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With the announcement of the PlayStation 4, fans are foaming at the mouths for any news on flagship games being released for the next-gen system. One of the biggest is the Greek gorefest God of War, which ended its story with its third installment, but we all know that never sticks – no matter how well they wrap things up.

At this time, developer Santa Monica Studio is strictly focused on the soon to be released God of War: Ascension, the seventh installment in the series and a prequel to them all. For a while, it was thought that this title would be God of War 4, until rumors were debunked through a flub by Amazon.

While early reviews are mostly positive, CVG feels that the series is becoming redundant and decided to sit down with Lead Designer Mark Simon and Lead Combat Designer Jason McDonald to talk about the game. The title was discussed at length, but when asked about the series’ future, Simon hinted that “there’s still life in Kratos,” and mentioned what a fun character he is to design, possibly hinting at God of War 4… or another prequel.

The official PlayStation Blog conducted their own interview with these two as well, fleshing out their decision to include multiplayer for first time in the series with God of War: Ascension. McDonald says they batted the idea around mostly to see if it could even be done, and done well.

“So we tried out a few tests using Kratos, as he was already built. What we found was that people would sit down with two Kratoses and have a lot of fun. They’d sit there for hours.”

And that was just a rough build. Simon explained that they started simple and kept building up from there, trying desperately to maintain balance adding, “We didn’t start with everything all at once.” Beta was key for getting everything just right and Simon was surprised at the data they collected.

“I learned a lot just looking at the data that comes in. I’d be like, ‘Woah, I can’t believe this guy opened 17 chests’ or ‘this guy actually killed three guys at once?!’

And the thing that I was surprised by was some of the stuff that I thought would be cool.”

In the beta build, Simon was excited by a mechanic in which a god would throw a spear down in the middle of a match and a cinematic would play, but quickly learned that it slowed gameplay down too much to be enjoyed more than once. How does it look now? It has come a long way, if this trailer is any evidence.


Those who are already convinced and planning on purchasing might want to check out Gamestop’s exclusive pre-order bonus: King Leonidas’ Armor — which is just begging people to scream, “THIS IS SPARTA!” every time they knock someone off a cliff.

God of War: Ascension releases March 12, 2013 exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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  • albodibran

    Let Kratos Die….

    Visit another time in history and another hero/antihero

    pick idk? Egypt, Sumeria, Nordic?

    • http://gamerant.com Curt Hutson

      Personally, I’d have to agree with you. Companies these days just don’t know when to let something go.

    • HelghastUser

      I definitely agree, I figured it could’ve ended with 3. I own all 5 GOW’s so I could say with certainty that I’m done with this series. Especially since I’ve never liked the character of Kratos himself, just his story. He should’ve gotten beat and died loong ago. Ascension just felt like more milking of the series…

    • LunoYoryiki

      …..i never liked kratos one bit…his story was good i guess….but his character just killed it for me….

      • Jak Frost

        I agree with you Kratos was a dick and it got really annoying.

  • COREY_1993

    god of war is epic, its still unmatched in its grand scale and epicness… no games matches it and it doubt it ever will too. it has a fantastic story and its pure fun playing it. isnt that what matters? i know ascension isnt going to get 9 and 10s just because its the 6th game and it will be unfairly compared to the others and they will say its the same which is rediculous.

    to me your comment is stupid, look at games out there Halo, Assassins Creed, Gears, CoD… all these games can be considered milking but people buy them…

  • gaygamer22

    eighth game. dont forget God of War Betrayal :3

  • gaygamer22

    yeah some might say let kratos just die and let it be over with, but these guys have a good system going for them. has there ever been a lack luster GoW game? and to do a different time period especially without kratos would simply feel like a cheap replica of the original god of war. however these “prequels” are going to get old after awhile but you cant really just bring him back i mean hes been in hades what 4 times now?

    there is somewhat of a story still there i mean Athena still exists (kinda) so maybe she becomes evil or something. i dont know. as far as story goes yeah GoW is feeling pretty tired. but the entire game process that is GoW is perfect.

  • ChrisTypeR

    Kratos is a fantastic lead character in a video game, a much better character than master chief or Mario etc. he is up there with Snake in my book and they can keep bringing these out because I will buy them.

  • http://gamerant.com/god-of-war-4-predictions/ bob

    douche bags playing all the games but hating kratos. I would like one last game before they finish god of war. I think a norse version would be epic