7 ‘Gears of War’ Spin-Offs We Want To See

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Gears of War Spinoff Ideas As Gears of War: Judgment is looking to prove: even old dogs can learn a few new tricks. With a new Gears of War adventure based around Damon Baird, and set years before the events of the original game, Epic Games and People Can Fly are showing that the franchise is bigger than Marcus Fenix. The question that comes to us, then, is 'why stop there?' The extended Gears fiction is packed with colorful characters and missions tailor-made for gameplay, so if Judgment is a sign that Epic is willing to do more than just straightforward sequels, they have plenty of directions to take. Here are 7 Gears of War Spin-offs We Want To See.

Cole Train: Year One

Gears of War Cole Train Spinoff We don't need to explain why 'Cole Train' could handle his very own game: honestly, the guy is capable of winning battles on his charisma alone. And even though Gears of War 3 gave a better look at Augustus Cole's life before the war - and even a chance to relive some of his glory inside the Thrashball arena - we could use more. If Baird was interesting enough for his own game, Cole warrants the same opportunity. It's obvious how Cole's Thrashball skills translate to combat: he's big, strong, goal-oriented and a loyal teammate. But a game that didn't just highlight Cole's athleticism or early military career, but one that carried over from one to the other seems like a worthwhile challenge for Epic to tackle. Play as Cole in the Thrashball glory days until Emergence Day arrives, and the player must put those strategies to work against the Locust. A sport/shooter hybrid? Yes, please.

Anvil Gate

Gears of War Anvil Gate Hoffman The five-centuries-old citadel of Anvil Gate made an appearance in the campaign of Gears 3, but only as a shadow of its former self. In Karen Traviss' novel "Anvil Gate" a much clearer look at the inner workings of one of Sera's most legendary strongholds is provided. Following Victor Hoffman's defense of the citadel from a Union of Independent Republics (UIR) siege, the novel chronicled the victory that would define Hoffman's career, and the cost he was required to pay - and live with - to achieve it. While building a Gears game around siege tactics and guerrilla attacks would offer a change, it's the explanation of Hoffman's motivations that we're most interested in. His character is fairly straightforward in the games, so a chance to plumb those depths would be more than welcome. Not to mention helping flesh out his actions in the later games.

Bernie's Journey

Gears of War Bernie Mataki Not a day goes by that someone doesn't point out how badly more video game heroines are needed, and the Gears of War franchise has one of the fiercest and deadliest in its ranks - and no, we're not talking about Anya. Those familiar with Bernadette Mataki a.k.a. 'Boomer Lady' a.k.a. 'Granny' from Gears 3 alone may not know that she was a trailblazer while Baird was still in diapers. Rather than bowing to prejudice against female snipers during the Pendulum Wars, Bernie used it as motivation to become one of the best. When the South Islands were cut off from civilization after E-Day and the Hammer of Dawn attacks, Bernie spent years making her way to Jacinto on foot, scavenging and killing whatever she could - and whoever she had to. That's one epic tale of determination, and a sniper and stealth-focused Gears title centered on Bernie is one we'd play in a heartbeat.

The Ballad of Tai Kaliso

Gears of War Tai Kaliso Game How could anyone forget about Tai Kaliso? The massive, tattooed, soft-spoken South Islander's views on life and destiny set him apart from his comrades the first time he opened his mouth. More a tribal warrior/philosopher than a simple soldier, Tai could always be counted on for calm in the face of violence and hate. But he wasn't always that way. Although his tribe managed to stay out of the Pendulum Wars, Tai eventually found his entire village and family slaughtered at the hands of UIR forces. It was their mistake, as Tai put his tracking and hunting skills to use on the soldiers one-by-one, until Marcus Fenix offered him a new life with the COG. Tai had a successful and pivotal military career before the Locust brought and end to his story, but his skills and unique take on war demand more attention. Even if he doesn't warrant his own title, he could show up in several others on our list (it's a consolation prize, but we'll take it).

Dizzy's Story

Gears of War Dizzy Game Fans didn't need much time with Dizzy Wallin and his Assault Derrick 'Betty' to realize he'd soon be a favorite in the COG ranks. With a brief appearance in Gears of War 2, the former Stranded soon appeared in multiplayer, sequels, and novels. While other COGs came from military families, Dizzy was simply a roughneck; a conscripted merchant marine in the Pendulum Wars that wound up fighting to survive come E-Day. Dizzy left the Stranded as part of 'Operation Lifeboat,' becoming a Gear so his daughters would be protected by the COG. On the surface alone, Dizzy seems to offer the chance for an entirely different story, not to mention a new perspective on the Stranded, with a sense of humor that would keep it from being too much of a downer. Video games aren't hurting for space-trucker types, but Dizzy's heart alone should win him some fans.

Aspho Fields

Gears of War Aspho Fields Game Aspho Fields: it changed the lives of Marcus, Dom, and Anya Stroud forever, and set the stage for the devastation of Sera's surface. Karen Traviss' novel explores Marcus's early life (before the do-rag) and the reason for his loyalty and protection of Dom - a story that gamers deserve to see told. Fans of action would have plenty to look forward to as well, since the story takes place in the midst of the Pendulum Wars, when the worst thing the COGs had to worry about was other humans. But the battle of Aspho Fields and the courageous actions of Helena Stroud (Anya's mother) and Carlos Santiago are ones we've wanted to experience firsthand for years. Besides adding gravity to Marcus and Dom's relationship, the mission serves to bring the UIR's greatest weapon, the Hammer of Dawn, under COG control. By now we all know how that story ends, so how about seeing how it started?

The Carmine Saga

Gears of War Carmine Spinoff Game Gamers may never know their faces - or remember their given names - but the Carmine brothers proved that being a hero isn't the only way to be immortalized. The courageous, foolhardy, and at times suicidal clan etched their names into Gears history, but with their sacrifice(s) paid, we think they've earned a bit more fanfare. It would have to be set before the previous games (for obvious reasons) but perhaps a chance to see the battlefield from a Carmine's point of view would help us understand their plight. It may be a longshot, but we at least hope to see a Carmine cameo in Gears of War: Judgment. Even if a heartwarming gathering of the Carmine clan is something we'll never get in game form, it won't prevent our knowing that somewhere out there, on some distant battlefield in this world or the next, there's a Carmine brother...about to make a horrible mistake.


Gears of War Spinoff Ideas Some of our ideas may be more likely to see than others, but we'll hold out hope regardless. After all, we're still waiting to see what surprises lie in store with Judgment's Bonus Gears 3 mini-campaign. Which of your favorite side characters or stories (whether on our list or not) do you think would be right at home in the explosion-filled world of Gears of War? Gears of War: Judgment releases March 19, 2013 exclusively for the Xbox 360. - Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.