‘God of War: Ascension’ Trailer: Meet The Manticore

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Even if God of War: Ascension may be lacking a ‘4,’ this return to Kratos is one to be anticipated by fans. With a new trailer set to be unveiled on February 1st, the developers at Sony Santa Monica have provided yet another look behind the scenes at the development that goes into designing each element of a God of War adventure.

This particular developer video – titled “The Manticore Takes Flight” – follows the titular mythological beast from concept to fully-functioning digital character. The amount of time and attention that goes into creating the man-eating scorpion-lion-bat-man may surprise you, but either way, promises big things for Ascension where character design is concerned.

Previously seen in the Ascension story trailer, there’s no question that the Manticore makes an impression. With the body of a lion, the tail of a scorpion, the arms of a man, jaws of a shark and wings of a bat, the developers have designed an incarnation of the ancient mythological creature that is perfectly at home in the God of War universe. In case that was in doubt, the Manticore also shoots fireballs.

At this point in the series, the average gamer might assume that the development team has the science of enemy design down to a relatively simple formula (a batch of eight-limbed Furies? No problem!), but that’s clearly not the case. Efficiency is crucial, but with each new enemy comes new challenges and fight mechanics – if you’re doing it right. According to Lead Character Artist Patrick Murphy, it’s only now that the team has gotten confident enough to start experimenting, meaning the creatures players will encounter in Ascension may be the most impressive and memorable to date.

God of War Ascension Manticore Trailer

From the painstaking detail put into every single scale of scorpion shell (which most players will overlook) to the hinging of each tail section, the Manticore is obviously being built to draw attention when it appears in Delphi. The concept artwork shown so far promises environments and battle arenas that are just as lovingly crafted, so those worrying that the core experience would suffer due to a shift in creative leadership need not fret once the Manticore fight begins.

Doing away with on-screen button prompts to increase immersion when fighting the winged beast, the developers are clearly not going to be jogging to the finish line now that the brand is so well-established. With Senior Animator Michael Carr calling the Manticore the most complex animation rig aside from God of War 3‘s Poseidon fight, the bar is being set fairly high. And if that’s the amount of complexity being utilized for a mini-boss, then our hopes are high for the larger boss stages.

What do you think of the changes coming to the standard boss-fight formula hinted at in the developer video? Is the development team right to keep changing things up, or is enemy design secondary to gameplay mechanics for you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

God of War: Ascension releases March 12, 2013 for the PS3.

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  • COREY_1993

    Its amazing watching this video and watching how they make it and stuff because it is really interesting. I wish all developers do this because it is nice to see how it all comes about.

    regarding the Manticore… WOW! it looks amazing, really. I think it fits this franchise so well and i cant wait to rip it apart in march. This game is really something special, to me anyway. something about god of war games that just gets me so happy to play them (and its not the se x minigames)

    will it win GOTY? I dont think so, we are used to the GoW games now but in no way does that mean they are repetitive or bad because GoW games are the most exciting and beautiful games out there. Just look are GoW 3, if you saw that game for the first time today you wouldn’t tell it came it almost 3 year ago.

    • jwalka

      bashing one or two buttons repeatedly until your fingers hurt is called repetition, that of which this game series has plenty of.

      i like that they’re trying to mix things up a little by creating new enemies etc, but it’s more or less the same hackfest with the addition of multiplayer which will no doubt be forgotten a month or so after release (like most multiplayer games that aren’t call of duty).

      • COREY_1993

        No, if you have played the game then you knew there is more to it than 2 button attacks -_- dont make it sound so simple ok. go look at the moves list alright and see how many different things there are then add in the powers he has not to mention they are all different in the games.

        they have revamped the whole mechanics of the game because of multiplayer, go check out some gamplay and see the things people are coming up with.

        just cause you have a problem with playing multiplayer after a month foesnt mean everybody does. people play games they love all the time and people like to get their moneys worth.

        • jwalka

          lets be honest, how many of those combos can you remember or even execute perfectly 3 or 4 tops ? the game is made so that you can just mash the buttons to win, i did so in the opening segment and for a couple of hours into the game. it’s like mortal kombat or tekken, there are a ton of combos but people stick with 2-3 that get the job done fastest and require less work.

          i didn’t say i have a problem playing multiplayer, i said most mutliplayer games that aren’t big shooters are dead after a month, meaning you barely find anyone to even make up 1 game with. you dont believe me, then go look at every shooter besides battlefield 3 and CoD, no one is playing those games b/c they aren’t big enough, dont have dedicated servers (which means a lot of lag) and dont have anything there to draw people back. a couple of helmets aren’t enough incentive for someone to spend hours of their life dealing with lag, boosters and cheapskates just to show off to no one.

          once people get all the multiplayer achievements, the mp side of things will be dead minus the odd game here or there, just watch 😉

          • COREY_1993

            ill say it again, thats you. if you wanna be boring and just use the same moves over and over again then that on you. that doesnt make the game repetitive because if it does then DMC series and Bayonetta are repetitive too. i played all the god of war games one after the other when 3 came out and i did not get bored in the slightest. but thats me i guess… i love these types of games.

          • Jak Frost

            Your wrong I remember ever combo for 3 characters in MK 9 and made some of my own. I played the demo for God of War Accession And theres so much more than the others just shut your face and get your nerd rage out of here