‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ Map Compared To GTA IV, San Andreas & Real Cities

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After alleged leaks in the past, yesterday a seemingly legitimate map from Grand Theft Auto V found its way onto the internet from an allegedly prematurely sold copy of the game’s official BradyGames strategy guide. It showcased what gamers might be getting to explore in a few days with an enormous and sprawling landscape to lay waste to. It has been long suspected that the map for Rockstar‘s newest installment in the franchise would be their biggest to date, but it was never clear exactly how large that would turn out to be. Even when getting a look at the map it wasn’t easy to judge exactly how big it was when compared to others in the franchise.

Luckily, Reddit and NeoGAF users have been pulling together to give us a visual scale of how big the map actually is, which is pretty darn big it turns out. Here is a comparison between the new map and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the franchise’s previous biggest map. There were rumors that the it would be bigger then all of Rockstar’s open world maps put together which seemed far-fetched, but it is not hard to fathom the idea now.

GTA V San Andreas Comparison Map

Still struggling to visualize exactly how big this map is? Well, how about using the real world as a scale? When scaled and placed over Google maps, it looks as if Grand Theft Auto V’s world is comparable if not bigger than cities like London, Toronto, San Francisco and Manhattan. In the below picture, you will also get to see it compared to the entire Grand theft Auto IV map.

GTA V City Comparison Maps

Of course this comes with a disclaimer. These are only comparisons made by the community, who may or may not have slaved over the accurate scaling. Looking at the San Andreas comparison, some of the roads match up to size, while others don’t, so  it is not 100% clear how precise the scaling is.

Another point to consider is that even though the map is bigger, it does not mean it is automatically ‘better’ than all of Rockstar’s other maps. While San Andreas had a bigger map than Grand Theft Auto IV, Liberty City was more populated with things to do, which some might argue makes for a better map.

What say you? Is size everything? Do you think having a size this big is daunting or exciting? What areas are you most interested in visiting?

Grand Theft Auto V is out on September 17 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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Sources: Reddit, NeoGAF

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  1. There’s one problem though. Looking at the comparisons. The size of the urban city areas in the new Los Santos is actually smaller than GTA 4′s liberty city. This shows that the majority of the map is focused more on rural, flatlands, plains, farm, mountain and forest areas. This means that there is a possibility that it gets boring exploring this vast plains and mountain ranges after a while, take skyrim. If the only thing you can do in this areas is hunt animals, that would be boring.

    I understand that they problably can’t make that big a size of a map if it was a full on busy urban city, cause it may take tons of data and memory on consoles and even pc’s might find it hard to run so they had to create vast plain areas, but what if there isn’t much to do in this wide open spaces other than explore, or hunt or go sandbox, what then.

    • Totally disagree with your comment here, Skyrim is a totally different experience to GTA and if you had played RDR to death like I have you will know that Rockstar will find a way of filling the void.

    • look at the size of the roads though in the IV map they are bigger which suggests they have not scaled it down to the actual size of V’s map+ there is a lot of water between the urban cities+ plus there are still residential bits you can’t see very clearly on the map which still makes you feel your in the city+ the mountainous parts will still have various things to do.

    • Riding around in the wilderness of Red Dead Redemption was rarely a dull event. There was always something going on, and I’m sure that’s how it will be here.

    • Actually if you take the GTA4 map and eliminate the water, while combining all the land mass into one chunk, it looks to be nearly exactly the same size as the city in GTA5.

      Except this time there’s a huge land mass outside the city. I call that a win.

      • Tye city of LS is already bigger than LC,you dont have to do that.

    • Dude it’s been proven that LC could fit in the city of los santos alone. And we’re not talking about LS county and BC county. Liberty city is so small.

  2. oh…wow, that put’s it in perspective when, you overlap the san andreas map over GTA V’s map. if the scale is accurate for both maps then, we’re in for a treat. hopefully it’s just as populated as IV’s map, and from what I hear…it is. also I heard, R* North’s game designers for GTA V, didn’t do the normal copy and paste that usually happens. each tree and building has been meticulously placed through out the map. man…I cant even imagine how painstaking that must have been

    • Rockstar said there will be 5x more pedestrians than there were in IV and you will rarely see identical looking pedestrians in one area. Making for a more fun and believable experience.

  3. The scale on the Manhattan map compared to Los Santos is WAYYY off. Also London…

    • Thats what I thought – London is much bigger than that, I was there yesterday :)

  4. I don’t think this is concrete evidence. There’s no real sense of scale yet. According to comparisons, the map from San Andreas looks almost smaller than the GTAIV map—which is wrong. No complaints about first impressions of this map, though. It’s a monster. Cannot ****ing wait!

    • San adreas is just a tag bigger than LC

  5. i hope the San Andreas map pretty much = City part is correct otherwise its gonna be disappointing

  6. There is absolutely no way the airport is the size of the entire San Fierro region. It looks like the person who made that just shrunk San Andreas to fit inside Los Santos, taking no consideration for scale.

    Here’s a comparison I made with Liberty City: I scaled the width of the roads and streets to get as close a match as possible. This looks more accurate than the other one floating around.


  7. I made 3 more. The first one is just the same LC one but sideways to get an idea of the length of the map. The second is San Andreas. The third is just the Los Santos region of SA and 5.




  8. Just a note on the airport disclaimer for Toronto – That’s not Toronto’s international airport. It’s a very small airport on the Toronto island that only sees limited action. Pearson international is about 10x bigger, but it’s well outside of the downtown core

  9. London is MUCH bigger than Manhattan Island, in fact I would say its bigger than Toronto and Manhattan combined. London is 1,572 squared KM and Toronto is 630 squared km and therefor under 1/3 of the size. Not a great article this…..

  10. GTA V is 5x more populated than GTA IV… Also I don’t see why people are getting mad about the size… Play the damn game when it comes out, then argue your claims.

  11. Yo Patrick Dane- “would be bigger than” not “then”

  12. Well, the map is going to be very, very big.
    About two times the size of San Andreas, and about three times the size of Liberty City.

    With respect, we don’t know any of this for sure until we play the game.
    All we know is its bigger than any other GTA map, which is a good sign.

    Personally, I am extremely excited to see what comes out of the game.

    The map, although it will be massive, will be action packed too,
    I am also sure that the countryside won’t just be straight-up plains.
    It will have small towns and villages, lakes and wrecks, and possible
    strongholds (Not all over the place, this would be annoying)

    Its a good sign they’ve said the maps bigger than any other GTA Map, I don’t know about as big as those cities, though.

    Also, it apparently takes 10-60 Minutes to get to one side of the map to the other, depending on what car and route you choose. Personally, I will be using a Sanchez to explore the countryside! What about you?

    • Rockstar has confirmed that this map is the size of GTA IV, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemptions maps combined with additional room to spare, meaning that it’s bigger than all three of them combined.

      • You really know how to twist them words, huh?

        What Art director Aaron Garbut said was: “When you INCLUDE INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR SPACES together, Los Santos is bigger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV combined, with room to spare.”

        What we want to know here are square kilomiters/miles, not cubic meters.

    • Its way bigger than SA.

  13. The London comparison is ridiculous – I live there. The big yellow road near the top going across takes in six tube stops which is approximately 12 minutes of travel time. This maybe GTA’s smallest map ever…

  14. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT OF GTA V….. I’m all for different activities or returning to some of the older aspects of GTA San Andreas but THE STORY!!! The whole thing that made GTA IV soooooo much better in my opinion was that is was ACTUALLY FUNNY. The characters were much more over the top. The radio stations were better, the music was more diverse, everything about that game was a spoof or a joke on someone. No one was spared. Democrats, republicans, all economic classes, all races… even the TV and the internet in the game were a big joke. You’d find hidden jokes everywhere! GTA 5 takes itself too seriously!!! I hate that! I’m actually disappointed by GTA 5. Its certainly not a bad game and I know I’ll play it to the end but it doesn’t have that GTA charm for me. I actually enjoyed the Vice City Stories better to be honest with you. Ugh, some idiot on another site said GTA 5 was superior to GTA 4 cause its in sunny california instead of dreary NY. Well, bitches, I’m from dreary NY and NY is awesome because its real. And besides that, you’re a fucking sociopath in this game, isn’t NY much more fitting for crime and street life? It spoke to the realities of NY like drugs and the mafia. What kind of p***y (meow), needs it to be beautiful, sunny, california to like a game??? F-ing retard. Anyway, thats my two cents.

    • You’re completely insane if you actually believe ANY of what you posted in this comment.

      “GTA 5 takes itself too seriously!!!”
      I’m starting to think you’re trolling, if not that…well you’re a blind idiotic lunatic.

      GTA V had some of the most whacked-out characters and missions in the series.


      THE ENTIRE FREAKING GAME has weird humor, inside-jokes and blatant satire in it.

      “isn’t NY much more fitting for crime and street life?”
      You live in a cave if you believe California is some happy sunny perfect place bereft of crime and corruption.

      “What kind of p***y (meow)”

      Okay, so you’re definitely trolling.

  15. It’s actually not hard to measure how large the cities are by yourself. All you have to do is set way points along straight highways and look at the distance traveled before and after actually travelling on the highways. (GTA V tells you how far a waypoint is, so it’s even easier)

    Now grab images of the maps from google, highlight the routes you drove on in Photoshop. Tada! Now that’s your scale. You know how much of the map your highlighted route takes up and you know how long it is in miles. Now use some vector geometry and scale your routes up to measure the entire maps.

    I did this and found that Liberty City in GTA IV is less than 6 square miles, while the GTA V map is nearly 30 square miles. GTA SA came in at a little over 8 square miles

    • Your measurements are little off.
      GTA 5 maps is 49 square miles
      GTA SA map is 13.9 square miles
      GTA LC is only 7 square miles.

  16. People need to get over it. SA is not big as it seems, rockstar, nor game experts never lied.

  17. That is just a small part of London. That would be a district in london. To see how big London is you would have to zoom out a lot lol

  18. Can i download that map?

  19. I wanted to see how big the gta 5 map is so i played it a bit and played sanandreas. I realised that in sanandreas everything is compressed in a small area. Soon after vinewood hills in sanandreas there is las venturas. the only part i felt big enough is woodlands but it too is not big. you feel that sanandreas is big? then why don’t you fly in hydra to the top (sky) and take a look at los santos and other cities and do it in gta 5 you will definitely see the difference. Plus, gta 5 has more roads and i much more complex and thought constructions of country sides, as far as i could see, san andreas is when (properly looked) has mostly straight and prdictable road type and construction.
    i’m not criticising san andreas. I love san andreas and its plot but just pointing out my opinion.

  20. hyu

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