Take-Two Talks ‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ DLC; Pre-Order Bonuses Rolling Out

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Earlier this week Take-Two Interactive, publisher for Grand Theft Auto 5, confirmed what most gamers have been speculating for months now: the highly anticipated next entry in Rockstar Games‘ open-world crime series will be releasing in the spring of 2013. Even before Take-Two’s confirmation, a piece of marketing for the game — focused on teasing pre-orders — teased the date, but it wasn’t until Take-Two stepped in with the confirmation that things became real.

Now that gamers are that much closer to attaining Grand Theft Auto 5, or at least knowing when it will be available on store shelves, further details surrounding the game’s release have begun slowly leaking out. The first big news is in regards to DLC that might be offered with Grand Theft Auto 5.

While Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick didn’t have anything official to announce, he did hint as to the breadth of the content Rockstar is currently mulling over. According to Zelnick, players can expect DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5 that closely resembles the content offered for GTA 4 in terms of its quality and quantity.

“I think you can safely assume that Rockstar, as the label that led the charge in downloadable content with Grand Theft Auto 4, I think you’d have every reason to believe, purely because of the ground-breaking nature of the title itself and the multiplayer in the title, that there’s going to be a lot of interesting stuff. But I’ll leave that to Rockstar to announce.”

For Grand Theft Auto 4, Rockstar released two pretty sizeable expansions β€” The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony β€” so it can be assumed that, at the very least, players can expect two worthwhile extensions of the main story. Moreover, we’d be interested in some DLC that incorporates some minor cosmetic and functional improvements to the proceedings, since it’s almost a given that a Rockstar Pass of some sorts will be offered. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to go on.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Dirtbikes

Zelnick also wouldn’t elaborate any further on what “spring 2013″ might be hinting towards as far as a specific month. If history is to be believed we’re thinking that April or May are the most likely candidates. May has typically seen its fair share of Rockstar releases, and the earlier parts of the season are mighty crowded as it is.

In addition to some DLC talk, we have some news about pre-order bonuses for Grand Theft Auto 5 that are currently being offered in the UK. Gamers who pre-order the title have received an image viewer that showcases some of the many hot spots around Los Santos.

The images contained within the viewer are a little hard to see, but thanks to OPM UK we have some larger versions. Seems like Los Santos will have plenty of varied locales for players to explore.

And for an even closer, and clearer, look at what Grand Theft Auto 5 will offer comes the news that a trailer should be releasing any day now. It has been rumored that Rockstar is currently circulating letters to various retailers that explain the pre-order procedures and mention the release of a second trailer. We’ll post it as soon as the trailer releases.

What types of DLC would you like to see Rockstar Games offer for Grand Theft Auto 5? Any pre-order bonuses you think would be perfect for the game?

Grand Theft Auto 5 is targeting a spring 2013 release for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: OPM UK, Video Gamer

  • ATG

    Definitely going to pre-order, no question. Could care less about those bonuses though.

  • Rigo

    Who here thinks they should add a ZOMBIE DLC for the story?? Think about it, modern day zombie apocalypse in Los Santos!? Just like in Red Dead Redemption, but it will only be cooler!

    • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

      It would be just like the zombie portions of Saints Row the Third πŸ˜› I’m against this idea unless they make it different than something we’ve already seen and more fun.

    • JT

      am I the only person sick of this zombie crap? It was fun for a while but damn, time to change things up.

      • Shalkowski

        I agree. Zombies is getting old. I think they should have like a midevil DLC or something lol. I could see that working out well with GTA. Idk something to change things up a bit.

    • Dayz

      YES YES YES! I totally f***ing agree with that.
      they made some zombie apocolypse servers in the gta san andreas mta online version. So it would be nice.

  • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

    I’m preordering my copy at the Halo 4 midnight release.

  • http://yahoo Stipularjet

    I think there should be an extra map for the dlc.

  • shane smith

    I reall y how rockstar and take two will.bring a zombie apocalypse type of downloaded content! There could be numerous ways to do this. 1. Is have the whole city infested with zombies and yoj can still have your 8-16 players. Make it where they have to survive round after round. And each round more come and more come. Also you would have the entire map to outrun the hoards. Or you can do a CO-OP with up to 8-16 people and you would have to search for supplies and just keep surviving. Eventually you can fortified a area. Maybe if there’s some type of fortifications you can have Brandit attacks. Plus keep.everything that makez gta, gta. Cars etc…

  • Anonymous

    Dlc should have : dating option , more weapons , more vehicles, more activities such as pool table game , unlimited bank or store raids for money , horse riding , archer , gym to learn different martial arts

  • J.O.

    3 words: Trevor Philips Prequel

  • jizy

    I would like to see Dlc like cops n robbers. More weapons, vehicles.

  • saitek658

    i would like to see in a dlc of gta 5, big ass houses (villa’s) to buy with heli pads runway for a jet and an big underground parking garage zo i dont have to place all my freaking cars and planes all over the game. allso more cars planes helicopters and and extra area to play in that hooks up with this map so you can drive and fly across i would just really like to see a fing huge villa on mount chiliadwith secret escape tunnels n shizzle and as i said a colossal garage, heli pad and runway πŸ˜‰

  • TommyXzx

    I think it needs Mexicom, as a little exstra to the game. lets say we play With Trevor and we take the a plane, then we flight over to Mexico and drop off some weapons or drug. and earn some Money.

  • Somebody

    Would love to have something to do with the gangs (GTA San Sandreas anyone?). Could have three protagonists with three different gangs or something?

    • Somebody

      Sorry- San Andreas

    • Somebody

      The possible gangs are: the Families, the Ballas and the Vagos. Also, they could include San Fierro and Las Venturas from San Andreas. If not, they could have it for GTA 6.

  • Ryan

    A Zombie DLC would be AWESOME hands down! Everyone could say oh it’s just cod zombies and everyone’s doing it now but in the grand scheme of things- how well do rockstar do to pull off and create some of the most successful games in history? They’d no doubt create the best zombie feature in any game if they added a dlc to GTA V! Fans of The Walking Dead series would love it too and that’s alot! It’s just an awesome idea and with the countryside and city of GTA V – it’s perfection.