‘Gran Turismo 5′ Spec 2 Update Incoming

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Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2 Update

Sony’s genre-defining racer, Gran Turismo 5, has been in players’ hands for nearly a year now. Always designed to be a living, changing experience, a number of additions have already been made to the game, including multiplayer vehicle damage and remote racing via Gran Turismo Anywhere. Now, the biggest content update yet is on its way to Gran Turismo 5, and it won’t cost players a thing.

Chief among the new features added in the Spec 2 update are cockpit views for every vehicle in the game. Gran Turismo 5, remember, categorizes cars into Standard and Premium models (check out Game Rant’s Gran Turismo 5 review for the details). Until now, only the hyper-detailed Premium Cars (obtained from Dealerships in the game) included cockpit views. Given that nearly 800 of the game’s 1000+ cars fall into the Standard category, this is a massive addition to Gran Turismo 5. Be warned, though, that the interiors of Standard cars will not match up to the level of detail exhibited in the Premium cars.

Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2 Update Cockpit View

Also new to the Spec 2 update is the long promised ability to save during Gran Turismo 5’s endurance races, giving players the chance to resume an in-progress race at a later time. Rounding out the update are the 2011 season versions of GT5’s 11 NASCAR race cars, “greatly reduced load times” when heading in to races, adjustable weather conditions, and adjustable opponent AI in Arcade Mode.

The father of Gran Turismo himself, Kazunori Yamauchi, offers his take on the update:

“The coming Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2 update is an update that contains the feedback from the users playing GT5 online every day. We have added cars such as the newest NASCAR race cars, but many of the updates are those that improve usability and expand the field of game play. I believed from the initial release of Gran Turismo 5 that it would be the users that would make the game grow thereafter, and we added things like interior views for the standard models because there was a lot of request for it from our users. You could say that this update is the shape and form of GT5 that was created through the opinions of our fans.”

The Spec 2 update is expected within “the next few weeks,” placing it in more or less direct contention with the release of Forza Motorsport 4 on the Xbox 360. Coincidence? Maybe, though it bears remembering that just before Gran Turismo 5 was scheduled to be released, the Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Edition landed on store shelves. That game came out at a budget price and, wouldn’t you know it, Sony has similarly just announced a price reduction for Gran Turismo 5. PlayStation 3 owning driving game enthusiasts can now take home the best the system has to offer for just $39.99.

No matter the reason, it’s exciting that Gran Turismo 5 continues to receive support. Despite working on the already-in-development Gran Turismo 6, Polyphony Digital’s dedication to the current game shows no signs of wavering. The PlayStation Blog notes that GT5 fans can expect yet more new content, including  “new vehicles and tracks, plus some additional surprises.”

Ranters, are the price drop and the Spec 2 update enough for you to revisit Gran Turismo 5, or are you ready to move on to Forza 4 and Need for Speed The Run? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Cow_Jamella

    Let’s just pray that we get the drag strip back from gt4… the Nos would be pretty cool too. But we need a drag strip! Forza has one…. and I don’t want to buy a xbox but I will.. this update will be the last chance.

  • Paolo

    damn, i was expecting that they added more textures to exteriors and 3d cockpits on the standard cars, but even though, GT5 is gonna be more fun as hell, and what’s better is you get the DLC for FREE! 😀

    • Broax

      Nope… You get the update for free… The DLCs have already been priced ranging from $15 (for a car pack) to $3 (for a car paint pack).

  • Caul

    Too little and far too late.

    What is this ‘Spec 2′ but a collection of fixes for things that should have been done months ago like the endurance race saves, AI and steering wheel support or pointless extras such as an expanded photo mode, 11 more Nascar liveries and a new opening movie. Where still are the qualifying and practice sessions, proper damage or working headlights, oh no PD had more important fish to fry like helmets and gloves or a new opening movie. Oh and did we really need an homage to the boss’s ego by including the car he raced at the Nurburgring 24hr? Made me throw up in my mouth a little when I read that.

    Yes it’s free but as it is either fixing stuff that should not have been broken or adding stuff no one would likely want at a charge, it being free is to be expected and not a generous gift from his munificence Kaz. That it took almost a year to fix basic problems whilst the team focused on piffling irrelevancy like helmets, photomode and B-spec is beyond acceptable. The DLC should be free after the dishonesty of peddling PS2 level cars and tracks to big up the garage never mind all the other issues; I certainly did not pay for lazy ports. But it likely won’t be and those devoted will feel the need to reward PD for Spec 2 by buying them, convinced that the funds will help make GT6 the most amazing game ever.

    But as I began, too little too late for I have long ago got rid of this thundering failure, this extended Beta and I’ll not be getting number six whenever it appears. I’ve had enough of delusions of grandeur and limp excuses for poor work so I don’t want to plow through it again with GT6. PD created one of the best racing / driving simulator games but by GT5 they had killed their creation and this shot at necromancy through Spec 2 will only animate a rotting, fetid corpse best left alone.

  • Berg

    Lmao @ the in car view. Gt5 is a joke 800 out of 1000 cars are lame models.