4 Things We Expect From ‘God of War 4′

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4 Things We Expect From God of War 4

God of War 4 Predictions It feels almost like fate: not one month after Sony unveils the PlayStation 4 they have a new God of War game hitting store shelves. Titled God of War: Ascension, this newest proper console release focuses on the early days of Kratos, before he became the eponymous "god of war." Specifically, the game focuses on our hero's attempts to break free of his bond to Ares; a bond that led to the death of Kratos' wife and daughter. However, as we prepare for a glimpse into Kratos' past we also look forward to what might be in his future. There are few franchises we can think of that would benefit better from some increased graphical power, so we hope that God of War 4 is in our future, sooner rather than later. And just in case Sony Santa Monica is listening, here are a few things we hope the sequel includes.

1. Jaw-Dropping Visuals

God of War 4 Expectations - GraphicsThis ones sounds like a no-brainer, but it has us nonetheless excited. God of War has always been a major showpiece for the PlayStation's graphical power, so we expect its PS4 iteration to be one of the most visually impressive games we've ever seen. The trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall already showed how big a leap a franchise can make from one console to the next, but will the same be true of a highly-stylized world like that of God of War? Fluid movement, some very high-res gore, and incredible backgrounds all top our list for God of War 4, but that's only the beginning. Sony Santa Monica has always pushed the limits of Sony's hardware in the past, so who better to show us how far the PS4 can go.

2. Singleplayer Focus

God of War 4 Expectations - StoryMultiplayer has been a major selling point for God of War: Ascension, but God of War has always been, first and foremost, a tremendous singleplayer experience. While it might be cool to have a co-op partner join in on the campaign, that feels counter-intuitive to the overall experience. By that, we mean: God of War's story has always been about one man (or god) and his quest for revenge; introducing another player into the mix would undermine the game's central premise. That said, we realize there won't be too many games in the next-gen that don't feature some sort of multiplayer element. So, if God of War 4 must feature multiplayer, we hope it's just as unique as what Ascension offers.

3. Even Bigger Boss Battles

God of War 4 Expectations - Giant Boss BattlesIt might be hard to top the scale of boss battles featured in God of War 3, or even Ascension, but if anyone can do it, it's Sony Santa Monica. We've seen Kratos go toe-to-toenail with some gigantic foes, but there's always going to be bigger enemies for him to fight. God of War: Ascension features an ongoing battle with a city-sized giant, but what about a planet-sized creature, or something even bigger? Asura's Wrath played around with the concept of a planet-sized boss, but that experiment was more of an interactive movie than an actual game. For God of War 4, we want to see boss battles that are just as epic, but with carefully thought out gameplay to boot. The sky is certainly not the limit with this franchise, so why not push the envelope as far as the size and scope of a boss battle goes?

4. A New Mythology

God of War 4 Expectations - New Mythology[Spoiler Alert] If you haven't finished God of War 3 read no further! In God of War 3, Kratos wipes out nearly every major player in Greek mythology, from Ares all the way up to Zeus himself. It was a fitting conclusion to an appropriately epic franchise, but it also left the developers with nowhere to go. Post-God of War 3 release, a quote from Stieg Asmussen confirmed that Greek mythology is indeed finished, but that doesn't mean Kratos can't take on the gods of other cultures. Moreover, it was implied that Kratos doing battle with Norse legends might also be a possibility. We think that could work perfectly, and it wouldn't be hard to preserve the spirit of the game: just have Tyr (the Norse god of war) challenge Kratos, and send him on another blood-fueled quest for revenge. Can you imagine Kratos battling Thor or Odin? Awesome.

4 Things We Expect From God of War 4

God of War 4 PredictionsNow that we've broken down the top 4 things we expect to see in God of War 4, we want to hear from you. What would you like to see included in Sony Santa Monica's inevitable sequel? Is change called for after this long, or should they stick with what works? Let us know in the comments below! God of War: Ascension releases March 12, 2013 exclusively for the PS3. Follow me on Twitter @ANTaormina
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  1. I have an idea when Krato’s died and went to the underworld he was still there mabe dead but still existed even when he killed the God of the underworld spirits still existed don’t the Gods have Spirits and if they die where do they go they don’t just stop existing they go somewhere maybe he has to go to the Gods underworld and fight them one more time but now he doesn’t just face human spirits or monsters but a dimension where there are GODs he has to go through to get to an ultimate God that the Gods pray to someone who can grant him his family back and truly end his suffering what if he discovers that the biggest secret the gods had that they never revealed was that they had a god above them I mean the Titans came from somewhere something created them or hell what if he has to find a portal that takes him through time where he has to fight these gods again and it goes back through God of war 1 through 3 and at the end he goes back through time and fights himself to stop himself from killing his family but its not an illusion its really Krato’s obviously a younger Kratos but still him so he kills himself to prevent what he did and at the end because he dies earlier on in his life all the gods still exists because he never went through part 1 through 3 then he just fades away when he kills himself. and because he never killed his family he goes to a happy place not the dark path he ended up in.

    • I like your thinking but him killing himself would make nothing out of it. How about if he stopped himself from killing his family and he joins the throne of gods? and maybe later his son would rise to be the “kratos we know” then he(son) comes challenging all the gods till he gets to his dad(kratos)?

      • In regard to this post I meant Tim’s idea.

  2. You guys are so f***ing dumb I swear people say ” Let him die !!! ” or ” New Character !!! ” Shut up already. and you guys are supposed to be fans of the series ! I want a story where Kratos realizes he’s F***ED UP big time and he needs to try and save the world from the destruction he has caused. People also say let him fight other gods from other mythologys. That’s so dumb guys NUMBER 1:Kratos is GREEK PEOPLE He lives in a universe where the titans and gods created everything, So there really cant be other gods if you think about it NUMBER 2:Kratos did not kill the gods just because, he had a reason he got so angry at everything the gods did to him, how they told him if he does these dangerous things for them they would rid him of the nightmares he had for his past as a and the gilt he has about killing his family while he was blinded by his rage. And there are still more reasons! That is what caused him to kill the gods not just because he was a blood thirsty warrior most people see him as. NUMBER 3:None of these Game ideas sound good in my opinion and I hope they don’t do these because if they did do it would be because they would just try to make this series last as long as possible so they can milk it for more and more cash. If you fell the same share this with your friends other people I don’t care if I get credit for it as long as its a good game!

    • i agree with matt

  3. god of war is my favorite game a played it thousand time I think they need to make it were he comes back to life after killing himself on the end of the 3 one. the 4 one shoude take place after he dies at the end of the third one. he shoude come back to life to kill Athena so his need for vengeance will finly be over.

  4. all gow people please agree with me.

  5. all i want is to continue GOD OF WAR 3

  6. remember at the end of GOW3 Kratos was nowhere to be found. Kratos Leaves.

    • i knew he wasn’t dead

  7. I agree with almost everything that you said exceptfor the other culture things. There are somethings that Kratos havent fought from Greek Mithology.He hasnt killed Artemisa or may be he could fight Odiseo or Aquiles and there havent been any references about Caribdis .

  8. ***SPOILERS***I agree that Kratos is greek. So there is no way he should fight any other mythology, since he has grown up in a world that only believes in greek mythology. He still hasn’t fought all of the titans, giants, or even beings like Uranuos, Nyx, etc. Not to mention the painting in God of War Ascension mentioned “When the Earth Stops, The Journey Begins…” which could mean Kratos killing the gods and Chronos (Spelling might be wrong) the titan of time rises up again like before the olympians were born, and stops the earth. Meaning Kratos will have to stop him in order to save the world he tried to spread hope too.

  9. i am also the comment named rob

  10. Personally, I would like to see Hecate as an next main antagonist in God of war 4, there are still other plenty of deities,heroes, creatures in Greek mythology that can be told

    • i also agree with logan

  11. In my opinion, they creators of the game need to refer back to some of the powers Kratos obtained in previous games. Im mostly refering to the power of the fates. In God of War 2, Kratos killed the sisters of fate. This granted him the ability to go back in time and change his fate. In thr opening of God of War 4, maybe Kratos should revist the past, the fight where he accidentally stabbed Athena and actually kill Zeus. Nowhere in the game did they ever say that Kratos looses abilities he previously had in the game before. If the creators stick with that then they might have a pretty sexy gam in their hands

  12. what if he fights another god and that was the god of destruction or there is another that he has to kill and if he kills him you can grant a wish and gives you an option, bring his family back or something else (think of another option).

  13. I think in part 4 he needs to fight.the phantom of chaos who is an entity of everything evil created in the very begining of time as just dark matter but over time started to exsist through our fears and nightmares. It becomes our shadow waiting to be the puppeteer walking beside us, our darkside if u will. It contaminated Zeus and he tried to contain it but it got loose when Kratos opened the box. Pandoras box., which released the phatom and hope. Hope fills and thrives him as well…Have other Greek mythology rise to power because the phantom gives them power to become in power to feed the phantom into existence.

  14. Kratos gains hope from the box and he finds out if he kills the phantom he can kill his past like it never happened. Then use the power of time travel he got from the sisters of fate to go back in time before he kills his family and instead of them being murdered, he does the right thing.

    • I like you idea too Bill.

  15. NO MORE PREQUELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Warm Applause for matt

  17. and don’t forget about the third mural in the temple of the fates that show three travellers heading to an unknown destiny, I mean did you think who they might be?!

  18. I think there could be a mix of gods from other cultures because the greeks fought constantly with the persians and persians had their own deities which they worshiped.

  19. I think the culture changing is going to lead the series away from it’s point because everything was based on Greek mythology. What they should do now is just find the end of the series…a prefect one…I hate to say it because i love GOW series but im afraid that they’ll just go too far and ruin it…so better put an end while it isn’t too late.

  20. I hope they asking us for our opinion for some new things

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