‘God of War: Ascension’ Trailer: Harness the Power of Zeus

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While in the final numbered God of War, God of War 3, Kratos was hell bent on killing the god of thunder Zeus, in next year’s God of War: Ascension the two are merely passing acquaintances. In fact, in Ascension players will have access to a few of Zeus’ abilities, namely his mastery of lightning and ability to replenish magic.

To that end, Sony Santa Monica has released a new trailer that shows how harnessing the power of Zeus can prove advantageous to players. Or, for those who choose to partake of God of War: Ascension‘s multiplayer — an option introduced in this franchise iteration — an entire team can harness the power of the king of the gods.

Unfortunately, beyond showing how Kratos can wield lightning-based weaponry and deal electrifying attacks, the trailer doesn’t exactly explain how the Spartan warrior comes to possess said powers. Moreover, the trailer seems equally focused about ensuring gamers know that a multiplayer beta is headed to PlayStation Plus in the Winter, and that pre-ordering the game unlocks a special Mythological Heroes pack.

Nonetheless, the ability to wield the power of a god has always been a major draw for the God of War series, so what better way to tempt gamers than with the abilities of the king of all the gods? More importantly, though, we’re curious to know how Sony will be able to tell a story that serves as a prequel — before our hero becomes nearly invincible — while still having Kratos partake in some truly epic battles.

God of War Ascension Zeus Trailer

And of course, the multiplayer becomes an important factor when considering God of War: Ascension‘s appeal. Our experience with it at E3 2012 didn’t exactly sell it as a new facet of that beloved God of War gameplay, but that was merely a vertical slice. Perhaps when some nifty powers like this new trailer shows are thrown into the mix then the game will feel both familiar and fresh.

Are you excited to jump back into the loincloth of Kratos in God of War: Ascension? What other Greek gods do you hope make an appearance?

God of War: Ascension releases March 12, 2013 for the PS3.

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  • dethfuse

    Love the God of War series and will be definitely getting this one. Not really sure about the multiplayer though. Maybe other Sony games will adapt to add multiplayer, like Infamous.

  • Shalkowski

    Personally, I hate Zeus. Cant stand the guy. He’s a total d*ck. But I cannot wait for this game. The multiplayer is just an awesome add on. I would like for them to touch on most of the gods, including the minor gods (ex: Thanatos, Morpheus, ect).

  • Leos

    While I LOVE the God of War franchise, the premise of these non-numbered games have always been strange and nearly ridiculous for me. They are always take place in between the numbered series even between a non-numbered prequel and a numbered game. I mean how many stories could have happened between games? I think people can put the sentence “Sony’s cash cow” close to the game title.

    • Shalkowski

      There can be a lot of side stories involving different gods. Yeah its for money but its also to fill a few holes in the story.