‘God of War: Ascension’ Story Trailer Shows a Happy Kratos

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Fans of the God of War series didn’t know exactly where the newest in the series, God of War: Ascension would be fitting into the established franchise. Luckily, the latest story trailer helps set the scene for what looks to be the most relatable version of Kratos so far.

Slicing and dicing gods and goddesses alongside mythological beasts may be something that most of only wish we could relate to, but there’s more to Kratos than just violence. There’s anger, too. And with the life he once had (briefly visible in this trailer) we can’t blame him for his crusade against anything and anyone he deems responsible.

The loss of Kratos’ wife Lysandra and daughter Calliope by his own hands hasn’t been a secret to this point, but his guilt and loss look to play a significant role in the singleplayer campaign of Ascension (especially if the live-action Super Bowl commercial is any indication). And while many of these scenes appeared in the previous story trailer, we’re still downright intrigued.

God of War Ascension Story Trailer

Set just six months after the death of his family – and having sold his soul to Ares – Ascension begins with Kratos imprisoned by the chained Blades of Chaos, and routinely tortured by the three Furies as punishment for his crimes. The trailer shows what happens when his bonds are broken, and this former Spartan general is let loose upon those who would keep him locked up.

From there, the plot beats are somewhat harder to follow, proving that despite the game’s commitment to the same hack-and-slash carnage, the developers at Santa Monica do have a story to tell. With massive enemy battles, and character designs that demand far more inspection than a quick glance affords (we’d be interested to see as in-depth an explanation for each one as was given for The Manticore), there were certainly many who felt that Ascension wouldn’t be a ‘full God of War experience’ given the lack of a ‘4’ in its title.

Instead, the trailers and developer diaries seem to imply that this take on Kratos is far more in keeping with a fully-developed hero. Flashbacks and betrayal have all been witnessed so far, but the scenes and characters shown in this trailer have us wondering what the developers are up to. And with a series this predictable, even that is saying something.

God of War Ascension Kratos Lysandra

Exactly how much the story will intrude on the god-slaughtering remains to be seen, but have the trailers and peeks behind the scenes convinced you that Ascension is a worthy installment in the series? Are you more interested in the story being told, or seeing gameplay and visuals improved from God of War 3? Sound off in the comments.

God of War: Ascension releases March 12, 2013 for the PS3.

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