA has a bigger map xD

  • truthspoken

    It’s obvious that los santos of gta 5 is bigger than los santos of san andreas, but the entire map of gta 5 is clearly smaller compared to sa..

  • Stephan

    I don’t necessarily believe that a bigger map = better, but GTA IVs map was too… crowded for my taste. Highway on/off ramps that wrap and weave around and through little nooks between buildings, Walking towards a marker on the map and almost hitting it, but then realizing that its on a different level and only accessible by now running all the way back, run around the building and access it from the other side, etc… It was cool being in a dense populated city, but it’s probably the same reason why I don’t live in a city IRL., it’s just too crowded for me. lol

    I always loved Vice City and San Andreas, with big open areas that I can explore and take advantage of when trying to pick up speed and having room to breath even when in the main city areas. Can’t wait for GTA V on PC, already preloaded from Steam. 😀

  • Redletter85

    “While San Andreas had a bigger map than Grand Theft Auto IV, Liberty City was more populated with things to do, which some might argue makes for a better map.”

    Lol wut? This is backwards. One of GTA4’s biggest failings was that the city was basically empty. Yeah sure, very pretty, lots of detail, but aside from the main storyline and a tiny handful of sidequests, the city offered almost nothing to do. San Andreas, on the other hand, had hours upon hours of content all over the map. Thankfully, it seems like Rockstar may have learned their lesson when making GTA5.