Molyneux’s ‘Populous’ Sequel ‘Godus’ Funded Through Kickstarter

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Godus Kickstarter Goal

Godus, the sophomore effort from Peter Molyneux’s 22 Cans, hasn’t even started development (allegedly) but it’s already generating a ton of buzz. While many are still plugging away at the Curiosity cube, 22 Cans has already moved on to his next project, the aforementioned Godus, which will be a spiritual successor to Molyneux’s Populous.

In the spirit of the “god game” Godus will speak to an era of PC gaming that made Molyneux a household name. Back then Molyneux’s lofty aspirations and his inevitable execution fell closely in line with each mother, more so than they ever did during his work on Fable.

So it makes sense that fans would be rallying behind Godus, and helping the game achieve its Kickstarter goal of £450,000. And since 22 Cans hit their goal ahead of schedule — the Kickstarting ends on December 21st — they have announced some new mini-goals to further incentivize investment. Obviously the game is going to get made, so that’s a victory in and of itself, but if fans continue to donate the game could offer some very exciting features.

Read below for the full list of new goals:

£460,000 – 3 Additional Singleplayer and Multiplayer Modes

£475,000 – Begin Your Own Sect (A Deep Social and Competitive Feature)

£485,000 – James Leach Writes Story

£500,000 – Multiplayer and Co-op and Possession Mode: 1st Person World Crafting

£550,000 – OUYA and Linux Supported

As of this post the current Kickstarter tally is up to £462,310, which means 3 additional single and multiplayer modes are already in the bag. But to allow 22 Cans to bring James Leach, Black & White‘s BAFTA-winning writer, onto the project, that’s going to require more donations.

Molyneux is even getting in on the Ouya craze — following in the footsteps of Robert Bowling’s Human Element — although that will require a major bump in investment. Kickstarters typically get a last minute windfall right before ending, though, so any and all of these goals are more than possible.

Based on the prototype video included on the Kickstarter page it appears Godus will be a much more customizable experience than even Populous was, so make sure to check it out even if you aren’t interested in investing. We’re not trying to say that Godus will be the god game to end all god games, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Molyneux said it once or twice during development.

Have you invested in Godus‘ Kickstarter? Do you plan on doing so? What mini goals would you like to see the game hit?

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  • Cariannis

    A sucker born every minute.

    • xmisfit666x

      i agree….telling everyone “if you give us this much, we’ll make the game like this” is rediculous…..if you want to incorporate those thing into your game then thats exactly what you should do…not dangle features infront of everyone and if a certain number isnt hit then they dont appear in the game i gues???? and coming from peter molyneux im not to enthusiastic about his “promise’s” when it comes to unfinished products…everyone remembers fable and how it was supposed to be a “big open world type game” kind of like morrowind had previously done, but suprise suprise when the game came out it was shockingly structured and linear….well id rather wait for the finished product to come out rather than feel that getting crapped on feeling when the game doesnt come out the way it probably should

      • Anthony Taormina

        I think you’re missing the point. Since 22 Cans hit their goal they are now looking at what else they could use additional money for. Plenty of Kickstarter games have added new features when they exceed their goal.

        • xmisfit666x

          i get that, but i just dont trust molyneux’s promises when it comes to games, he’ll give everyone a great pitch and description of what the game will be and then from what ive seen he’s always come up short on what he claims will be in his games….im not saying kickstarter isnt a good place to get a game funded, im just saying i take whaterer peter molyneux says with a grain of salt