‘Gears of War’ Senior Producer Joins BioWare For Next ‘Mass Effect’

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Epic Games New IP at the VGAs

Chalk up yet another significant departure from Epic Games, creators of the Gears of War franchise. After much of the senior executives left the company over the past few years, another senior producer on Gears of War: Judgment has found employment at astudio which should be familiar to fans of third-person shooters.

Epic’s Chris Wynn took to Twitter today to inform his followers that he was leaving the development studio to accept a position as BioWare‘s newest Senior Development Director for the next (still-unannounced) installment of the Mass Effect series.

After acting as one of the spokespeople during the launch of Judgment, Wynn added his name to the list of high-ranking Epic Games designers who have departed the studio since the release of Gears of War 3. First came Rod Fergusson, leaving the company to help get BioShock: Infinite to the finish line (and has since moved on yet again), and studio front-man Cliff Bleszinski himself parting ways with Epic just months later.

Although Wynn has yet to give a more in-depth explanation of his decision to move from Gears to Mass Effect, there’s no overlooking the fact that momentum in the once-mighty franchise is beginning to wane. Judgment wasn’t a bad game by any means, but as a low point for the series as a whole, we can’t begrudge any developer for jumping from that ship to what will likely be a highly-marketed, well-funded RPG in Mass Effect 4.

As we learned just weeks ago, ME4 is still in the conceptual stages, so expect to hear plenty of more additions to the development team soon. But given Wynn’s experience in a high-paced blend of third-person shooting and action, BioWare’s interest in adding him to their team makes sense. Granted, Gears may not be the most dense or elaborate role-playing experience we could name, but the similarity between ME combat and Gears has always been evident – about time it was made official.

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It goes without saying that fans of the COG will have another Gears game in their future, but what changes the next next-gen Mass Effect will be making to the formula is a far more loaded question. After a promising implementation of their very own Horde Mode for online multiplayer, the bar has been set for the follow-up title. Could Wynn’s experience in the multiplayer arena be what BioWare is after, or simply newly-honed combat for the singleplayer campaign?

Only time will tell, but what will come next from Epic Games is a question that we’re just as curious to see answered. We won’t go so far as to claim that the developer is in trouble, but losing top talent only aggravates the more nagging issues (remember Fortnite?).

What are your hopes for the next Mass Effect? Is a more polished third-person shooter what you’d like to see from the series, or are you putting your hopes into possible spin-offs? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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  • Avengers Assemble!!!

    Very Cool :)

  • dan

    Just guessing here, but i’m thinking this bodes ill for renewed investment into Mass Effect’s RPG elements

    • Yliesa

      I was just thinking the same thing. Does this mean we’re flipping over to full one kill-kill-kill, forget story mode?

      That will turn me off the series fast. The story aspect is what kept me playing.

  • Cariannis

    Doesn’t give me warm fuzzes for more RPG elements but at least the ending will follow a logical progression (one would hope).

  • 1015

    Call me naive, but how does this “bode ill” for the story aspects? This means nothing. Film directors change their genres all the time. Sam Mendes directed the romantic film American Beauty and Skyfall, why should this be any different? They also might just be beefing up the combat elements, it doesn’t mean much.

    • Fox

      They’ve been beefing up the combat elements for the past two games, and at this point it’s pretty solid. What they need to do is beef up the RPG elements (the abilities and character progression) as well as the setting. I remember playing Mass Effect and really feeling like there was a big interesting galaxy to explore. Mass Effect 2 was more like, “Here’s a few people you should find, but don’t interact with the rest of the galaxy- you’re sort of a terrorist and you’ve got a deadline.” Then Mass Effect 3 was Reapers Reapers Reapers.

      • 1015

        This is all true. I’m just saying “Oh, no, a guy from Gears!” That doesn’t mean they’re gonna screw over RPG, it’s still a Bioware game and that is what made the series, no way they’d be that stupid.

        • Cariannis

          “That doesn’t mean they’re gonna screw over RPG, it’s still a Bioware game and that is what made the series, no way they’d be that stupid.” *Cough* I’d like to point you to Dragon Age 2.

  • doc

    Makes sense. Since part 2 Mass Effect has been like Gears of War with mild rpg elements anyway. Not saying I hate the concept but I find the trend unsettling.

    But then I avoid buying EA/Bioware games anyway, don’t trust them anymore.