Full ‘God of War: Ascension’ Super Bowl Trailer Released

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Sony’s cryptic live-action, Game Day 2013 trailer has finally been revealed and, as we suspected, it is for God of War: Ascension. Set to play at some point during Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday, the trailer features plenty of sweeping slow-motion shots and some cool visual effects as well.

The main intent of the trailer is to highlight the fact that God of War: Ascension is a prequel — set closely after the death of Kratos’ wife and child at his hands. The trailer even explains how Kratos got his trademark smoky white skin.

The choice of music is a little odd, and the length and tone don’t fall that closely in line with the fast-and-furious style we typically associate with Super Bowl commercials and movie trailers, but overall it’s a solid piece of work. For a franchise that already has a very large fan base, a trailer like this wasn’t entirely necessary, but seeing some flashes of Kratos’ past, as well as his present, is a really nice selling point for the game.

For those that might not be familiar with the God of War story thus far, stop right now and play all three of Sony Santa Monica‘s God of War games because they’re fantastic entries in the character action genre. However, if an epic battle with the gods isn’t your style, all that’s really important to know is that Kratos is one angry dude, and his anger, at least for now, is directed at the god of war: Ares.

God of War Live-Action Trailer

At Kratos’ disposal are the blades of chaos, the overly large daggers that are chained to his forearms. Those are not the only weapons Kratos uses to take down all forms of mythological creatures, mind you — as we’ve seen from some of the game’s trailers — but they are the weapons traditionally associated with the character.

We’re sorry that fans who were hoping for a Heavenly Sword 2 or new IP reveal didn’t get their wish, but anyone who saw anything but God of War in the Game Day 2013 teaser was willfully ignorant. Thankfully we have another exciting Sony announcement to look forward to later this month.

What do you think of the God of War: Ascension live-action trailer? Are you picking up the game this March?

God of War: Ascension releases March 12, 2013 for the PS3.

Source: Sony

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