More ‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ Details, Ridiculous Screenshots Released

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Grand Theft Auto 5 marketing has finally been let out of the box, and no one is going to be able to put it back in. Rockstar Games has given fans months to get over the excitement stirred up by their GTA 5 announcement trailer, but with the release of not one, but three different character trailers introducing gamers to Michael, Franklin and Trevor, anticipation is at an all-time high.

To make the most of their time in the spotlight Rockstar has released a brand new batch of screenshots proving that their sense of humor hasn’t changed over the years, and with the new gameplay details released alongside, the technical prowess of GTA 5‘s game world is nothing to scoff at either.

The trio of protagonists are clearly cut from a unique cloth, and the screenshots show that their somewhat eccentric behavior will absolutely be extending into their robberies. We’re not going to argue that Halloween masks aren’t a useful disguise when perpetrating felonies, but there’s something about the game design evident in the new screenshots that could only come from the minds behind Grand Theft Auto.

The images speak for themselves, so have a look, and then we’ll get down to the new gameplay details and customization systems:

Besides continuing the trend of assuring fans that carnage will in fact be a major feature of GTA 5‘s campaign, the images confirm that while players will be able to swap between Michael, Franklin and Trevor to navigate the endless roads and skies of Los Santos, a number of missions will be thrusting the three together simultaneously. How will the developers manage the balance of both granting and taking away player agency? New details help explain the method to all this madness.

As part of the Grand Theft Auto 5 preview coverage released today (courtesy of Videogamer), how mission structure will encompass all three heroes is a bit clearer. Players will be able to jump from one character to the other as a means of more easily navigating the massive expanses of Los Santos – a city Rockstar confirms is five times the size of Red Dead Redemption‘s game world. That description includes the California countryside, airspace and the underwater portions of the game, to be clear.

While players will be restricted to playing as one character or another in larger scripted sequences, the open world (available to players from the very start) will offer a chance to use each protagonist to their own strengths. Besides being able to increase each character’s skills through training – shoot, run or jump to build up the skill over time – each lead possess a unique ability fitting their back-story. Michael is able to slow down time while shooting, Frankin can do the same while driving, and Trevor being Trevor, has a rage mode that makes him more deadly and invulnerable when seriously wounded.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Trevor Minigun

And despite Grand Theft Auto 5 releasing on the current generation of consoles, the developers are doing everything they can to make the game’s world as open-ended as possible, with interaction a top priority. That means buying property, businesses, homes, engaging in extreme sports during downtime, and customizing characters’ hair, tattoos, and clothing. Customization doesn’t end with appearance though, as even guns and cars can be upgraded and personalized, presumably carrying over from vehicle to vehicle.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a GTA game without criticism of its shooting mechanics and precision, and while only the full game will tell us if lessons have been learned, Rockstar claims to be making some major adjustments. A wider camera angle during combat, the addition of a ‘combat jog’ and the ability to dive out of harm’s way all seek to make the shooting sections less frustrating, but we’ll wait to see for ourselves if it does the trick.

Expect to see and hear more insider reports in the coming days and weeks, but for now, which of these changes seems most promising? Are you most likely to stick with the game’s story, or does the open world of Los Santos sound like one to get lost in? Sound off in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 17th.


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Source: Videogamer


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  1. Wish there was just one playable character, but sounds quite good anyway.

  2. hahah the first pick reminds me of 30 Minutes or Less

    • Damn did I hate that movie.

    • Thought the same thing

  3. I imagine they’re going to be taking a lot of shooting mechanics from Max Payne 3. It makes sense.

  4. I just seriously hope they add in some sort of mechanic where you can train in different melee fighting styles. Like kickboxing, streetfighting, karate etc.

    • I think each character will fight differently

  5. They need a Captain Kirk mask in there too!

    • You mean so you can paint it white, equip a knife, and go on a killing spree? Cuz ya don’t need a vidya game to do that! Good reference though…

  6. The discussion of the size concerns me. When they say it includes land, air, and underwater, doesn’t that mean that for example every stretch of water is counted three times? You can boat on the surface, scuba beneath and fly above, but if that is their idea of three time the size of Red Dead R, than its a bit misleading. GTA San Andreas was by far the best ever for so may reasons, not the least of which was the massive size and diversity of the world and it’s vehicles. Shifting to one dense city in GTA4 with a selection of mostly similar cars was a big step backwards from the freedom I loved.

    You could pilot your jet pack to your own airfield, select a harrier jet, fly to the airport, steal a Jumbo jet, fly into the stratosphere over the damn and jump out to chute down. Or pedal a bike up the mountain, base jump off, steal a dirt bike and drive the highway lanes and train tracks out to where you parked your monster truck in the desert…

    This game has to be a step in the right direction, but the questionable size, unknown vehicle list, and focus on a single city have me wondering if it can truly top San Andreas. Motorcycles, boats and planes are all a great relief anyway, after 4 focused so meakly on cars and trucks. I’m sure it’ll be cool, but can’t wait to see how cool.

    • GTA V will include one major city, los santos, a large stretch of rural areas and desert areas surrounding it each with small cities scattered about, a long stretch of ocean surface, a deep ocean under water see life fully realized with diverse sea life and diverse environments, and then the sky, also to account for is the sheer amount of buildings that will also be fully realized and interactive, such as the many liquor stores that you will be able to rob as apart of the “heist” theme of the game. <— I'm guessing you also be able to rob some houses. The game is big anyway you look at it.

    • Oh And a fully established wildlife on land in the rural areas with a functioning ecosystem. including deer, bobcats, etc. you should read the many previews its all there and explained for you. if you are truly interested visit

      • Thanks for the info, Knock Knock. Sounds very encouraging, and I have nothing but enthusiasm for the prospect of returning to the elements that made GTA SA the most outstanding in the series, while adding new ideas and gameplay. I do wonder whether it will seem as large or diverse as my old favorite, but veering away from the small scope of GTAIV is a great relief. At this point I’d be much happier with an HD remake of SA than another one city game like IV was, and I will miss the feeling of traveling between major cities, but if the wilderness and sky are big enough to meet my hopes than maybe it really will be the best one yet.

        Oh yeah, “who’s there?”

  7. Man I love trevor.

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