New ‘Gears of War’ Set to Be Revealed at E3

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Gears of War 4 Game Informer reveal at E3 2012

[Update: Gears of War: Judgment is official!]

It feels like gamers only just completed Gears of War 3, but Epic Games is already preparing to suck players back into the Gears of War universe. Game Informer has announced that the cover of their July issue will prominently display none other than a brand new Gears of War, along with heaps of new details on the title that’ll make Gearsheads giddy with excitement.

Game Informer wasn’t able to reveal too much on the new game, but they’ve (game) informed everyone that they’ll be able to check out the new Gears of War this Monday — after its been shown off at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. One teaser they did share was a shot of the cover, but it was shrouded in shadows concealing the identity of anyone featured. The issue will be available in two different flavors, allowing collectors to have two separate cover variants to choose from.

Rumors of a prequel to the original Gears of War have been floating around for a number of months, and evidence found on the cover indicates that a prequel will indeed be the case. The image from Game Informer features a shadowy character in handcuffs being pushed down a hallway by a couple of COG soldiers. As longtime followers of the Gears series know, Marcus Fenix found himself imprisoned after being deemed a traitor for disobeying orders and running off to help his father — leaving many soldiers to lose their lives in the process. Could gamers see the protagonist one more time before Epic takes the series in another direction?

New Gears of War Screenshots 2012

If the new Gears of War is a prequel then it’s not apparent which characters will be featured in the game. Baird and Cole didn’t even know Fenix at the time so they likely won’t make an appearance, but maybe Dom and/or his brother Carlos will find themselves at Marcus’ side. Then again, this could be an entirely different story, or maybe even the cancelled Gears of War: Exile, both of which may not have a single thing to do with any of the franchise’s established characters… but don’t put money on that.

The new Gears of War is confirmed for the Xbox 360, putting to rest the possibility of an Xbox 720 release, and more details will arrive on Monday, June 4th. Stay tuned to Game Rant for more info on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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  • DarthMalnu

    Oh, come on guys. The poor gears just finally got to sit down… give them a bit of a rest for Pete sakes! They should have waited for the next gen when people will be hungry for Gears again.

    Too soon.

    • Varteras

      I have to agree here. I think saturating the market with a franchise has been one of the major causes of games with great histories failing within a few years. There is really no reason to rush another Gears of War title out the door. I’m pretty sure they could have waited until new consoles were out. It’s as if the first three games didn’t make them a ton of money and declared among the best games of this generation if not of all time.

      I like Gears of War. I think it has a good story and reading the novels really makes it clear that the world is a hell of a lot bigger with a much richer history than what the games provide for us. They obviously want to play on that. I just think that they should have given it a few years to make people crave it when they get their memory jogged of how much fun they had with the first three games.

      • chris

        Remember that this is for this years e3, they aren’t releasing anything. Also remember that Microsoft may be releasing its plans to have a new console. So this new Gears could possibly be announced as a release game for the console. Just a thought.

        • Varteras

          It’s not about what they’re releasing this year. It’s about giving the franchise a break. They’re already talking about another title. Unless they say “coming in 2014″ it’s too soon in my opinion. To even be talking about it right now is a little ridiculous.

          Also, read the article dude. At the very end it says it is confirmed for the Xbox 360. So no, it’s not coming for the new console.

          • chris

            True I did not notice the the latter. With it being probably released in a year or so I would have to agree with you, unless they are able to make the game feel fresh.

          • dan

            You should know that generational console exclusivity is shaky grounds for an argument. Just take PS2 and PS3. Different generations, but still sharing titles. Being confirmed for 360 by no means forbids its availability on 720.

        • Varteras

          Yeah they could make it feel fresh but it’s still Gears of War. Unless it’s a different genre than the third-person shooter people are going to be burned out. It may not be Call of Duty where we get a new title every freaking year but the fact that the third one just came out and they’re already getting the word out on the next one right before E3 makes me a little uneasy. It seems like they’re now trying to milk the franchise name instead of actually trying to build a masterpiece.

          • chris

            I don’t think they need to make it a non-3rd person, but something like the difference between the normal halo games and halo:ODST(I thought that was a break from the norm personally). I do see where you are coming from though.

  • lifer


    Everyone dies

  • chris

    I’m guessing its a prequel by looking at the mag cover I would assume around the time Fenix got court marshaled or sooner.

  • killa

    That guy is too thin! it is most likely prescott…idk y in chains though. those onyx guards could be Freeing him from a cell(like marcus gears 1). remember in gears 3 prescott was gone for a long time and nobody knew where he went????? this is probably a side story based on what happened to prescott during that time!!

    • dan

      I dunno… that seems more appropriate as Gears 3 DLC to tell the truth. Unless Epic is planning on pulling an ODST.

  • AgentBlackNight

    I believe its either prescott or…. Marcus’s Father… when Prescott abducted him… for the research purposes. just my opinion…

  • AgentBlackNight

    Or…. its a side story of a whole new character…? Idk… I could be wrong or just making things up as I go. lol