‘Gears of War: Judgment’ Officially Revealed

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Gears of War Judgment Cover Reveal

It turns out fans of the Gears of War franchise won’t have to wait as long as they had thought to find out about the next installment. Ahead of the previously reported Monday reveal, GameInformer has unveiled the covers of their July issue featuring series mainstays Damon Baird and Augustus “Cole Train” Cole. The game in question is Gears of War: Judgment, and the full artwork implies that the two Gears will be taking on enemies both old and new.

We were more than a little surprised to find out that Epic Games was already willing to confirm a new Gears title, especially with the end of the trilogy so fresh in our memory. Before online speculation over exactly who and what the game would be focused on, and whether it would be a prequel as opposed to a sequel could be debated, it seems the hammer has been dropped. The game is Gears of War: Judgment, and Baird and Cole Train are back.

That’s not all the information that’s been transmitted thanks to the magazine’s covers though, as the images depict both Baird and Cole in handcuffs, being escorted by COG soldiers while the Locust – remember them? – tear the world to pieces. While that’s nothing new to the series or its artwork, the placement of the two sources of comic relief so prominently within the scene hints that big changes may be on the way.

Gears of War Judgment Baird

When it was confirmed that the team behind Bulletstorm would be working on Judgment, the common ground between the two developers was undoubtedly a unique sense of humor and off-beat attitude. But with Baird – the smart-ass genius – looking more enraged than ever, and Cole – the consummate cheerleader and optimist – appearing anything but enthusiastic, thing are obviously not going particularly well.

Obviously the exact events preceding the two finding themselves shackled by their own forces amid overwhelming forces will be filled with spoilers for the eventual game, but most of the time spent developing the two characters has been found in the extended novels and fiction. Cole’s constant crusade to not succumb to the grief of losing his family was hinted at during the last game, and Baird’s aloofness as a result of being cast out by his aristocratic family has become his trademark.

If these fights are the star of Judgment, then Cliff Bleszinski’s claim that future sequels would feature more “Christoper Nolan type dialogue” certainly follows.

Gears of War Judgment Cole

That isn’t to say that plenty of laughs will be had, and hordes of Locust bullet-riddled, but a game that drifts a bit closer in tone to the Band of Brothers storytelling that it was intended to resemble isn’t a bad thing. More details on Judgment‘s multiplayer modes – Horde 3.0? – will be coming from the mag on Monday, presumably alongside information revealed at Microsoft’s press conference. For now the title and the images are all we have to go on, but are more than enough to get fans intrigued, not to mention excited.

What do you think of the decision to feature these classic characters in Gears of War: Judgment? Would you have preferred a prequel starring Marcus and Dom, or a completely new direction for the Gears franchise?

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Source: GameInformer

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  • Michael

    Just dnt mess up the game anymore

  • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

    More Horde features so I can keep playing it long-term.

    Also, let’s add a mode where LOTS of players can play.

  • Monoxiide

    Put skorge in it, considering there not dropping anymore gow3 dlc and idk how many people asked for him….. Elip kindaaa slippppppin

    • http://lolwhut13375.weebly.com lolwhut13375

      English… Do you even attempt to speak it?

  • corey_1993

    GOW is amazng… gears of war is alright too ;P

  • Volc19

    I’m starting to feel a bit cheated. I paid for Gears 3’s DLC, and quite a bit of it, and now a new one is going to come in and make those purchases all but void? I get that it’s a good business tactic, but jeez.

    This is why I stopped playing COD. Now it’s why I’m not going to play Gears.

    • http://gamerant.com/author/dyce/ Andrew Dyce

      How does a new game make DLC for the previous one void?

      • Volc19

        Because it is almost all MP DLC, and multiplayer traffic will drop off almost entirely with a new game.

        • ben

          Thats a bold statement. People wont just stop playing the game.

          • dan

            I agree with ben up there. Halo 3 still gets good multiplayer traffic, and it was released in 2007 if memory serves. However, I do acknowledge the inconvenience of buying MP dlc. I think on average its overpriced just for new maps and weapons that really aren’t very different from the variety already available. I think Bioware got it right there with using community microtransactions to make dlc free, instead of charging a ridiculous amount.

  • Michael

    I haven’t played Gears of War 3, but I assume that the Locust Horde was defeated in that game, so why are they here again, that is if this is a sequel. It’s probably a prequel or inter-quel, since most gaming companies like to avoid giving numbers to those sorts of games.

  • Lanzer301

    I’m saying sequel, because of “judgement.” They’re probably being persecuted for saving the world in one way or another. Could it be the whole killing all lambent humans? Or even the Locust genocide? Who knows.

    Can’t wait for the mag. GI’s where it’s at, no offense, GameRant.

  • Ryuhza

    Baird looks mildly constipated.

  • dan

    I’m betting it’s a fleshed out version of what happened to Alpha Squad, to tell the truth. But that’s just very early speculation.

    • ReviveMeFool

      It takes place 14 years before the original series.

  • Graverobber

    Looks like we’re going into overtime. Wooooooooooooot! Bring it.

  • William Santo

    Is marcus fenix and dom guna be in the new gears ?

  • zack

    what day does it come out? Day, month,?