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God of War 4

Much of modern gaming is based around the principle of getting online, talking to your friends and interacting with them… and then occasionally making them look like chumps. It’s become a staple of gaming that if you’re going to make a game work, you might as well throw in a multiplayer portion as well, just to make sure the title has an extended shelf life and more of a social aspect.

That’s why more and more long-standing single-player games and series have started to show up with multiplayer options, such as Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. However, this year Assassins won’t be the only ones playing together online: the Gods will, too, in God of War 4.

This is according to the UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine, who write, “Kratos is on his way back to consoles, and his next adventure is set to feature multiplayer.” This seems to support previous rumors, spread by magazine PSM3, that said God of War 4 could arrive in September 2012.

Originally, the God of War series was supposed to end at the conclusion of God of War 3, yet Santa Monica Studio swore it wouldn’t be the end for the battle-hungry Spartan. Since then, we’ve seen Kratos in the latest installment of Mortal Kombat and his own PSP adventure, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Yet aside from blatant tourney violence online, Kratos has been a solo-act all his career.

So if the rumors do end up being true, and Kratos does end up having a multiplayer element in his fourth console installment — which could be cooperative, versus, or both — how will that affect the overall tone of the series?

Given the nature of the design that Santa Monica Studios have put into the series so far, it seems like multiplayer may hurt God of War’s overall gameplay, if not implemented in an extremely creative and inventive fashion. The impressive (and addictive) multiplayer in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood might stand as a good example.

As more information shows up, we will be the first to let you know the latest God of War 4 news.

What do you think of adding multiplayer to the God of War formula? Would it be better to keep the series single player only?

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  • http://gamerant.com Jeff Schille

    I can’t see how multiplayer could really be anything other than co-op, almost action-rpg style. That sounds kind of awesome. But if there is any kind of competitive, arena based nonsense, count me out.

  • Loki

    Omgosh yes!!! I love god of war let’s hope the world doesnt end !!!!

    • Eli

      thats funny. I so do hope the world doesn’t end. 1 For the completely over 9000 highly anticipated God of War 4. 2 For the highly rumored Play Station 4. 3 Deadpool the movie is coming out 2014 (so is the PS4 and GoW (HOPEFULLY))

  • Cool

    I had just finish God of war GOS and was thinking how cool it would have been it somebody was controlling Deimos

  • Marshal

    I think it’s cool they’re coming out with a new god of war but the the multiplayer probably woulds hurt the game so I say no to it.

  • harrry tasker


    love god of war, beat the end again the other night, i definately want kratos to come back and start where 3 left off(did he crawl away at the end, did someone come get him???), if multiplayer is excecuted nicely, i say bring it on!

  • Some guy

    First reaction: YES GOD HAS SMILED UPON ME!
    Second reaction/realisation: Wait… This rumour has been stated before?! Oh god damit Game Rant, getting my hopes up like that, shame on you!
    Third reaction: I guess it’s possible, E3 anyone? 😀

  • http://godofwarsource.com God of War 4

    They need to add new classes to the game if they want it to make it co-op, I can’t imagine 1 dozen kratos fighting at the same time, even if they have different skins.

    • Some guy

      I totally agree but I trust Santa Monica to flesh out a proper, deep multiplayer experience. If anything I want it to be as deep as the combat in the single player itself. It took me weeks to master it and I would really appreciate this translating to multiplayer. But if it is not possible, even for Sony Santa Monica then I would be happy with a single player only game either way as long as it tops the third game, maybe they can take a page out of Bullet Storm’s book and have a competitive multiplayer mode with the specially made challenges that use leader boards displaying the world records and high scores. Something like that but I will give it a chance either way.

      • Eli

        how bout a complete all out 1v1 DEATH BATTLE read my other post man

  • Eli

    i think it would be better if GoW4 doesn’t have a multiplayer and stays only singleplayer. But if GoW4 does have multiplayer, it should be versus. You would create your own Spartan Warrior and vs another player online in a all out blood and gore 1v1 DEATH BATTLE. Who ever would win would have to “Finish Him” with quick time action. If they fail well it just be a normal victory. By the way the player should be able to create their own finisher, but the player would not have the choice of when the quick time appears or what buttons to choose.

    Now that I’ve stated that GOREious idea, i think only this kind of multiplayer would be acceptable for the GoW series and think infact know that it would be the biggest uprise in GoW’s history.